Monday, June 28, 2010

It's good to be back!

It's been a while... both posting and running. I ended up having to take a little over a week off from training because of a knee issue. Thankfully by the end of last week I was feeling a lot better, but not able to run just yet because of other engagements, I had a few more days to rest... and then this morning I woke up... saw the temp on the computer and decided this was the morning to get back on the ole horse!

The boys and I suited up, and hit the pavement.

Stats for the day (for my benefit... I'm going to use this as my training journal)

Warm up walk: 8 minutes

Run/walk workout: 20 minutes

Lap time: 2 laps (around park) 16 1/2 minutes (2 minutes better woohoo than the last good workout), last run/walk series was done on the way back home

Walk down time: 6 minutes

The boys are doing well with this program. We still really haven't hit their stride just yet. I think maybe in the next round (more running, less walking series), we might see a little more effort on their part. As for me, my knee did great this morning... the new brace I picked up last week seems to be just the right thing. It's not to bulky/hot, it doesn't cut off circulation, and it seems to hold the knee cap in the right spot (which was I think was the main issue I was having).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Doth Protest...

As I walked down the hall and peered into the living room... there sat the three boys, all perched on the couch. The two on either side of Bobcat hanging on his every word, and in his hands... The Twelfth Night (in story book format, but still holding true to the language of Shakespeare). He's already read it to himself, so he now knows the story and the characters so he is able to do voices and inflections... and it really is quite funny to listen to.

There are days when I am frustrated about progress we are (or are not) making in certain areas, but when I see that... when I hear him (or the other two) reading something like that with such enthusiasm... well I feel like I must be doing something right! I can't help but feel pleased that I've put the classics well within their reach... and they have taken up the challenge!

Other books being devoured by the boys so far this summer... Hank the Cowdog series, and The Hardy Boys.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I tend to agree with this article

"Emotional Immodesty"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Workin' blind

It's my nature to plan, sometimes to excruciating detail... but I like to, and it keeps me feeling balanced and in control of myself.

That's one part of my personality... the second part can be my not so friendly perfectionism side! This is what can play out when the proverbial stars do not align...

Scene 1: Plan, plan, plan... something changes, plans don't fit together, things don't go the way I planned, it doesn't turn out the way I pictured it in my head... FAILURE!


Scene 2: I have a great idea in my head, decide that I could never pull it off so I never try...

I truly hate failure... yes yes yes, I know that with failure can come lessons that one needs to learn... I prefer to just read it in a book instead of experience failure first hand. Whatever, I recognize it is a character flaw... and yes, I'm working on it!

Now you can understand my natural inclination when it came to the prospect of running, or even starting a running program! Ta' not to! Thankfully Daddio can be mighty persuasive with me, plus I was able to see his progress working the plan.

Last night was my third run of the program, and even though we had hosted dinner guests (I'm so glad you guys spent the afternoon with us!!!)... the weather was just too nice to skip it and wait until today... so off we went. The first running portion felt like I was carrying a sack of rocks, and I was starting question my previous enthusiasm... but by the second running section I realized that I really need to pick up the pace in order to have a comfortable stride (I'm fast as lightening, hah!). From that point on it was a great workout with no more second guessing of going out for the run.

Each morning after the workout, I expect to wake-up feeling terribly sore or in down right pain, but thankfully this somewhat gentle approach is working for my worn out joints and I haven't needed any anti-inflam's to keep me moving (just a few allergy pills to keep all that non-sense in check).

Normally my overly-plannish nature would be all over the calendar with the schedule and routine... but going into this new frontier I've decided that I would merely show up to each workout... in the sense that Daddio would be my trainer if you will, and he would set the rules for how things would progress. Boy, what a freeing feeling!! Normally I would be on the computer 'researching' the best way to do this or that... but nope... my only search had to do with, um, a piece of wardrobe... running underpants for ladies... mostly just to see if there was a such a thing and what made them different from normal ones (I still have no information on that).

As for the program... I finished level 1, and Daddio says that we will be moving on and increasing the time of the running time sections on our next work out. I'm really stoked about that (for some weird reason).

You may be wondering what the boys are doing while all this is happening, well, technically they are supposed to be training with me. Generally speaking they end up racing each other, jumping to grab leaves of the trees we run under, or skipping around like ponies in a meadow. I'm sure as the running sections increase they will be challenged and more focused on what is actually happening... or not!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's just the beginning...


I've never considered myself an athletic person. I'm not really sure where or when I made that conclusion, but never the less at some point I said I'm not athletic and sort of stuck by that phrase. Looking back over the last 31 years, though, I'm starting to think I might be somewhat athletic... I could swim before I could walk, I was water skiing once I was old enough to stand on my own, I played non-competitive tennis starting in late elementary school, cheerleading in junior high and first part of high school, marching band all through high school (which I do consider a sport when you live in Texas and march in 100+ heat), and mountain biking after we got married (oh and all the hiking during our numerous camping trips)... and generally speaking I've excelled at each of those things... but I'm not athletic remember!

