Saturday, December 30, 2006

My New Shoe

I'm sporting a new look these days.  Let me give a little background.  DH decided to let me pick out my own Christmas gift, so in my card was cold hard cash, a punch card for ice cream (my fav.) and a babysitter for a date night.

It was Thursday evening, I got all cuted up (boots, jeans, cute little sweater, even earrings), the babysitter arrived and we were out the door (FAST).  We took a lovely stroll thru the town square and looked in on a few shops that I thought might have what I wanted... but alas nope, and continued walking to a lovely Mexican food place.  The food was great, but my company (my sweet DH) was wonderful.  It is so nice to talk to your spouse and anything and everything and not be interupted by "mommy come check it out, this is so cool".  Once done we headed for another store, and that is when it happened!

StepLite Easy Strider Ankle Walker Brace

I'm sporting the boot on the right (the low ankle walker).  Thanks to my apparent inability to talk, walk, and be annoyed with some junior high school kid infront of my too busy playing with his darn cell phone instead of getting out of the way... I failed to notice the slight elevation change of the sidewalk under my left foot.  And down I went.  My ankle rolled, made a horrible sound, and I soon found myself in severe pain.  But being the woman of steal that I am... I composed myself and walked around for another hour or so.  Some of you are thinking 'why didn't you just go home', NOPE, we had a real life sitter and I was not going to ruin my night just because I hurt myself.  (Oh sidenote: if DH weren't holding my hand I probably would have done more damage that would have included my knees... I'm sure of it... along with the nearly 3-4 times I almost fell afterwards due to the lack of ligament and muscle controll from the first fall).

So what was the diagonsis?  A severe sprain.  I get to wear this lovely  boot for 2 weeks full time, and then for another few weeks if I expect to up and walking around for a long period of time.

On a happier note, other than that the date was fun, food was good, and the movie (Casino Royale) was pretty cool.

I did think of getting new boots with my money... but this is not at all what I had in mind.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


My mom came up with an idea at the end of summer to put together a scrapbook for my grandmother.  It would take some orchestration... but we would need to contact all the family and get them send us pictures, scan all that in, then build a mamoth of a scrapbook for my grandmother.  It is only later that we realized that to get our family members to send stuff was going to be like pulling teeth with some of them.  But alas we put many finishing touches on the book yesterday, with only a few details still left to be finished.  Why is this momentous... besides the fact that it is to be given on Saturday... many of the pictures we received was the first time either mom or I had seen them.

Over the last several months I have gotten to see pictures of many of my family that had passed away when I was very young.  I can hardly remember them from my past, but these pictures spoke volumes on their character and personality.  Not to mention seeing where everyone got certain features from.  To see yourself in others when they were younger (nearer your own age) was really fun.  Of course to see the fashion, and hairstyles was pretty funny as well... and to some degree sad too.  To see ladies at the Grand Canyon dressed in lovely dresses, pearls, and purses... something you think was just made up for the movies, but that is really how things were.

I can't wait till my kids are able to see some of the pictures and learn about some of my memories.  It really is a window into the soul.

Wal Mart and Christmas Ads

Here's the scene:

Mom in kitchen finishing up wrapping.  Daughter enters holding a construction paper list, and annouces she needs to mail her list to Santa.  Mom is exasberated, and says it's too late and the south pole isn't taking more lists (obviously mom is done shopping) reminding the child she already mailed a list to Santa.  The girl insists that this list if for her stocking and she needs to send it off.

Next on the screen... WAL MART.

Cut to last scene:  There is a fireplace a glow, mom in her chair and daughter opens a present and turns to mom "See mom I told you."

Great... great message... what a spoiled little brat... and, um, MOM??? Seriously?!

So that's it for me... no more Wal Mart till after Christmas... I will pay a little more at the other grocery store to not support that crap!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bulbs... bulbs... and more bulbs!

What do you do with a little money burnin' a hole in your pocket? BUY 160 TULIP BULBS! That's right, come spring I will have tulips coming out of every flower bed and pot in my yard!!! I spent a little more than an hour triming up my rose bushes, and clearing out the lantana, and trimming my chamillia in preparation of the bulbs.

As soon as it stops raining I will be out there with my little bulb planter, 3 boys counting and helping, and a bucket 'o' bulbs! Oh the glorious flowers that will proclaim that Spring has SPRUNG!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Homeschool Group

We met with Fr. John this morning to discuss the formation of a homeschooling group that will be centered at the church, and he approved it with flying colors. To be honest, I was surprised with his enthusiasm... but I'll take it.

So now we are moving forward, getting the info put in the bulletin... and notifying the ladies that we know of the upcoming kick off.

That is one huge weight lifted off my shoulders now!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

An ICEY Anniversary

DH did an exceptional job planning our 6 wedding anniversary.  We had a yummy meal at Bucca's, then headed over to the Gaylord to see the ICE exhibit.

Let me set the scene.  The five of us dressed in gold and black eskimo parka's, a large exhibit with a temperature of 9 degrees (CHILLY), and some of the neatest ice sculptures I have ever seen.  There was clear ice, blue ice, frosted ice, colored ice... an ice toy shop, an ice winter scene complete with an ice horse drawn ice sled, and icey river with polar bears and penguins... an ice church with stained glass and an ice Nativity Scene that was just magnificent.  AND the most awesomest part... a huge ICE SLIDE!  Man, it so much fun to slide down it... makes you feel like a kid again!

Good work DH!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Background:  We came to Texas from La. because my dad got hired on at General Dynamics many moons ago... and that is when my love affair with fighter planes started.  Fastforward 18 years, my dad is back working for Lockheed Martin... and his team works on the JSF (computer top secret stuff that he would have to kill us if he told us kind of thing).

Today was the big day, early this morning we got up and got dressed.  We loaded up in the car with cereal and headed off to town.  The fog was incredible, I don't think I had ever seen it that thick before... and it worried me.  Would we actually get to see anything, would they postpone it to another day (again...)?  Take off was supposed to be at 9:00, but was push back... pushed back... pushed back, then lunch time came so we left and returned for the coolest thing... THE FIRST FLIGHT EVER OF THE JSF.  The roar of the jets were awesome.  It really is something to see.  After it took off, we jumped back in the car and raced of to the next viewing sight.  We jumped the curb, and within 10 minutes we were watching it fly over us and then down to the runways for a picture perfect landing.

And the best part was I got to share the experience with my children, and my parents!  My dad was there, all the stress and frustrations of the last few months at his work... and he got to watch his work take flight!

It was AMAZING!!!!  I can't wait to see it in person... a perk of knowing an employee :-).


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So I logged off and made my bed, cleaned the master bath, got the laundry going, cleaned my kitchen.... ahhhhh a little sigh of relieft that I got a few things done, and the house looks and smells better already!  Gotta love Melaleuca cleaning products, they smell fresh and you know it is clean!

Now, I must prepare for homeschooling... Jesse tree ornaments, letters, numbers, math worksheets, pick another prayer for Bobcat to write out... maybe a little coloring in the new Star Wars coloring book.  I think the day is really starting to look up!


Boy it seems that the list of things to accomplish some how overwhelmed me. Which usually isn't the case, but after a busy weekend, and a really busy Monday... that all the things I try to get done during that time has been shifted to today... and now there is just too much.

But on a positive note last night was the last concert for this year, we have a break till the end of January. The children are dressed today (we are some what of a jammy family when we don't have plans), and Fr. John called me back and I will be meeting with him this weekend. Also good news at the opthalmology appointment this morning for Bobcat, things went well and he does have 20/40 with an astigmatism but the dr. said that it is nothing to worry about now. Plus DH was blown away with how great the dr. was with Bobcat... which was a huge weight off my shoulders! And last but not least, the children are all currently taking a nap and I am preparing myself for the tasks at hand.

The house, is a whole other story... the laundry is piled a mile high, a regular Monday adventure that just didn't happen because we just weren't home long enough. I just got around to wiping off the island, which was all crummy from yesterday and this morning... I never let it get like that, but again I simply couldn't find the time or the energy. Homeschool hasn't happened yet today... Bobcat's eyes were dilated at the office and so I am pushing that back till after nap time. The carpets haven't been vacuumed since Sunday, and my bathroom could stand to be cleaned... another Monday event that was cast aside. The dogs could really use a bath, but I just don't know if that is in the cards for today. Oh and I need to pull together all my P and Q's for my meeting with Fr. John that will happen on Sunday.

