Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Adoption legislation

Maybe I have crossed over to darkside complete parenthood... but I just feel like all these advocacy groups are devoted to the extreme minority of those who want to find or be found... not for those who either have no interest because they received everything they needed from their adoptive parents, or crimes were perpetraded on them and need their privacy kept.

The more and more you read it is on the reform of rights for birthparents. The direction they want to go with this (much like society at large) is co-parenting... having a child, wanting a relationship, but not being financial or morally responsible for that child. The birthparent gave up their rights... they no long have the right to be a part of that child's life... and in the case of our children, the state said that our children were in danger and they had no rights to be in the boys life. I don't want anyone 'giving' them rights that don't belong to them.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Our oldest is 5!!!

Bobcat is five, wow, how the time has gone by. When they came home to us last year he was three and still had 3 months to go before he was four.

So what is on the agenda for today... well, it is going to be a big day. We will meet Daddio for Mass and lunch... at McDonald's of course (no birthday is complete without a trip to McD's). Then for dinner the little prince has requested Mommy's famous spaghetti, how could I refuse? :-) And then after a well eaten dinner we are going to feast on a tasty treat of homeade chocolate cupcakes. Mom is pulling out all the stops.

What a lucky kid, right?! A great birth DAY... then this weekend probably one of the coolest parties ever, with ponies to boot!

What in the world?

Periodically I will have an entry on something interesting one of the boys has said. Here is the lastest of the Bubbaisms:

"How time does it take along?" 11/11/05

Poor kid... all those words, and not enough time to straighten them all out :-)

Monday, November 7, 2005

When it rains...

So there is that saying "when it rains, it poors"... well I would like to make an amendment to that... something to the affect of there being a torrential flood of horrific porportions.

I know that other moms have it worse than I, but some days seem to be overly difficult.

It all started when I got the boys up and Snookie had pooped in his underwear... and I have a huge aversion to poop in underpants. So that called for a handheld shower for him, which let to his complete screaming breakdown during said shower. Then when we got to my training for my womens group, the boys proved to be less than curtious... which is quite strange for them. At some point during the meeting Bobcat's face met a stool (who knows the real story), and then there was bloody nose that insued and massive swelling in that weird little place between the nose and upper lip! Once entering the room to control said bleeding, I found my kids with markers on their faces (including their lips), clothes and hands. How can the babysitters be so incredibly dense? And the icing on the cake was walking out the car with another mom and out of the corner of my eye catching a glimpse of a belt on Bubba. You are thinking to yourself... so what... IT WASN'T HIS BELT...

And while driving home, I thought to myself that things can't get worse... ahhh, then I remembered that my husband and I have a band concert tonight and my parents will be babysitting for us... the day will end in tears, I can see it now :-(.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Singing in his head

So we are sitting at the table last night, and were singing the Soul Cake song. I look over at Snookie and he has food in his mouth but he is bobbing his head. I asked him, "are you singing it in your head". With out missing a beat he finishes his bite and points to his head and says "yep, right in here, my head..." and then begins to hum the song. He is such a nut. I guess he has finally realized that he can control the songs in his head.

Ponies and Pals

Okay, so isn't his birthday yet, but I am so pumped about Bobcat's party. WE are going to have it at this place where there will be pony rides, hay rides, petting zoo, pin the tail on the real donkey, stick horse races... I mean, how cool is this. Isn't this the party we all want at one time or another?!

5 years old should be a blow out, and that is exactly what it will be!