Friday, November 30, 2007


It's been quiet here on the Llama blog in regards to sports... why - because the Mavs were on a 3 game LOSING streak and I was just too devastated to write about it (and exhausted from staying up so late to watch that silliness).

Bad defense... bad shooting... bad bad bad...

They were able to eek out a victory against the T-wolves Wednesday night (only after giving up a 20 point lead, ouch)... so losing streak over, right MAVS????

Tonight, we (as if I am on the court helping) play the Portland Trailblazers... um that wasn't so pretty the last time we met up with them, but we were down Devin Harris. So maybe, just maybe with him back on the court for this match up (and I hear another new starting line-up... what would this be 9 in 16 games?) we will have a better outcome!

I will say... I cracked up when The General got thrown out of the game a few nights ago! Classic!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

** UPDATED ** Spring semester looming...

I like to give myself a few weeks of scheduling (catching moments here and there) to prepare my lesson plan for the coming semester. This semester has gone surprisingly well based on my current plan, so starting the beginning of this week I got to work writing out my lesson plans for the spring.

Am I done? Well, with Snookie's! I gotten Handwriting done for Bobcat and Bubba, and am currently working on Phonics for Bobcat... what's left? Phonics, Math, Spelling, Grammer and Religious Ed... While the list seems long, the system is in place and won't be too much work to get it in the book!

Why am I blogging instead of planning... a llama needs a break from time to time :-).


And to further my planning fun I received Seton's Winter/Spring 2008 catalog... which meant a longer break as a deligently investigated the treasures for the next school!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moments with Snookie

"Mommy, I was trying to write a 5, and it didn't go so well."

"Mommy, what are those animals called on Star Wars (IV)?" - Snookie
"Which animals?" -me
"Bobcat, they are are called WitchAnimals!" - Snookie
"Oh, no Snookie, I mean what animals are you referring too?"

"I don't think 5 year old boys can do a very good job drawing a race car on my magadoodle."
(As he sits frustrated that Lightening McQueen isn't appearing on the Magnadoodle as he draws.)

These moments have been brought to you by the letter S!

For the love of Music

I fall somewhere in the middle on the notion of what makes a child - Nature/Nurture argument... I think there is a little of both, and yet when the boys seem to gravitate toward things that are more like Daddio and I, I'm always a little surprised (and happy). I don't know what their bio parents like or disliked as far as foods go, colors, quiet alone time, group settings... blah blah blah, so I really am just assuming that they are leaning toward the things that we like because they've been with us and have been exposed to those things more.

Take for instance music. Pretty much since they've been home with us, when we are just kickin' around the house I have music on... because I like to listen to music. Country, classic cowboy, Classical, Big Band, Jazz, Oldies... I enjoy an interesting array of sounds, and as time goes on the boys have appeared to pick up the same enjoyment of music that I have. The only time I don't have music on is during schooling in the morning.

Except this morning... after instructed work was completed, Bobcat and Bubba moved onto their independent work and Bobcat made an interesting request.

"Mommy, can we listen to some music while we work? You know, something with no words, just instruments... I think it would be nice to hear something while we work."

"Um, sure, let's see what I can find that would be nice to listen to."

So off to the 200 disc changer I went to find some homeschooling music. As I sat there scrolling through my choices I was somewhat in shock and awe... First that he is comfortable enough to manage his work while listening to music, and second that he asked for MUSIC... how awesome is that. Okay, I know you are thinking I'm dorky... but I want my kids to appreciate and enjoy music, and it seems to be rubbing off on them!!!!

Right now the distinct sounds of Spanish Guitar fill the house, while the boys complete their studies...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prayer Request

I have a job interview Wednesday afternoon, and another Thursday morning. If things work out, I'll be traveling less, making more, on a better path for future advancement, and a lot less stressed. Please send up a quick one for me. Thank you.

Monday, November 26, 2007

More birthday reflections...

I've been thinking of Bobcat a lot around his birthday. And the book I've been reading has me wondering about the extent of long term physical and emotional damage he still has from his first two years of life, and from the transition from foster care to our home. As the oldest, I believe he suffered more than his brothers. He was in the original home the longest and has the most vivid memories of the events that led them to us, and therefore, I assume, the most pain. It breaks my heart to think of him crying and hungry. We don't know of many specific abuses, it was mainly "neglect", but we know he had cigarette burns at least one time ("accidental", of course).