I'm thinking that a few deep breaths, refill my ice water, make my bed (I can't believe that hasn't happened today... yikes) and hit the bathroom while the kids are asleep... get the laundry going, and by that time it will be time for them to start on homeschool... maybe there is some crafty thing I can find for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe for them to work on!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Curt Jester

Okay, there is one Catholic blogger that really is above par. Every time I read his commentary on the world of faith I laugh, am sometimes dismayed at the state of affairs, intrigued to find out more, and I always learn something.

When I read this post over at the Curt Jester, well, I laughed so hard my sides hurt and tears came rushing out. And when DH ran across it he pretty much had the same reaction. So please jump on over there and check it out!

Here's a short introduction:

"Today being the feast day of Saint Nicholas I was thinking about how cool it would be to go to the Mall dressed as this 4th century saint."

Immaculate Conception

For those of you celebrating the Feast of The Immaculate Conception:
The Hour of Grace: 12:00-1:00pm
In your home or in Church, with arms outstretched recite/read Psalm 51 3 times, and for the remainder of the hour let the Spirit lead you in prayer and meditation! Many graces are shared with those who participate.

Monday, December 4, 2006

No More Mrs. Claus

Okay, so I'm not a big fan of Santa... we don't have a jolly man around here... we don't leave cookies out for a fake fat man... and a stranger doesn't break in our house to leave us presents. We have chosen to be honest with the children and in doing so have given them a better understanding of their faith. We celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas and they receive a gift in their stocking that day... but they understand it has to do with generosity and that we put it there in rememberance for his unique love for the people he served. And then the kids get a little something at Epiphany... you know the time we celebrate the WISH MEN showing up to give Jesus presents. Um, and we leave Christmas day for what it really is -> CHRIST's BIRTHDAY. Not our birthday, not our time to be greedy and selfish... it really isn't about our individuality at all...

But I digress, why is there a Mrs. Claus now... what one fake person isn't good enough anymore... then we added elves to make all the toys, now Mrs. Claus. Come on, I can't listen to the radio for fear of the eardrum crushing Jingle Bell Rock, or Santa's Coming to Town... but now I have to see Mrs. Claus getting jewelry from Santa.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Finally back

Boy we have been crazy busy, but things have settled down for a couple days so it is easier to breath. A couple of updates...

We got a tree, a really great tree, it is big and fluffy, and all together festive. And after we cut off the bottom, got it in the stand, in the house, and positioned... well the bottom row of branches needed to come off. So I went all Suzie Homemaker and made a real Advent Wreath centerpiece for our dinner table. It is quite something!

And if that wasn't enough (I've been on a little bit of a decorating/craftin high) I made a really neat Jesse Tree on a poster board, then used some pipe cleaners to have extended branches for the ornaments to hang! What's next you might ask... well I happen to have an empty green wreath beginning for some attention so I will throw some ribbon and a few accessories on it and hand it over to my sister to help with her Christmas decorations! Tis the season!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Celebration of Confession

We were able to listen to Catholic Radio for a little while on our business trip, and the discussion we were listening to was focused on the sacrament of Confession. The priest who was speaking kept referring to it as the Celebration of Confession. At first it kind of confused me by the way he was saying it and then it hit (it didn't take too long, I'm not that dense) as to why confession should be approached with such jubilation of heart (instead of such indignation or anguish).
Think about it, we have done something offensive to God, but in His Mercy and our active participation by recognizing our faults and wanting to rectify them... we are able to come back into union with Him... to reunite our hearts with His Will. If that isn't a reason to celebrate, then I guess I don't know what is!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Tree Farm

We spent the afternoon contemplating what to do about 'the tree'.

Currently we have an artificial tree. It's okay I guess, not super expensive, but not cheap. We've had it for a couple of years now, and one could say that if we were to move on to something new it wouldn't be money wasted. So after a short trip to the local hardware store for new house lights (unfortunately they didn't have what we needed), we've decided to go the REAL tree route this year.

Now we are in the hunt for a cool Christmas tree farm in the area, to find our perfect tree, and the neat experience of halling one home atop the roof :-).

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm too old

Okay, I really am starting to feel too old to enjoy Six Flags to its fullest.

That is where we spent our evening, with the kids, my parents, and my sister and her fam. The kids had a great time and we rode several things, with and with out them. One we rode without... the SUPERMAN ride. Holy smokes... I can honestly say I did in fact nearly pee my pants (mostly because we had to wait in line for 1 hour and 20 minutes (again something I have not done since I was a teen), and really had to go before we got on... but the ride certainly didn't help matters. Thankfully the bathroom facility was a short walk from the ride, and all was good with the world afterwards. Except the aches and pains of being jerked around in rides. :-). Fun times.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I don't know if my extended family is unique, I only know that it is different from my in-laws. This was again made clear to me at Thanksgiving.

We traveled down to my aunt and uncle's home in the country for good food and good times. The kids had a great time playing in the leaves, riding the gator (an ATV deal), jumping in hay, and doing all around boy things. And I had the opportunity to chat with family in a relaxed environment... Now the part that makes us different... our genuine affection for one another. Everytime we (my extended family) see one another we ALWAYS greet one another with a big hug and a kiss... even for those members we don't know all that well because they aren't able to make all the functions or whatever. It doesn't matter, if we share a drop of blood or our spouse shares a drop of blood with someone in the room, this is how you are greeted and even how we say good bye, and always followed by a "love you sha" (cajun expression).

Maybe it is a southern thing, maybe it is a cajun thing.. I'm not sure, but it is something I actually look forward too. The feeling of being surrounded by loved ones...

Now DH's family is completely different. I remember the first time his grandmother showed me any type of familial affection... she patted my back to say hello and nearly knocked the wind out of me... tough love I guess. But no one in his family hugs or makes anything special out of greeting other members, and to be honest I have never heard any of them say "I love you to one another". And I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that there is absolutely no respect for anyone elses feelings among the group? Also there is always this feeling of superiority, maybe showing emotion for them is a sign of weakness that they simply don't want the others seeing... who knows, but it saddens me to think that they are missing out on such a human and intimate connection with the people that are supposed to love them the most!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

There's something to be said...

I just don't know what that something is.

I have a friend who privately celebrated the 19th birthday of her baby sister this past week, who was tragically and accidently killed as just a baby. While still wrapping my head around what happened Friday, and am faced with another sadness. Today we went to a special Mass dedicated to Kelsey Roberts, and then on to breakfast with Kelsey's dad to celebrate her birthday... only Kelsey wasn't there. She would have turned 13 on Tuesday, but she left her earthly body in August of 2005 when she was killed -- MURDERED by her own mother.

I sit here, tears streaming down feeling some great need to put things into perspective...

Why couldn't we follow directions... God said DON'T EAT THE FRUIT, and then sin and death entered the world...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Super Birthday

Well this marks the end of Bobcat's birthday extravaganza!


Happy Birthday Bobcat!

Friday, November 17, 2006

A loss

This happened this morning.  This family is a friend of a friend...

"For anyone who reads this that is the praying kind, they are needed right now. One of my very good friends delivered her baby girl this morning and she was born without a heartbeat. Doctors were not able to do anything to save their precious girl. Janelle Marie Gibson is mourned by all who know and love her family today. Please, please say a prayer for this family. Scott and Jodie also have two boys, 5 and 3 years old and they will need many prayers too. Thanks."

This is a picture of a statue on the grounds of the Oblates Mission in San Antonio, and is dedicated to all those who have lost a child.  May the Lord cradle that sweet baby girl in His arms as He welcomes her home.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Over at Spunky's Place

Check out todays blog over at Spunky's. This is incredible to me, but not in the good way. She is referring to the new system they are implementing in Florida (she does a great job explaining the impact of such a plan). They are wanting students to pick majors at 13 years old.

"That's because Florida's eighth-grade students, including more than 13,000 in Palm Beach County, will be the first in the country who must select high school majors. The statewide majors are a provision of Gov. Jeb Bush's "A-plus-plus" plan designed to make Florida schools more relevant to children.

