Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Workin' blind

It's my nature to plan, sometimes to excruciating detail... but I like to, and it keeps me feeling balanced and in control of myself.

That's one part of my personality... the second part can be my not so friendly perfectionism side! This is what can play out when the proverbial stars do not align...

Scene 1: Plan, plan, plan... something changes, plans don't fit together, things don't go the way I planned, it doesn't turn out the way I pictured it in my head... FAILURE!


Scene 2: I have a great idea in my head, decide that I could never pull it off so I never try...

I truly hate failure... yes yes yes, I know that with failure can come lessons that one needs to learn... I prefer to just read it in a book instead of experience failure first hand. Whatever, I recognize it is a character flaw... and yes, I'm working on it!

Now you can understand my natural inclination when it came to the prospect of running, or even starting a running program! Ta' not to! Thankfully Daddio can be mighty persuasive with me, plus I was able to see his progress working the plan.

Last night was my third run of the program, and even though we had hosted dinner guests (I'm so glad you guys spent the afternoon with us!!!)... the weather was just too nice to skip it and wait until today... so off we went. The first running portion felt like I was carrying a sack of rocks, and I was starting question my previous enthusiasm... but by the second running section I realized that I really need to pick up the pace in order to have a comfortable stride (I'm fast as lightening, hah!). From that point on it was a great workout with no more second guessing of going out for the run.

Each morning after the workout, I expect to wake-up feeling terribly sore or in down right pain, but thankfully this somewhat gentle approach is working for my worn out joints and I haven't needed any anti-inflam's to keep me moving (just a few allergy pills to keep all that non-sense in check).

Normally my overly-plannish nature would be all over the calendar with the schedule and routine... but going into this new frontier I've decided that I would merely show up to each workout... in the sense that Daddio would be my trainer if you will, and he would set the rules for how things would progress. Boy, what a freeing feeling!! Normally I would be on the computer 'researching' the best way to do this or that... but nope... my only search had to do with, um, a piece of wardrobe... running underpants for ladies... mostly just to see if there was a such a thing and what made them different from normal ones (I still have no information on that).

As for the program... I finished level 1, and Daddio says that we will be moving on and increasing the time of the running time sections on our next work out. I'm really stoked about that (for some weird reason).

You may be wondering what the boys are doing while all this is happening, well, technically they are supposed to be training with me. Generally speaking they end up racing each other, jumping to grab leaves of the trees we run under, or skipping around like ponies in a meadow. I'm sure as the running sections increase they will be challenged and more focused on what is actually happening... or not!

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