This picture is from Bobcat's first day at home with us. (We didn't have bathing suits for the slip 'n slide, so we used underpants.)

Sometimes I can't believe how far he has come in less than 3 & 1/2 years. He was so scared, cautious, clingy, and delicate. He still carries some of those scars. He's fragile in some ways, physically and emotionally. We're still bonding and filling in the early needs that were not satisfied. He wants to sit in a lap and be snuggled, and to hold hands when we walk. He enjoys any kind of touch.
But he's also confident, energetic, curious, and eager to learn. Always following and watching and asking questions and trying to be like me. (For better or worse...) And like mommy too -certain mannerisms, and they all talk with her mild accent.

But he's also very unique. He is starting to have a real personality, you know. Not just a toddler with certain moods and quirks, but a really individual way of thinking and expressing himself. It's fascinating because it feels like we're getting to know him, who his true person really is.

Coming soon, his first holy communion. I'm definitely going to cry. God is so good. He is healing our son, making him into the person he was meant to me. We're humbled to be a part of that process.

I think I feel more like a "real parent" every week. I always loved them, of course, from the day we heard that we might get them. But it took some time to establish a bond. I try to think of St. Joseph with our Lord as a child. He was a father in every way. He knew that Jesus was really God's son, but he loved him as his own son, and Jesus surely gave him the same affection. I like this excerpt from a well known prayer to St. Joseph:

Oh St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating thee, and Jesus asleep in thine arms. I dare not approach while He reposes near thy heart, but press Him in my name, and kiss his fine head for me, and ask Him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath.

That's the power of fatherhood, even if by adoption. Bobcat, as you grow up, know that I love you more than I thought possible. I wasn't there for your beginning, but I will be here until the end. When I fail, God Himself will provide for us.

Party Time

With sick boys, and a busy schedule Bobcat didn't get to have his official party til last night. In Llama fashion, Bobcat picked out his own them and he and I had fun shopping for supplies on Saturday evening... just the two of us.

What was the theme... STAR WARS - DARTH VADER, of course. I was a little concerned on the cake... we looked for a theme cake pan - no luck, I thought cupcakes would be cool - nope not what he wanted, he wanted a cake with Darth Vader on it... that was why I was worried. On the way home from our trip Daddio called to find out the selections, and to do a little online research before we got back. He too, thought it would be cool to put Darth Vader on a cake... my worry level reached ORANGE (dang near RED). After some work on Daddio's part he found a sight with 'How To Draws' and found Darth Vader... and my friends DADDIO drew Darth Vader on that cake! What a great job he did!!!! My contribution was making and frosting the chocolate cake with chocolate chip frosting... And yes that is a Darth candle holder just to the upper left of the cake... SWEET FIND!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was pretty brisk out there, perfect Thanksigiving weather. MommaLlama's family sure can cook. The family who host most events live on several wooded acres, so the kids got to ride on a four-wheeler and play in the fallen leaves.
Bobcat with his new football
(Look closely, you'll see he caught one with his face and had a bloody nose for a while.)



The little girl is our niece. She's definitely one of the boys!

We made a deal

If Bobcat picked the "big boy shoes" with laces, he would have to learn to tie them by himself, and practice until he got it down. It actually went very well. I guess I shouldn't be so shocked, he is seven years old now. But sometimes he doesn't exactly have the patience and perseverence he needs when learning new things. In the store, I wanted to make an executive decision and choose velcro shoes for him. But he promised he would work hard, and recently we were inspired to allow him more control over the little things. (We heard an excellent speaker at the adoption conference we attended, and bought her book. I'm sure we'll write more about that later on.)

Our lesson started with some frustration, and maybe a tear or two. I told him he could put them back in the box and I'd take them back to the store, or he could calm down and try again. Three deep breaths, and ten minutes later... Voila'!

I'm proud of him!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Did I mention that I'm awesome?