More than 50 of the state's 138 "major areas of interest" will be available to Palm Beach County students, from the academic, such as social studies and science, to the more technical and career-oriented, such as assistant automotive detailing specialist.

"This is intended to be a career plan to help them better engage in making plans for their future," said Elizabeth Decker, director of the school district's department of K-12 curriculum, adult and community education."

Now think about that for a minute. Thirteen and having the pressure to try and pick what you want to be. How many college students do you know (or you yourself) actually knew what they wanted when they went to college for crying out loud... and how many changed majors once they were in there?

"As long as we encourage students to think about it and let them know they have choices, and as long as we keep it flexible, I don't think it will do too much damage." (School board member Sandra Richmond)

Um, too much damage, the fact that it was even WRITTEN down leaves a metallicy bad taste in my mouth. Serioulsy, I think blood is going to shoot out of my nose.

"Regular high schools each offer about a dozen or more of the majors, while charters and alternative schools offer far fewer. The school board must approve the list of programs each year. More than 80 state-approved majors will not be offered in the county, including salon services assistant, library media and florist assistant."

So you're going to offer stuff... but not very much. Great! You want them to pick from a short list! Brilliant!

To read the article in its entirety... 8th-graders face major decision

My question to you, dear readers, is where is the money going to come from to fund this new project? Who is going to teach these different specialties... Coach Jones who is only teaching AP History because he has to teach a subject in order to coach? Or are you going to go out and find professionals to teach? Are you going to have to pay them more to come to do this sort of thing? My guess is that they are going to be robbing from programs that are already in place... Art, Band, Theater, Choir (let's be real, they won't steal from sports). I'm just spectulating here! These above electives are very important... these are special outlets for kids that don't always fit into their 'career plan', but are very important on so many levels.

Where does that leave the dreamer... the next inventor... the next amazing performer... the next artist that colors our world?

This article alone proves to me that there is an agenda in the school system. The government is trying to churn out little worker bees. Whatever happened to the notion of doing something because you enjoyed, but at the end of the day it was only a job and your family was more important. With this new system we are telling kids that a job in a particular field and money are the most important things in life. What a sad thought.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Eeee gads... Bobcat is 6

Today is the last birthday for this household this year!

Bobcat is officially 6 years old. My goodness, I can't believe he is so big... well so old, not really that big. At the dr. this morning for his check-up he weighed in at a whopping 34 lbs, and 40 1/2 inches tall. Still not on the growth chart, but a little closer than last year!

Also, I have to call an ophthalmologist because they feel like his left eye is 20/40. I'm not certain that they are that accurate, I could hardly see what they were pointing at and I have my contacts in. So, I will call and we will go in, but I think that they are going to say he sees fine... at least that is what I'm hoping for!!!

But seriously... BOBCAT you are such a big boy!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Comments and Thoughts

First I want to mention how happy I am that we finally have Catholic Radio broadcasting here... 24/7!!! It is so great to hop in the car to run my errands through out the day and hear solid Catholic teaching, Mass, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet... and the list goes on.

This morning I was fortunate to catch Fr. Corapi on after my dr.'s appointment (yep, still sick, but now I have much better meds and this will hopefully clear up). Anyway, this particular talk was one in his series on the Catechism, and happened to be the beginning of the series. So he was talking about the work that went into the new Catechism, and how it should be used and all that fun stuff. Based on some of his comments this lecture series is actually for the certification process of catechists somewhere but was also open to the public. At one point he commented on the fact that if he were in charge of teachers of the Faith (which he said he is glad he isn't directly in charge, and that teachers wouldn't want him in charge, he he) that he would require 1 hour daily in front of the Blessed Sacrament, an unshackable love and devotion to our Holy Mother, and completely inline with the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church. WOW! How many teachers of the faith can you say actually fall into more than one of (if any) of those columns (especially the last one)?

Something else that really struck a cord with me was when he was talking about how in our society that many people suffer with an 'identity crisis'. He went on to say that this crisis is a driving force in divorce, lack of accepting vocational callings, and leaving your vocation; also mentioning that suicide is becoming the one of the leading causes of death among young people. The reason behind this, in his words, were that people in the educational positions in the 60's - 70's stopped teaching about the sufferings of Christ. That we are made in His image and likeness and to find our meaning we should gaze upon the crucifix and see for ourselves what we are called to. To know, love, and serve the Lord... in everything we do, and that we may not always like what we are CALLED to do, but that we should find JOY in fulfilling God's will in our lives so that we may attain everlasting life with Him one day. Fr. Corapi also said "we must decrease in order for Christ to increase." We are all too often ready to be in the spotlight, but we must become transparent... magnifying Christ, not ourselves. I've heard this same concept refering to the Holy Family... their role seemed to be very minor (except for the whole Annuciation and birth of Christ part :-) in Holy Scripture, but if you look closely this same principle is what they were doing... Mary and Joseph became background in order for Christ to be front and CENTER!

And I will leave you with one last comment, this comes from St. Francis De Sales... that we should leave the PAST to God's Mercy, live the PRESENT in Fidelity to God, and the FUTURE to the Providence of God.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My first taste

My favorite treat is ice cream... it always has been. I enjoy cake and other treats, but if I am asked to choose ice cream all the way! So yesterday at the grocery store, DH and the boys tagged along, and we were in the frozen foods section and came up to the ice cream... and I asked DH what he thought about picking up a little dessert for that evening (we don't usually have dessert... so it would be a special little treat)... and that is when I saw it.

A few days ago I saw a commercial for Ben & Jerry's Fish Food ice cream. Now, I'm so what ashamed to say this because of my previous statement of my complete enjoyment of ice cream, but I've never had B&J's ice cream before. I mentioned to DH after we saw that commercial that I would like to try that... it looked tastey. So at the store, there it was calling my name... which led me to bring it up to DH. Thankfully he agreed that we should pick some up... and into the freeze I went for the Fish Food.

OKAY IT WAS FREAKIN' AMAZING. If you like ice cream, you must try this stuff... it is well worth it!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Headin' home

Today marks the end of the business trip/fall break. We are headin' home!

States we are heading thru:


It's been fun, but there's no place like home... my own bed, my own kitchen (yep, I am tired of eating out), my own bathroom (my own huge garden tub), oh there are so many things I miss about my cute little house!!!!

But before I log off, I will leave you with a story from last night.

Background: Bobcat likes to be in control, if he isn't in control of a situation than he shuts down (not like we ever allow him to be in control, but the kid keeps tryin').

After dinner we went down to the pool (indoor and heated... nice), and DH wanted the boys to swim the length of the pool (with help of course) before they stood in the shallow end and played. Well Bobcat just didn't want to do it, he wanted to do his own thing. DH was not having it (we periodically do things like this, tell them to do something and stick to our guns, even when it is something kind of trivial... forced obedience in a controlled environment). Bobcat wasn't having it.... Bobcat decided that he would rather give up and die on the bottom of the pool than to swim like he was asked to do. And he proceeded to kick and scream and thrash, and take in a lot of water. DH finally got him to settle down some what and after Bobcat did the required swim he went to the shallow end to sit on the steps and lick his proverbial wounds. That's when it happened... he puked in the pool. Yep, he ruined the pool not only for our family, but the whole freakin hotel guest list! What a way to end our business trip!

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Another Driving Day

Today was a short driving day, about 3 1/2 hours up into Lincoln, Ne... a place I've never been. Here are the states we traveled thru:




Once outside of Kansas City it all pretty much looked the same. Harvested fields, farm houses, irrigation lines, and tractors dotted the landscape. Really beautiful country to pass thru.

Once in Lincoln, we arrived at our destination where the boys encountered something new... and Bubba met, and proceed to get wedged in his first revolving door. Yep, that one is mine... there he was in all his glory, the door + Bubba + Glass wall! NICE.

Tomorrow marks the end of our trip and the long drive home... 10+ hours :-).

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Happy Feet

Monday evening, after getting checked into our hotel we went down to the local movie theater and saw Happy Feet. All in all it was a good movie. The music really was amazing, the animation was incredible, the characters were funny, but I thought the plot was kind of odd. Oh well, the kids enjoyed it, and I definitely want to sound track... but I don't think I will run out and purchase it when it hits DVD.

