Friday, June 23, 2006

Seriously, how many times?

Apparently in Snookie's world that phrase doesn't penetrate!

Let me set the scene... last night, it's 8 o'clock, the kids have been down for about half an hour and the young engaged couple is over for their last meeting with us (the sponsor couple) before their wedding in a few weeks. As we are talking I hear something (mind you I had already been in there - the room - about 15 minutes prior to tell Snookie to stop fussing). So I get up and find Snookie under the main bed, Bubba on Snookie's bed... and LAUGHING.

Now let me take you back about two weeks. Same said couple over for a meeting, children screwing around in bed. Same as last time, they were removed from the beds, seperated until we could deal with them after the couple left. So last night Snookie waited in the gameroom (laying on the floor) and Bubba waiting in our room (also on the floor) until we could have a conversation with them. At 9:00ish we got them up, pottied, and then took away some of their prized possesions and sent them back to bed. And they new that they would be taking 2 naps today to make up for the time that they should have been asleep.

Jump to this morning. I go in the room to get them up, and Snookie is at the wrong end of his bed... you guessed it PLAYING AROUND. What the heck. The kid just won't learn that the bed = sleeping or at least laying down and QUIET!

Food, glorious food!

Yep, from Oliver... and also some animated movie... the only reason I know that is because my kids have never seen Oliver, but seem to know the song (I think maybe Madagasgar).

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is, first because the boys sing that song all the time... and because that is truly how they feel on the subject of food. For the most part there isn't a food that they don't like. Bobcat will turn up his nose on occasion... even be weird about it the first few times he eats, but eventually comes around (yep, you read that right, the first few times... no one is aloud to be a picky eater in this house!).

Take for examply bread. How many kids (adults too I have found) don't like the crust let alone the heel of a loaf of bread? Bobcat's favorite part of the bread, and is ways quick to ask for it before anyone else gets the words out... the HEEL! Snookie usually eats the crust first... toast, plain bread, or a sandwich and eating around the rim is what he is doing. Bubba, well he just loves all of it. And I do mean all of it. There isn't a food that lasts long in front of Bubba... be it on his plate, or yours! We all have to guard ours carefully so he doesn't get any wild ideas :-).

There's nothing that warms my heart more than to hear the boys say, "Mom you are a good cooker!" Gotta love my little guys!

If the boys choose marriage over the priesthood... the women that cook the best are the ones that will steal their hearts!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Things that my little Snookie says:

Happy Burd-day to you...

My tummy wants to play with that car (Anthony's response was: Your tummy doesn't have hands... right like that is the only problem with that statement).

Mommy, jid jew shee dat? (I always respond with "oh wow" or "yes I did") Translation: did you see that?

I'm going to stit still!

I'm St. Curious George. (No honey, those are two very different things, St. George and Curious George!)

Can I have a drink of my sip?

Maggie won't give me a kiss. (Maggie is one of the dogs... poor dog!)

Maggie keeps wanting to play tag with me... Maggie, no tag in the house! (Well you wanted her to play with you!)

I DID IT, YAY! (We never know what it is that he did... but he is always saying he did it)

Right, Mommy, RIGHT!?! (Again, never exactually sure what he is talking about, but usually I agree in the affirmative.)

Mommy, you be Maw Maw... knock knock knock... (Why do I always have to be my mom... why can't I just be mommy for this game?)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Great googily moogily

So my Mavs didn't win, sucksville!!! That's okay, NEXT YEAR. I'm a fan now, and I will be diligent with my fanship next season. Hopefully we will be taking in a few live games, in addition to the ole boob tube.

Man, and I really wanted to win those game 7 tickets... oh how I shall groan for the next few days!

Did any of you Texans think it was kind of funny that they were playing at American Airlines, and Southwest was the national sponor... with the whole Wright Amendment thing going on around here???? Every time I saw a commercial I kind of chuckled to myself.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Simple addition

0 + 0 = ???

Bobcat's answer was 20! So let me backtrack a little. Yesterday morning we were working on a couple of math problems, keeping our skills during the summer, and we were talking about adding numbers to 0. Once you know what the answer is, it is hard to see it from the perspective of a child who is learning math for the first time! Anyway, he was kind of getting the hang of it and we finished up our little activity. Later in the evening when DH was around he heard me quizzing Anthony (4 + 0 = ?, and Anthony would say 4). During dinner DH took a turn out of the blue with 0 + 0 =, and that is when Anthony came up with 20. Still not sure why, but he was completely serious and sure that he was correct.

I jumped on the bandwagon at the end!

I like sports okay, but I really haven't found the sport (I thought) that captured my attention... was fast moving and interesting to watch... until we saw the last game of the Phx Suns vs the Mavs. I was drawn in completely and now I'm enthralled with Mavs v. Heat. I, of course, am a fan of the Mavs being a local here and all... but man, this game of basketball is something else!

