Tuesday, June 7, 2005

To Imfiminedy and beyon!

No, that title isn't misspelled, that is exactly how Snookie says it. It is the cutest thing as he 'flies' through the air stamping out injustice throughout the galaxy. This is his newest saying, and of course most of the time I try to help him learn the right way to say it... as the mom that is what we are supposed to do... right?!

It wasn't long ago that helicopter plagued him... it came out - hecicoper. And it used to crack me up, well, as most things go he now has learned the proper way to say it. Oh, the dark day I heard him say it right. I mean I was excited, but a part of me was so sad because it means that my little guy is growing up.

And so it will come to pass that a saying made famous by Buzz Lightyear will be uttered correctly from my Snookie.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Ambulance... ER...

While they were very unpleasant I am going to recap the events that unfolded yesterday afternoon!

It was about 3:30 and I went into the boys room to get them up from nap time. After I fussed at Bubba for messing around in bed during nap time, I went to help Bobcat get down from the top bunk. The drill is that he comes to the edge of the bunk, I put my hands up under his arm pit and throws his legs over the head board and I set him down. Well, he came over the top and for whatever reason things didn't go smoothly... and before I know it I have lost control of his body and he came crashing down on to his left temple and down to his shoulder and lay in a heap on the floor. HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS. I started freaking out (as any mother, I think, would do). Intuitively I know better than to pick up a person who is unconscious who just sustained a fall that had a 'head/neck hitting ground' action... but this was my child, and I'm a mommy so the first thing I did was scoop him up and try to get him to wake up. It took a few seconds but he gasped for air, but he wasn't awake. I brought him to the living room, holding him so close to me, but he still wouldn't wake up... so I did the only thing I could think of... and of course the ONE thing you are supposed to do... I CALLED 911!

(Note to self: For no reason miss the CPR class at Angela's)

The man on the other end of the phone was so nice, and talked me through what I was supposed to do (I will write for anyone out there who might read this, and remember it if it ever happens to you). I was told to lay him out and make sure his airway is open (lay him flat and put my hand under his neck so that his head is tilted back just a little). And then I had to wait... for the firemen and ambulance to arrive.

That was the longest 10 minutes of my life... right before they all arrived, Bobcat finally woke up (he had been out this whole time, the only thing he was doing was wimpering but he couldn't wake up). He of course was scared, and his head (I'm sure) was throbbing uncontrollably... and he just wouldn't lay still (like the guy on the phone said that I needed to keep him real still... and for crying out loud he wouldn't be still).

During the wait for the EMT's and everyone to show up, the man from 911 stayed on the phone with me keeping me calm (and he did a really good job)... and my other two were being very helpful... they actually listened to me as I barked commands at them (telling to go potty and then stay in the gameroom). Once the firemen arrived and ambulance my neighbor (who saw the commotion outside) came over and scooped my little ones up and took them to her house for same keeping (THANK YOU SHANNON!!!!). I don't know exactly what I thought that they (emergency services) would do, but they arrived and put neck braces on him, head gear, back braces, and then he was attached to a back board... and before I knew it we were in an ambulance about to go to Cooks.

Thankfully the firemen closed the front door, then reminded me that I should lock the door, grab my purse.... that kind of thing (I'm sure they deal with bewildered moms all the time).

Once at Cooks, X-rays were taken and finally the all clear, neck was checked, eyes, chest... all that stuff... and he checked completely fine. He just has a nasty bruise on his temple and a headache that will last a few days. Now his mom on the other hand, well, let's just say that I should have asked for a sedative or something... but even I'm starting to feel better some 16 hours later!