Union Station

Okay, today after DH had his business meeting we headed out to do a little site seeing which included Union Station in Kansas City, Mo. What a great place. Since we had the whole afternoon to explore we got passes to several of the exhibits including the 3-D Imax Fighter Plane movie (freakin' awesome), Kids Science City, Robot City, and Railway Pass.

First off, the movie was FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! We weren't sure how the kids were going to do, but they handled it like pros. Bobcat (formerly known as Spiderboy) and Bubba had a hard time staying quiet during the film... it was just too exciting not to make comments through out the film... the explosions, cool passes, and arial acrobatics!!!! Now, little Snookie Monster, he sat in between DH and I, and held our hands the ENTIRE time (45 minutes). He wasn't too sure about the whole thing... but in the end had a blast. For the rest of the time at Union Station the three of them were fighter planes flying around and shooting at things. That was until we got to walk thru some train exhibits, and then out on to a bridge above the train yard... and 2, count them 2, trains went under the bridge while we stood there... AWESOME!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The long road to Missouri

So we headed out on our road/business trip with DH. All went well, aside from all the coughing and hacking by yours truly and my gaggle of companions!

States we hit today:


Monday, November 6, 2006

Some People

Okay, so I had to go to the store to pick up more meds for our trip tomorrow (sidenote... cold medicine is outragously expensive), and I got a comment I get regularly...

I'm standing in the check out line, and a man came up behind me (40ish) and was kind of smiling at the boys and they were being chatty to me commenting on gum, candy and magazines.  The man asked if they were trip's, and for the 1 billionth time I said smiled and said no.  Then he kept on, which one is in school... so I pointed to Spiderboy and said 1st, and Bubbay kinder.  And as usual he (the man) commented that they looked too young... 'yes, they look young' but that is because they are so small.  He continued, "they must be close together", "yep, about a year apart"... and the line I hear all TOO OFTEN "YOU KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENS DON'T YOU". 

Wow Captain America, yes I'm perfectly aware of how it happens... of course it doesn't happen to ME, for me it happens thru paperwork, waiting, interviews, meetings, more waiting, social workers, and COURT.  Of course all I did was smile and nod... my usual response when I don't have time educate!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Still sick but on the mend

Well, I still feel really crappy... and so does DH, who came home from his conference yesterday running 101.1 fever... poor guy. But things are looking up. He brought home new meds, and they seem to be working better than the stuff I was using before! Oh and Spiderboy seems to be infected with it as well... poor little man. Just crossing my fingers that the other two stay nice and healthy and non-infected.

I was a good little sick girl today and stayed in bed. This is the hardest thing for me to do... I just feel the need to be up and doing stuff, but I resisted the urge and stayed down... and I think it is paying off.

So what's on the schedule tomorrow... oh the regular odds and ends of errands before we go on a trip. And we have a concert tomorrow night, fun times. No it is a good concert, usually there is a big crowd there, and we raise a lot of money! I'm thinking I will probably not be able to play the piccolo solo due to the fact when I try to take in a lot air I immediately start coughing... but otherwise I will hold my own on first part no problem. Ah, the joys of commitments!

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Cleaning = Sick

My DH can tell how sick I am by how clean our house is... I'm sure you're thinking when the house gets super messy that must mean I'm ill... NOPE! I keep the house very clean, but for some reason when I'm really sick (flu, cold, phnemonia) I clean from top to bottom. The air smells of Melaleuca cleaning supplies, and the vaccum lines are even more pronounced!

But apparently I'm so confused from all the meds I'm taking, that not only did I clean... laundry, kitchen, all the floors, and master bath... I realized that the dogs needed to be bathed before they go and stay with my parents next week while we travel... so yep I bathed the dogs, then cleaned the boys bathroom... I mean it would have been silly to clean their bathroom only to bathe the dogs on Monday.

My house is clean, the dogs are clean, the laundry is clean, if the weather weren't so unpleasant I would be outside getting the yard work done (yep, that is how serious this cleaning problem is when I'm sick)... now I can finally get some rest and try and feel better :-).

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Happy All Saints

Last night instead of trick-or-treating we participated in an All Saints party (for the second year), and had a blast.

All three of our little men went as different monks, with the Crown of Thorn hair cuts and all (oh yeah, we are committed).

As usual with anything we do, we tend to draw critizism for our choices... why people actually think they have the right to tell us that we are doing it wrong is beyond me... but alas they actually think we VALUE their 'expertise'... NOT THE CASE! The usual negative went as follows "they would have more fun dressing up and getting candy", "Halloween is fun for all kids", "you guys are always over the top".

Here are my thoughts on the situation...

  1. My kids did get to dress up...
  2. Instead of walking around a neighborhood that may or may not be all that great for treating... we went to a party where they got to play with all their little buddies... they played games, won prizes, ate dinner with their friends, and all the parents got to hang out as well.
  3. We were safe, there were no threats (tampered candy or what not), or walking around in the dark... we knew everyone there, and when it got dark we went inside and the party continued.
  4. As a family we learned more fully about the saints that were chosen, and while at the party had fun learning about all the other saints that were there.
  5. Oh, and kids aren't too old for All Saints parties... there is always a saint out there, and opportunity to learn... is that really the case for secular trick or treating?

So no more harping on me and my fam about us keeping our kids from something great... personally I know my kids had more fun preparing and participating at our PARTY!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I didn't know this... Babe Ruth was in Knights of Columbus... and so is Jeb Bush!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

To be lady like

Over at Homeliving Helper (, there is a great article about being a lady... it is a must read!

Breast Cancer and Oral Contraception

Breast Cancer and oral contraception, how do they fit together... check it out:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It boils down to trust...

The Great Debate: Homeschooling vs. Institutionalized Schooling

I had a revelation today as to why teachers and homeschool parents are at such odds... TRUST. The public/private school teacher doesn't trust that the homeschool parents know what/how to teach their own children. And on the otherside, the homeschool parents can't trust that the public/private school teacher will teach the child what that child deserves to learn. (I could be wrong, but that is how I see it...)

But let's take this argument a little further... one thing my children will not suffer through is all the testing... why is there testing? Is it for the child's benefit? I would say "NO". I think it is because the government can't TRUST that the teachers are teaching what the government thinks the child should know. So they have to keep testing and retesting to verify (check up) that the recommended info is being taught. If students don't master, then the teacher is fired (basically).

Now something I hear over and over again from those who feel public school is the end all be all of education, is that they know more cut-rate homeschoolers than they know devoted/dedicated/loving/intellegent/non-abusive homeschooling families. I really doubt that this is true. Why do people choose to homeschool? Because they LOVE their children, and they feel that they can/will provide them with an education that is best suited for that child and family... not because the parent doesn't feel like getting up in the morning in order to bring said child to school (that is actually what one person told me they KNEW was the reason a parent had decided to homeschool). Maybe it isn't clear to the non-homeschooler, but to take on this particular task is much more involved/time consuming/self-sacrificing/informative/frustating/joyful than waking up in the morning and dropping your child off and having someone else educate them.

So nobody can be trusted and we all have to look out for ourselves.

But I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Woohoo... I finished them

What did I finish? The boys' All Saints costumes. I, unfortunately, will not reveal them on this site till after the event... but suffice to say they are awesome!

Not to mention, that this was another nail biter year. Here it is one week till the festivities and I just got them done... oh and did I mention there was no pattern? Nope, I did it the old fashioned way... laid them down on top of the fabric and created my own pattern and mom helped me get the hoods built which was the one thing I could not quite figure out on my own.

So watch for pictures to come soon :-).

Monday, October 23, 2006

Back in the groove

Wow, I have been MIA for quite some time... I really try not to do that, but last week turned into a monster of a week and I'm surprised we ALL lived thru it! And it all culminated with a weekend that turned out to be too busy to really recount.

Now we are back to Monday... I prepared myself before the children awoke to what happen, and prayed for the best. Thankfully the Lord answered my prayers (so far) and we have had a pleasant morning, which included a productive homeschooling experience. I'm hoping that last week was just a fluke and that my wonderful, big eyed children have be returned by the nasty aliens that seemed to infiltrate our happy home.