I'm hooked, I'm now an official b-ball fan! Which turns out to be a really good thing because I have boys (with my oldest being able to dribble a basketball at age 2, seriously) who like basketball. Heck, it is a team sport... but you aren't crashing into each other trying to kill them... and usually the whole game can't be won or lost because of one person (usually). This is definitely a sport that I can follow!

Oh, and I just got done registering for a set of free game 7 tickets (please Lord, let us make it to game 7)... that would just be the icing on the cake if I won tickets for this championship. Oh, and I'm a huge Dirk fan, Terry fan, Howard fan, and Harris fan! Go MAVS!!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

A few new -ism's from the boys

The other day I put something into the dryer and then walked into the gameroom with the boys. Bubba asked what I had done, and before I had a chance to answer Bobcat said "she put it in the WASH-A-McCLEAN". Ummm, not exactly that would be a washing machine.

Upon getting into the hot car last week Snookie said, "I'm all hot a sweater". I laughed and corrected it. Then again this weekend he said it, and I corrected him saying that the saying is hot and sweaty... his response was "I'm all hot and sweatery". Close little man, but not quite.

After seeing Cars the movie last week, Snookie keeps saying "Lightening the Queen"... the poor race car is going to have an identity crisis...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's been a while

I told myself that I wouldn't go this long without writing, but I just haven't been in the mood to write lately. I think it has a lot to do with Tiger boy's cast. I mean, our whole routine is off because we can't go outside, he can't swim, we have somewhat limited our playdates because he just can't do what the others can... but that will all change starting tomorrow! YIPPEE, the cast is coming off and we are going swimming!!!

There's that, but also all the traveling DH is doing that has left me feeling anything but super happy. Why? Well, because I've been feeling more like a single mom of three more than a wife and mother lately. It is absolutely exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what my husband does, and how hard he works, and what he does with the boys when he is home... but the fact that he seems gone more than he is home is starting to really take its toll on me. During the week when he arrives home from a trip, it's late... either right when the boys are needing to go down... or right after. He leaves usually in the morning before their up... so the sole parenting responsibility falls on me, no helping in the afternoon... just me. Thankfully the boys still nap, so I have a little while to myself... but that just can't make up for being the sole source of parental entertainment, argument referee, cook, maid, taxi cab...

I sure could use a vacation...

A short summer break

Well as of Monday we finished up our kindergarten Seton curriculum and are going to take a short break before we pick up practicing during the summer! We need to keep our math and reading skills going as we transition into FIRST GRADE!!! How exciting. Plus we will get to go and pick up a new Spiderman book because we made a deal with Anthony that if he completed the last 5 days with a good attitude he would get a new book to read! As a parent, it makes me so happy that we can use rewards like new books!!! Our child is happy working on his reading skills (most of the time) and to be able to foster that in him is really cool!

So come August/September we will have a first grader and a kindergartener, this should be fun. Bubba is chompin' on the bit to get started, which makes me happy that he is so eager.

I also feel really proud of myself. I know that it was Bobcat that actually did the work, but it was me who had to keep in pointed in the right direction. It was me who worked on the lesson plans and worked out the teaching methods to suit him. It does my confidence good knowing that I didn't fail him, meaning that I lived up to my role in this process!

History, Science, Spelling, Geography... HERE WE COME!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Cry me a freakin' river!

Seriously I am going nuts with all the fussing. When does a 5 year old realize that he is not in charge? The thing is we have never allowed them to be in charge and just now pulling in the reigns like so many parents out there now... we have always been in charge, allowing him to make some decision only at the more appropriate times based on his age. But for whatever reason he thinks that if decides that he does want to do something... which is basically anything that we ask him to do, well you are going to hear about it... those stupid alligator tears. You know, I'm not even slightly moved by them... and it annoys the snot out of me when we are out in public and he starts that up and onlookers are like "oh, isn't he cute, I wonder what's wrong". And I am doing my best not to say "oh he is just being a little punk".

I thought for a while that he was only doing it with me and not to DH. But turns out that during our last tag alongs for business trips, he pulls the same stunts with DH as with me! In a way that makes me happy... that I'm not being singled out by him, but a real pain in the butt because there is no relief from his little attitude issues.

My guess, or hope, is that this is somewhat of a typical 5 year old attitude and with time he grows out of it. My fear is that his genetic make-up is that of a whiney self absorbed childish mentality that we will be battling for the rest of our lives. Please say that other kindergarteners out there are testing their limits of control :-).

A rodeo

So come along boys and I'll tell you a tell of the old Chisholm Trail.... gotta love Gene Autry!

Anyway, while we were in Fort Smith, Ar. we had to opportunity to hit Old Fort Days Rodeo. This is the first time we've taken the boys to a rodeo, and what a fun time. It is always funny to take them to something new. All three of them sit there, staring... blank faces, sometimes jaws dropped. You never quite know if they are having fun till the whole thing is over and they are going crazy in the car on the way home.

I think they will have things to talk about for at least two weeks just from the few hours we spent there... from all the horses, cows, bulls, cowboys, cowgirls... and the CLOWN!!!!