If I were to really analyze what I considered athletic it would be something like... looking athletic... long lean body... that's not me, I'm compact; the athleticism would be associated with lots of running, I'm not a runner; killer competitiveness, and I don't like that sort of thing (my parents were competitive in what I was doing and I hated it). What I do have is brut strength, serious, ask Daddio... I think it might have something to do with my compact size. Also, generally speaking I just keep going... I've been surprised at myself and my ability to keep up with the boys and Daddio when it comes to outdoor things... especially since I consider those four to be more athletic than me (even after two knee surgeries and two nasty ankle injuries).

Well if you are still reading, you are really starting to ask yourself where in the world is this super boring post headed???... to RUNNING is my answer!

Last night was our first training session for the couch to 5K in eight weeks program. Of course Daddio has already finished and run a race, and now is training for a 10K... but after a lot of talking we've agreed that it would be good for the boys and I to train up for a 5K. Now, I'll be honest, I was certain that this was in some way going to lead to an ER trip. It has been just over 2 years since I've landed in the ER for X-rays and MRI's and tons of PT, so I figured that this would definitely send me back. Not because I can't do it mind you, but because some joint or ligament would just say "NOPE, not gonna do it!" Then I would fall and something would break or tear. I was hedging bets, though, that I would break an arm or something, you know mix it up a little... I'm tired of all the leg injuries!

Drum roll please.....................

We survived! Better than that, I survived! Actually I really enjoyed it. I never felt winded or in pain or anything for that matter (well maybe a little annoyed with all the silliness going on behind us from the ever following peanut gallery). So the first day out was a smashing success! Oh, and when I woke up this morning I didn't feel like I was on death's doorstep. The knees, ankles and all muscles feel just fine! I was really expecting to be feelin' some serious burn, so it was definitely a pleasing surprise to feel completely normal.

Alright, day one down, today is a rest day, and tomorrow we hit the program again! The plan as of right now is that we will run our first 5K as a family in September! That gives us plenty of time to train and not die in 100+ temps for our first race.

Friday, June 4, 2010

still going

For those who are interested in boring diet/exercise posts, here's the update. I went to run this morning and my shins and calves were really really sore. Not sure what I did to cause that. Maybe I didn't stretch enough (okay, at all) after my last run, but that was two days ago. I'm avoiding pain meds, I figure if it hurts then I'm over-doing it, and I don't want to mask a mild muscle pain and then hurt myself worse with overexertion. So, I just walked instead. Kinda stinks to waste what will apparently be the last cool morning until October… Oh well.

I took a break from diet and exercise during vacation. I did run one morning on the beach, just cuz, but it wasn't any fun, so I quit after a mile. Okay, I may have been a little hung over. I never got "drunk", but you know, not exactly in top running condition. Since then, I've gotten back up to my 3 mile runs. Had to take some walking breaks the first couple of days, but I'm nonstop again, and have cut a minute off of my time.

Still not that quick, but I have decided to shoot for a 10K. I think the 5K will get quicker if I can train for an even longer distance. And I really think the time will just improve naturally as I keep going. Losing weight, and just building up endurance in the legs and the lungs and the ol' ticker. I'm not going to sprint and give myself a heat stroke, especially now that it's getting so warm out. I haven't picked an event, will just see how the training goes, and how well I cope with the hotter weather.

I had gained about 3.5 lbs on vacation, but I've lost that, so pretty much ready to pick back up where I left off. As of last Saturday, I'm down about 28 lbs from my "peak" in September 2009, and I would like to lose about 22 more. I hesitate to share targets out loud, but jinxes are for pagans, so here it is. I want to be at 209 by my birthday in early August, and 199 by the end of the year. I'm at 221 right now. (Man, that sounds heavy… did I mention I'm eight feet tall?) It's do-able, I think. But the Double Baconator last night probably wasn't a great idea. Oh well, I've had fruit and yogurt for breakfast and lunch almost all week, and I had to bring work home with me, so I really wanted something bad. Anyway, my "ideal weight", depending on which internet calculator you believe, is around 180, which sounds ridiculous to me. I mean, I look at myself and think, is there really 40 extra pounds in there? Come on. I think the problem is that you look at your "problem area" (belly) and estimate it's carrying X amount more than it should. But as you lose weight, it comes off from every area, not just where you are looking in the mirror. And from what I've read, there's not a whole lot you can do to flatten your torso. Exercises that target those muscles will tone those muscles, but you still have to get rid of the fat covering them up, and the only way to do that is to burn calories.

But 199 really is such an arbitrary number, I should know better than to focus on it. Or, I should convert to metric and settle on 95 kilograms. Or maybe go British and shoot for 15 stone? I'll tell you how I arrived at 199. Several years ago, I was planning a hypothetical trip to the Grand Canyon, and the tour company offering donkey rides down to the bottom said that you have to weigh less than 200 lbs. Or else I guess your donkey dies, and you go over the edge when he collapses. Maybe there's another trail guide out there with a tough little donkey than can handle a big guy. But I'd look stupid, and everyone else in the group would feel bad for my poor donkey. So I'm not getting on a donkey until I'm thin.

By the way, I'm up to 47 push-ups. I remember how tough the first 10 were, so this is kinda cool to me. I don't know that I ever did more than 25, even as a teenager. The goal was 50, so there's a milestone coming up soon.

Okay, back to work.