So we are off to a good start, and I might even have a happy ending for the week as well... it appears that our favorite campsite has lifted the burn ban, and there is a small window of time that we could escape for a little camping vacation!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!

While I would love to write more, the children haven't had lunch and are asking for food... and I need a nap as well... gotta love that darn allergy medicine and the drowsiness that comes with it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A must have

Yesterday was pretty crappy, and it transitioned into an even crappier night. Which is usually how things go around here... it never just ends at nap time and they awake refreshed and back to the norm. Nope, they simply continue the spiral until they reach the bottom!

Needless to say I look like I have been run over by a Mack Truck... if they read this they would prefer I said Peterbuilt (they like them better). So I have decided that on my next grocery store expedition that a cold/heat eye mask is a definite must have.

Oh, and the three little men... bright and shinning this morning, as if the world is their playground and yesterday never happened. When did I loose such hope in the 'morrow?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, Monday

Monday mornin' blues... that's what it must be around here. Not for me... I don't mind Monday's so much, but it seems that my children aren't crazy about them... as I'm sure most kids aren't. Why you might ask (those without school age kids that is...) because it is the beginning of our school week. Granted, we don't have to get dressed... all we do is get up, have some breakfast and then head to the homeschooling area and get started.

This morning is no different than any other HS Monday morning... Bobcat is in a particularly foul and non-paying attention mood. Why, well this morning (as most Mondays) he wants to play... what he doesn't seem to get... EVER is that the sooner we tackle the work the sooner he gets to play. Some may ask, why not let him play for a while then start, it's homeschool after all and you have all the time (per day) in the world to get it done? Ahh, that's what you think, but I've tried that. Be the nice mommy and give him that time to play first... what happens, one - two - three hours just isn't long enough in his book for playtime before hand, and he isn't ready to start and throws a fit. So then I went to doing our catechetical/bible study first... meaning story time and listening comprehension... no one paid attention. Now we are just jumping right in with something super simple for him - WRITING. And yet he still manages to throw fits, not pay attention, and simply be defiant. Where is he now... taking a first nap. Obviously he needs more sleep if he can't focus... that gives him time to cool down, as well as me!

And to think I was planning on getting online and bragging about him, and how he saw the church bulletin in Mass yesterday morning and without letting on, he read CATHOLIC CHURCH on it... not something from his spelling yet, he just figured it out on his own.

On a brighter note, Bubba read out his numbers (from a number chart) from 1 to 50 (with a few helps)... this is a big accomplishment from a kid who just put 0 -9 flashcards in order for the first time last week!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

You've stolen from me and I'm offended

Wow... I read on other blogs about this deal... BITACLE, and was annoyed that someone/company would do such a thing. One of my favs, Mamalogues, mentioned that us her reads should see if we had been stolen and placed on their site. Just out of curiosity I did. Honestly I thought there was no way my little, unimportant, not many readers, blog would be there... but sure enough those SOB's have me to!

So if you are reading this blog on that evil site... stop and come to the real thing! Don't do business with such dirty people!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Marching band

There might be some out there that didn't know that when in high school I was in a marching band... and loved it. This weekend we went and saw my sister-in law (a senior) participate in a marching band contest... and boy did it bring back memories.

I can honestly say that that was the last time that I actually knew exactly what I was doing. I say that in the sense that, I knew my music, I knew my drills, and I knew exactly what was expected of me. Now that I'm all grown up, a wife, a mom, and many other things... things are so clear cut. While my roles are some what definable, there isn't a rule book per say... most of the time I feel like I'm winging it, and while I know what the goal is, I don't always know the best route to take.

Who knew that looking back at marching band would make me so philosophical. :-)

Monday, October 9, 2006

2 years - 2 months - 2 days

That was the streak we had going with the boys (from the day they came home to us) till our first throw-up illness. To say we've been lucky is an understatement!

What was unfortunate about it (besides the fact that there was vomit involved), was where it happened. Just as I got Snookie out of the BEAST in the church parking lot, he let it rip... thankfully I had just stepped back about half a step to close the door... NEAR MISS ON ME! Thankfully I didn't freak out (trust me, it occured to me, but I decided that it would probably scare him if Mommy started screaming and gagging).

I had the good sense to remove him from the parking lot and on to the grassy area, where he continued to puke his guts out. We had a few well wishers, asking if we needed any help (did I really look that disillusioned... probably). Thankfully we still carry a diaper bag in the back of the BEAST, just in case some one falls a pond/mudd puddle, so we had supplies... wipes, change of cloths, and a towel. So we loaded back up into the BEAST, Snookie with a towel over him and car seat (there is no way I'm cleaning up pukey car seat... we would toss and buy a new one, yep I don't care how much it costs).

On the ride home, of course he was in great spirits (can't keep a good Snookie down), and seemed to be feeling a lot better. DH had gotten them up that morning, fed them breakfast, and started the dressing process (while I showered, and prepared myself... then I finished dressing them)... and said that Snookie was not acting out of the ordinary and this really surprised him. Something I didn't mention was when I finished dressing them in there room I noticed a funky smell... but these boys have the funkiest breath in the morning and it usually fills there room and takes an hour or so to freshen up... so that is what I chauked up to. (Sidenote, Snookie sleeps on the bottom pull out bed, and once he is up it is pushed under the bunk bed unit. And when DH gets the boys up, he doesn't typically turn lights on so as to not shock their little eyes. So he had them up, pushed the bed in and never noticed anything).

Once we arrive home, and got Snookie all set up, I went to the boys room and was going to strip the bed and clean his sheets. To my dismay, when I pulled Snookies bed out.... YOU GUESSED IT... covered in PUKE! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Nice. (Yep, I did think about just throwing them away... but I didn't, I actually washed them... SEVERAL TIMES)

Thankfully that was it... no more puke... and the Snookie Monster... seems to be doing just fine!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Another Milestone

Bobcat lost a tooth!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Do you have a hidden talent?

Last one I promise:

Your Hidden Talent
You're super sensitive and easily able to understand situations.

You tend to solve complex problems in a flash, without needing a lot of facts.

Decision making is easy for you. You have killer intuition.

The right path is always clear, and you're a bit of a visionary.

Now, my DH may not agree completely with this... but I think it is pretty acurate :-).

Okay, and your talent?

Friday, September 22, 2006

A Bubba - ism

We are in the BEAST, headed to pick up DH at the airport. The boys have their magnadoodles, and are letting their creative juices flowing when Bubba asks me a question I wasn't quite expecting:

"Momma, are 2's upside down or right side up?"

I'm not going to lie, I was completely dumbfounded by that question. Without missing a beat, Spiderboy wrote a 2 on his board and explained to Bubba how to do it. Boy am I glad somebody understood what he was asking.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

What to do at a yellow light?

From the back of the BEAST, I hear Spiderboy and Bubba talking about driving methods.

Bobcat: Bubba do you know what those (traffic) lights mean up there?

Bubba: Ummmmm

Bobcat: For the red one you STOP, the orange one you go really REALLY FAST...

Nice, note to self, the boys are observing our driving... I should've known something was up months ago when I heard them utter the words "Hey Lady, GET OUT OF THE WAY, we're trying to drive here!"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dang you BURN BAN...

Well, I am just frustrated. Right now I should be packing up the cooler, getting the kids snack packs put together for the car ride, and transporting the dogs for their weekend with the grandparents. BUT NO... there is a stupid BURN BAN. You can't camp when you can't build a camp fire... I can bar-b-que my food anytime, I WANT A FIRE. And not some little fire, we build massive seen for miles kind of fires!

So now we will wait... watch the computer for when they lift that stupid burn ban... and then, like moths to a flame, we are OUTTA HERE!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Bishop was in the house...

This morning we had a real treat... we attended daily Mass in which our Bishop was there celebrating. I knew this before hand, and told the boys. They were pretty excited about it, and were all a twitter remembering when we went to the colliseum to see his instillation ceremony.

Now, I forgot to mention this previously, but now all three boys have said at their 4 year check up that they want to be priests when they grow up (score one for us)... but we were talking about this again in the car on the way there... Spiderboy wanted me to go thru the heirarchy of the priest through pope roles in the Church. Upon finishing I asked what they wanted to be when they grow up and this is how it played. With a resounding energy Snookie annouced he wants to be POPE!!!!! YIPPEE. Spiderboy pondered it for a few moments and annouced he had decided that bishop is where he wants to land, and Bubba chimmed in wanting to be a bishop as well. SWEET!!!! Ahhhh, we must be doing something right, exposing them to the concept of vocations and that they aren't limited to marriage. If that is the only thing we do right (whether they choose it or not) I feel like we accomplished something.

The Bishop was in the house...

This morning we had a real treat... we attended daily Mass in which our Bishop was there celebrating. I knew this before hand, and told the boys. They were pretty excited about it, and were all a twitter remembering when we went to the colliseum to see his instillation ceremony.

Now, I forgot to mention this previously, but now all three boys have said at their 4 year check up that they want to be priests when they grow up (score one for us)... but we were talking about this again in the car on the way there... Spiderboy wanted me to go thru the heirarchy of the priest through pope roles in the Church. Upon finishing I asked what they wanted to be when they grow up and this is how it played. With a resounding energy Snookie annouced he wants to be POPE!!!!! YIPPEE. Spiderboy pondered it for a few moments and annouced he had decided that bishop is where he wants to land, and Bubba chimmed in wanting to be a bishop as well. SWEET!!!! Ahhhh, we must be doing something right, exposing them to the concept of vocations and that they aren't limited to marriage. If that is the only thing we do right (whether they choose it or not) I feel like we accomplished something.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Come on Fall, we need you...

The tent is taunting me. DH bought a new tent for his birthday... and every time I go out in the garage it taunts me. Take me to the Ozarks, take me to the hills, open me among the leaves, fill my rooms with sleeping bags... GO CAMPING, PLEASE! ANd I say to you Mr. Tent... I'm trying. I'm trying to find that perfect weekend that the weather will be wonderful. I'm trying to find that weekend that doesn't already have us scheduled to be here, there, and everywhere. And Mr. Tent... I think this will be our weekend! Now if the weather will just hold out... NO SHOWERS! If the temp will stay nice and in the 80's... AHHHHH, I think this is our weekend!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Week 5

This is week 5 for us in our homeschool calendar... and Boy Howdy, are we rockin' and rollin'.

Based on our rockiness last year, I had been steeling myself up over the summer preparing for a rough year having 2 full time homeschoolers and our youngest hanging out. It turns out that Spiderboy has really pulled himself together (I hear it has a lot to do with his age), and no matter what is prepared to do his work. Bubba, while he is still 4 (almost 5) he kind of has the personality that says he thinks he should be done... when he thinks he should be done. This is much like Spiderboy last year... but Bubba comes to the table with a much more upbeat outlook over all (thank goodness). And our sweet little Snookie Monster is really showing signs of greatness. I say this because I am increasingly surprised with his attention span and retention of material he is hearing the other two work on. Rockin' on little man!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Poor Little Snookie Monster

Poor little monster had to go to the dr. today for his four year check up. How did it go? Well here are a few stats.

  1. 30 lbs - he's in the 10th percentile
  2. 39.5 inches - he's in the 25th percentile
  3. Projection: 5'8" when he is all grown up

And the grand finale... 5 freakin' SHOTS!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I'm not sure how to deal with it...

With Steve Irwin's death. I know that sounds weird, I don't even know the guy or his family for that matter... but like so many have said you felt like you knew him because of his genuiness. Plus, being a parent, and a wife you look at what he has left behind and can't help but feel terrible for them.

Hearing of the freak accident, it really did bring tears to my eyes... which kind of surprised me even. Gee, once a week the boys and I would snuggle up on the couch, waiting for DH to get home, and watch an episode of Croc Diaries (about his zoo mostly). The boys are always captivated by him and what he does. What a great loss not to have him out there anymore.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh my freakin' gosh...

80 wonderful degrees!!! That's right people... almost all the days of August here have been over 100... and today, oh glorious day, it is in the 80's!!!!

So we dawned our shoes, and went to the park for a morning of fun! We made an executive decision to post-pone homeschool till after naptime so that we can take advantage of this wonderful weather.

The the forecast for the weekend... 80's!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!


So, while the weather is tremendous... my three sweet boys who love to play outside, are also super allergic. I'm sitting here in front of the computer with the monitor on listening to nap time... and what am I listening to? Well, the sounds of sniffing, sneezing, and congestion. Oh, and I did dose them up this morning before we went out... they had more last night before they went to bed. Poor little guys just can't handle whatever is blowing around in the wind. Heck, even I, who really don't suffer the way they do, am feeling stuffy!

To all you allergins... stay away from my boys, or I'll be givin' you a knuckle sandwich!

Monday, August 28, 2006

What a weekend

Man oh man was it nice to get away for a weekend to a wonderful hotel, great adoptive parents, tons on great food, and really interesting speakers.

The event was hosted by Lutheran Social Services, and was designed for parents who have adopted children thru the state.

The main focus of the weekend was to strengthen the marriage bond by focus on the techniques of PREP. Basically focusing on non confrontational communication among couples, and even how to use them with your children. While I hoped it would have been more centered around the notion of adoption, I came away with lots of great ideas and things we can actually implement in our lives.

I would have to say, though, the highlight of the weekend was talking with other couples who feel the same way we do, receive the same grief we do from those around us, and struggle with similar issues with the children. It was a weekend filled with validation that we are doing the best for our children, and that we shouldn't let others rain on our party! Ahhhhhh...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Almost time to go!

Almost time to head out to our adoption retreat/conference thing. I am super pumped. Now if I could just finish packing, cleaning, getting the kids up soon, putting the dishes away.... ah the lists of things to do before you head off somewhere!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

1 to 100

Okay last year anytime I tried to help Bobcat count, he would freak out and be all pissy.... not anymore. The kid counted to 100 for the first time, with only a few helps along the way... and talk about a good attitude... what a difference a year makes (well, a few months off for summer).

Bobcat, I'm impressed!

Not only that, but when the others are done with their work and he still has about another 15-20 minutes of work that is just for him... again, good attitude. He also seems to like the one on one attention. I guess sharing me with the other two for the first hour is so different than last year that he thrives of knowing that I am only working with him at that moment!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Granted we are only in week 2 of the new school year... I but I see wonderful improvements from him... attitude and focus that just wasn't there last year.

Of course, Bubba hangs in there for a while, but it gets to a point when he is wanting to go and play... and it just isn't time for that yet. So I am tweeking the order in which do things during homeschool a little bit here and there to help him adjust to his personality and patience. Gotta love homeschool... no where else would you get such personalized schedules!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monumental Monday

Woohoo... another solid day of homeschooling under our belt! Week 1 down, the rest of the year ahead of us!

Today was cool because Bubba had his first day of writing. Granted it was just working on writing the number 1... but that is writing! He was so proud of him self when he saw that he had finished the whole page. And Spiderboy had about 30 minutes of work to complete after Bubba was done, and he did it all without fussing... actually it did it with a smile and a little trash talking about how his brothers don't have hard things like him because he is in first grade. Hey, I have no problems with a little trash talk between he and I, if it helps him deal with knowing that his brothers are out in the living room playing with trains. No what I'm sayin'?!

Oh... and another way cool thing that happened was that Bobcat wrote his first sentence today. He had to think it up himself and incorporate the word dog into it. Here is his sentence: My dog is brown, black and white. He had to remember to start with a capital letter, and end with a period. He needed a little help figuring out how to spell the colors... but not much. Man, to see his eyes light up when he wrote it... it was freakin' awesome!!! THIS IS WHY I HOMESCHOOL MY BOYS!!!! A teacher in a classroom doesn't have to time to gush over what a great job they did and praise them the rest of the day or the days to come... my boys need that, and that is what they get!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lightening McQueen and Superman

This weekend we celebrated Snookie's 4th birthday. It was a small event, just the fam (+ grandparents and aunts)... and it was awesome.

Snookie's favorite character (ever since we saw the movie) is Lightming DeQueen (his words!), so I went all out for the little guy. I found these great wall hangings at the party store, Lightening McQueen, Doc Hudson, and Mater (of course), all the plates and napkins and a kick ass candle for his cupcakes. When he got up from his nap before his guests arrived, he started freaking out. He was jumping up and down going crazy about the characters that were looking back at him (bigger than him) on the walls. It was priceless! And to top things off the best presents came from us (which is how it should be). We got him a large Lightening McQueen car (that says things... yes it is annoying but he loves it so I can live with it) and a killer Superman cape with shoulder harness that makes sounds. Again, kind of annoying but he loves it. Now in our house... Superman flies around lifting up Lightening McQueen to show us all his super human strength!

Happy Birthday My Sweet Snookie Monster!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bobcat at his finest

Sitting at the dinner table the other night Daddio asked Bobcat to spell his name... cristo-vel.bmp (270082 bytes)after spelling it (7 letters) he says "Daddy you gave me a long name, you could have given me a shorter name! But I like my name."

During spelling Bobcat was supposed to draw a picture of something he was thankful for from God. His drawing: a cross in the middle, Christ on one side, and him on the other side. His comment, Jesus wants me to help and carry the Cross!! At age 5, he can be so profound.

Monday, August 14, 2006

First Day of School

The First Day of SCHOOL!!!

This morning, after a tasty breakfast we hit the books. The boys were energetic, enthusiastic and eager to use all their new manipulatives.

So we hit the floor running. Even Snookie was cooperative and interested in particpating with the boys. Spiderboy was a little fussy when Bubba's portion was completed and he still had a little more to do. Once I explained that the sooner we finish the sooner he would get to play with the other two! It will take some time for him to realize that this is just how it is going to be.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The count down has begun

I mentioned in a previous post that I already ordered my curriculum and was waiting on it to arrive... WELL IT DID! Boy it was like Christmas when those boxes arrived. First round come on Tuesday, and then my last box to arrive was yesterday. IT IS FREAKIN' AWESOME. But to say that I'm not a little overwhelmed would be a lie. It is a lot of stuff.

This is the second year that I've homeschooled, and while I thought we had a pretty structured set-up last year... it doesn't even compare to what I have sitting in front of me right now! Of course last year it was just kindergarten (not that kindergarten isn't important, on the contrary it is the foundation)... this year I will be teaching first grade and kindergarten, and I'm not using the same materials I did last year. Maybe that is why my eyes are the size of watermelons as I wade thru it all, last year I was confortable in the activities... now I am again learning. Ahhh I guess this is how it will be every year.

The one subject that is completely different is math this year. I decided to switch both boys over to Saxon Math, and it is a lot more involved that MCP that I used previously. It is a lot more involved. Instead of only using an activity book, this really utilizes lots of manipulatives and real world application. I'm impressed, but the teachering manuel (for each grade) is 500 pages... in the largest spiral I've ever seen!

Another area that I'm really excited about is religion study. This year Bubba will be using the Image of God series, and Bobcat is working out of the Faith and Life series. Both seem to be so well done, and on their level... which really seemed to be lacking last year.

Other things the boys will be working with: Little Stories for Little Folks Phonics, Little Folks Letter and Number Practice, Seton English, My First Catholic Speller, Writing Can Help.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meet the family

MommaLlama: I'm a Catholic housewife who loves her vocation. Daddio and I have been married for nearly 7 years now, he's still my main squeeze and partner in crime. I homeschool our three sons who are currently in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. My time is usually spent with one or more of the boys sitting on me in some fashion while hotwheels are being tangled in my hair. When I'm not schooling and engaged in fierce boy play, you can find me in a local civic band tooting away on my flute and piccolo!


Bobcat: He's the oldest of the boys and thinks he rules the roost.

Bubba: He's our class clown, and all around good humored kiddo. There isn't a food he doesn't like, and he's a bottomless pit with two hollow legs that always require nurishment.

Snookie: Words simply can't describe the youngest of our brood. He's one of a kind!



Monday, August 7, 2006


I love cooking!!! Seriously, it is a huge stress reliever for me... I feel like I'm using all of my brain (the group up part, and the imaginative kid part), and in the end I have a product to show for it.

At some point in my life I think it would be great to take a few cooking classes. Not the kind for a grade mind you, I'm done with that sort of thing... something that is low stress and fun. I think baking/pastries, and then maybe some sort of main dishes (I have no idea of what style, though) would be the two things that really interest me.

Why... well take for instances this weekend. DH had a birthday on Friday, and we decided to do the cake part on Saturday. He asked for a carrot cake a week or so before, so I decided to make one from scratch. Now I have done a couple of cakes from scratch before, but never carrot. Anyway... ever since I started the new meds I have felt horrible, but on Saturday while I was working on the cake (and the homade mashed potatoes, and the roast on the stove) I was able to lose myself in the work and not think about it. It was great, even though I wasn't sure how the cake would turn out (mind you, I'm known around here for really awesome cakes and to take on something that I don't know how will turn out it very scary for me!). Same kind of goes for today. Again, I don't feel well at all... but I'm working on a nice dinner, and as long as I'm focused on that I seem to be able to fight through the ickiness!

So of course now I'm looking for a few more recipes that are more involved for the rest of the week to keep me busy so I don't have to think about my stomach trying to escape through my throat!

One step

One small step for mommy and the boys, and giant leap for homeschooling...

Well, maybe not that dramatic... today we had a mini-lesson for homeschooling. NO our curriculum hasn't arrived (much to my disappointment), but we hung up the wipe off calendar and spent about 20 minutes talking about it and how it works and writing in some important dates for August! I'm hoping that by having this calendar up, and using it daily, that maybe some of the fussiness we experienced last year won't be there because they can visually see how much longer (week wise) we have before they have a break.

Things they helped label on our calendar: our swim playdate tomorrow, when we go to Holy Mass, Snookie's birthday, and the date of his party, Daddy's birthday... that sort of thing. It was fun, we reviewed days of the week with Spiderboy... and we talked about what a month was, and how many days make up August. The only downer was for Bubba when we couldn't put his birthday up there... because it is in September! This was very sad for him, bless his sweet little Bubba heart!

Sunday, August 6, 2006


This morning we took the boys out to play tennis! After much consideration we thought that this is something that they would/could excel at. At nearly 4, 5, and 6 we don't have to worry about sign ups, uniforms, physicals, and ridiculous practice times and games -- this seems to be the way to go for now.

Saturday we went to a neato sporting goods store and purchased tennis racquets for Spiderboy and Bubba (Snookie is still a little to, um, green to swing a racquet).

I would definitely say that our first outing at the courts was a successful one. We should the boys the proper way to hold the racquets, and began the process of introductions to ball handling. I think our next outing will be even more fun. I think the hardest part was keeping Snookie occupied. At one point I simply left DH with Bubba and Spiderboy, and sat on the court with Snookie and played 'floor tennis' with him (just rolling the ball back and forth between the two of us)... and that just seemed to make his day!

I think the boys were slightly disappointed that we were just going to let them swing the racquets around and see if they hit things, but when all was said and done I think they were proud of themselves for the steps they made with what we did!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Two years and counting

Today, two years ago, we were waking the boys up from their first overnight stay with us! We fed them breakfast... played, had some lunch and then headed back to their foster home for one last time. Cindy, their foster mom had a little party for them with some of their little buddies in the neighborhood... and she asked us to stay and meet everyone. When we left, the boys stood at the screen door screaming and crying. That was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. We got in the car and drove away waving to them, and had to pull over after we left the neighborhood... because we too were crying. In four days we had become so attached, just as they had. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of signing the placement paperwork. We woke up (way earlier than we needed to) and went to pick them up (we left too early as well, and had to stop and get breakfast to waste time) and the remainder of their stuff, headed back to the house. Our social worker, their social worker and the supervisor came to our house and we signed our new life while the boys played. TWO YEARS. In some ways I can't believe it has been that long, in other ways when you say two years it seems like nothing. But when we think about it... Snookie (youngest) has now been with us longer than he has been anywhere else that makes us feel more, ummmm, I guess important/permanent. He will be four in a couple weeks... he was one when we brought them home, and three weeks later we celebrated his 2nd birthday!

Friday, August 4, 2006

As it gallops beyond

Life is good, right?! I have a great marriage, and great kids... and all in all I'm doing really well.

There is one teeny tiny thing that I have avoided blogging about, avoided thinking to seriously about, just really worked hard to not have it interfer with my life (over the past two years)... fertility (actually lack there of) and pregnancy. But that is becoming exceedingly more difficult. We have several friends right now that are preggo... in all different stages, it seems like every mom who comes down the isle at church is preggo... heck it seems like every where I look I see expanding waistlines of the baby sort.

It is as if it (pregnancy/fertility) is galloping ahead in the beautiful sun... ribbons and banners flowing behind it in glorious color dancing in the wind. And I'm behind it, stretching to reach it. Leaning far beyond my balance point when I realize that the brilliance is not as close as it appears... it is an illusion, just too far to reach. And I sit on my turtle, desperately wanting to follow behind. I can't be mad that it gallops ahead, and it isn't my turtles fault for not being faster or going the right direction... for it is just a turtle doing what it was created to do. (odd story I realize, but that is how I feel right now)

What can I do? I take the medicine that I'm supposed to that won't necessarily help me get pg., but will hopefully make me healthier... all the while making me feel worse than the symptoms of the infertility that I suffer from. It's true, I don't mind the searing pain... it is the feeling of needing to puke all the time that I hate... so with the meds I have the pain and the sick stomach (oh yay).

So what does it boil down too? Me, sitting on my turtle -- playing with my boys, and watching others go thru pregnancies.

Doing my best to smile.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I can't wait

There are a few things on the horizon that I just can't wait for! So what are they:

1. The arrival of my homeschooling curriculum I just ordered. They say it takes 3-7 business days to arrive... come on post man and show me the goods! Spiderboy will be starting first grade, and Bubba will begin kindergarten, and I am so pumped about the stuff I picked out for them! YAY!

2. A weekend retreat/conference for adoptive parents. It happens at the end of this month, and it is Friday thru Sunday at a pretty nice hotel, and is free!!!! First off, I would probably have paid for this... we (DH and I) have been looking for something like this, and the Lord answered our prayers. Not only is it for adoptive parents (a couple who is married is part of the criteria), it is for those parents who adopted children thru the state foster care system... SO PEOPLE LIKE US... And since it is in our area, that means we have a great potiential to meet people near us that share the same joys and struggles of the nature of our parenting relationship!

I know... it is only two things... but two really big things! Number one being the materials we are going to use for the next year, and number two... some ideas, support, and encouragement on the road we have chosen for parenthood. YAY!!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Toast on the wall

No, this is not a new metaphor for life... this is really toast on the wall. After breakfast this morning, the boys got down and went to their rooms to get dressed on their own. I went in there a little while later to check the progress... because it was taking a while and I noticed something on the wall. It was about the size of a dime and soggy looking. So I asked the boys what it was, Bobcat (the oldest) was the first to pipe up that it was toast. My next question (obviously) was who put it there...? A lot of "umming", and it came out that Bobcat put it there. After sending the other two back to the gameroom, I had Bobcat clean up that mess... and then handed him a rag - IT WAS BASEBOARD TIME! So that is where Spiderboy is right now... on his hands and knees cleaning the baseboards.

Don't mess with Supermommy... :-). Oh... I'm a genius, he is now working on that vent cover under the A/C inside with all the little slits!

Monday, July 31, 2006

My little Monster

This morning had a dr.'s appointment, and DH stayed home with the kids. When I got back, apparently the little Monster was having a rough go at the morning and had been detained by daddy. But with Daddy needing to head off to work, he was now to be with Mommy. I asked him what he wanted to do, and his response "I want to help you". Okay... it was lunch time and the little Monster and I strolled to the kitchen to work on lunch.

Now when Monster is in this kind of mood... well the smallest thing can really frustrate him.

As he sat on the kitchen island while I worked on lunch, he and Baby Dinosaur (his hand) were talking to me and the dogs. All of a sudden he, Monster, gets really mad and is yelling at Daisy... "Talk to me, Daisy. Mommy, Daisy won't talk to me... Daisy won't talk to baby Dinosaur". Um, little Monster DAISY IS A DOG AND CANNOT ACTUALLY TALK TO YOU.

Poor little Monster... he desperately needed a nap, and that is just where he went after lunch.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Super productive

Boy I'm feelin' productive even though we had a late start this morning... let's see:

  1. Watered the lawn/flowers
  2. Feed the kids breakfast... and then they played with wipe off boards and magnets for quite a while
  3. Downloaded the pictures of the digital camera from the last few weeks
  4. Bathed the dogs... unclogged the bathroom tub
  5. Did the dishes... well finished loading the dishwasher and started it
  6. Did the laundry
  7. Finished cleaning up the bathroom from the dogs bath adventure
  8. CHECKED my EMAIL!!!

YEAH!!! I'm on top of the world, and I'm feelin' fine :-)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Clap... jump... clap jump and a car chase...

Ahhh, yet another night of jumping jacks. Monster and Bubba just can't resist a little bedtime play action. Once caught they are suddenly exhausted and not so laughy... more crying, screaming, and too tired to go on! Oh, but 15 minutes of jumping jacks sure tires them out.

The thing that sucked about it last night was the fact that there was a really interesting car chase happening (actually the vehicle that was being chased was a semi) when they decided to misbehave. I'm a real sucker for car chases if they are live! Thankfully we have a DVR thingy, so we paused the live chase to go and deal with the children. Once the boys completed their jumping jacks... back to bed with them... and back to the car chase for us.

For those of you wondering how the car chase ended... well the victim was set free, and the criminal was tear gased out!!!! Very interesting... And the reason the man took this woman hostage (the woman was a trucker)... it was all in the name of JUSTICE and EQUALITY in the work force for African Americans. Here's a tip dude... when you hijack two cars, then lead a 3 1/2 hour semi chase... I'm not seeing your plight, only CRIME!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The ole' swimming hole

The boys love swimming, there's no doubt about it. This is a huge jump from two years ago... even from year ago. They used to be so fussy, whiney, and climb all over you while in the pool. Now once those floaties are on, it is hard to keep up with them. Anthony is a step player mostly. He will swim for a while, but he likes his feet on the bottom and playing. Andrew likes the steps, but spends more time swimming around (stalking toys of others that they don't currently have in their hands). And then there is Austin... he kicks out to the middle, and that is where he stays. He loves to just splash around... splash himself, splash passersby, and us if we get to close. He is a madman out there.

While I like the floaties, and not really having to worry about them... I think it is time we move on to real swimming adventures. That's right, we are going to start working with them sans floaties! They are showing readiness, especially Andrew... who seems to be hindered by the floaties these days, trying desperately to keep his face under while he paddles around. But with all new endeavors I see that my sweet little boys are growing up.

So you heard it hear first. Our next trip will be filled with heroing tales of the underwater adventures of the Towers of Power!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random thoughts

There is a JUICE MAFIA.

Don’t believe me, check out all the commercials on TV. That’s right, you’ve all seen them, 100% juice is everywhere… and everywhere it goes, so goes sugar (check the boxes people... not really all that good for you, just eat fruit)! And KoolAid is the Juice Mafia’s sidekick!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Victory over clutter

For a while now I wanted to re-organize the gameroom and the closet in there. My plan: create a second work station for homeschooling, and free up some much needed space for homeschooling supplies!

After a days work last week, and a weekend filled with shopping, and finally today the completion of operation Homeschool Cleanup, I'm proud to say that my master suite has been returned to just that, and the gameroom will retain it's status and gain the added delight of being the offical classroom.

Not only were we (and I do mean we, DH helped me so much... it was great) able to clean out a bunch of clutter and things we simply don't use/need, we also realized how many things that we have for the boys that we had forgotten about! All sorts of neat little games for us to sit down as a family and play.

But the light at the end of my journey was having selving put into the corner section of the closet... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... I just keep opening those doors and staring at it. It just fills me with joy knowing things are more easily in my reach, and so masterfully put away.

For DH, I think that idea that there is not a little desk in our room, and little books and what not will no longer clutter his sight when we wants to retreat to the bedroom for some solace! I would have to agree completely with that statement as well.