If so, it bears repeating. I'm awesome. With my new irons (golf clubs), that is. Still need to work on my woods and hybrids, did better than the last time out but have a wicked slice. I'll be on a real golf course for only the second time in my life next Friday, and I'm actually optimistic that I won't completely embarrass myself.

Some of you might be interested to know how we're holding up without our Mommy this weekend. As we were driving to the airport yesterday, Bubba asked from the backseat, "Who's going to take care of us when Mommy's gone?" Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence, son! Actually, I think he assumed I would also be going on the airplane. But it was funny the way he said it.

So we dropped the Llama off and came home to begin our innaugural Dudes' Weekend. I put the boys down for nap and went to do the yard work. I'm hoping this is the last time for the season, as I cut it fairly short and ran the mower dry and emptied the gas can into the car. So, Jack Frost, show yourself already, it's November and I don't want my grass to grow any more. Then, I attempted to rearrange the garage so that my new car could fit in there along with mommy's tank. It was pretty tough, but I think it will work. Gonna need some rubber door edge things just to be safe.

Leftover pizza for dinner and then off to our Blue Knights meeting to learn about the Fear of God and make spears with which to destroy evil. It went well. Nobody poked any eyes out, I call it a success.

Slept a little late this morning and had some toast and bread sticks (their request). Ran to Wal-Mart to get new shoes (Bubba tore his, and Bobcat has outgrown his) and new sunglasses for me ($5). Then to the driving range, as noted above. The place near our house is great because it's cheap and there's plenty of room for the boys to play safely away from the golfers.

Then home for lunch - PB&J. Daddy food is pretty simple fare. Bubba and Bobcat thought it was cool that their sandwiches were big (not cut in half) like big boys, and Snookie cried because it wasn't cut the way mommy makes it. Easily solved. Then a LOOONG nap, for all of us, with the windows open because dang, this weather is amazing.

This evening we grabbed some Wendy's burgers (noticing a pattern here? If you don't use any dishes, you don't have to wash any...) and went to the airport observation area to watch planes take off and land until dark. Bobcat brought his new camera, I'll post some photos later. Home for showers and into bed, now watching the Mavs. We'll see if we're able to get up for church by ourselves in the morning...

Hope you're having fun, mommy, we miss you!

Update: Sunday went well. We did get up for church on time. I made waffles and they were actually good. Played outside, and had another long nap. Then we learned that Mommy's flight would be delayed five hours... I'm sure she'll post about that later. We watched the Cowboys game (too close for comfort, but a win is a win), beans and weenies for supper, and off to bed. Up again at 11:45 to go pick up Mommy from the airport. I'll have you know that the kitchen was clean and the carpet vacuumed when she got home.

The dogs are mad at me because I made them stay outside pretty much the whole time. Like, well, dogs. Daisy gets indignant when she's treated like a mere animal. But I wanted the front door open for maximum fresh air flow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

When it rains...

it pours...

Today was a follow up appointment with our pedi for Bubba, and come up with a game plan to keep the asthma in check. Let's just say that I'm less than satisfied. We were also there for Bobcat's 7 year well check.

First off they measured and did everything on Bubba that they were supposed to do to Bobcat, even though I told the nurse that he was not here for his yearly check up (that was 1 1/2 months ago)... that he was here for a follow up asthma check. She claimed she knew that, but continued anyway... then looked at her chart and marked out the stuff she had written and did the same exam on Bobcat. After a long while the pedi finally came in, and did Bobcat's check up. After all was done with him, the doctor showed me the growth chart and said, "so are we still holding off on seeing the endocrinologist, or are you ready to talk further about this?"
UMMMMMMMMMM, what are you talking about???

"Haven't we discussed the fact that he is too small?" - dr.

"Um, well his bio's were small people, but last time we were in you said that you weren't concerned because he is getting bigger and he is in proportion and is quite healthy." - me

"Oh, no he's supposed to be tracking better than this. Right now we project him to hit 5'3" and that's being optomistic, he isn't even any where near the arc." - dr.

"His birthparents were very short... 5'1" and 5'6"ish, and we've talked about that every time we've come in and this is the first time you've told me this is a problem." - me

"Well, the way we look at it for boys is an average of both parents and then +2 inches, and he's not headed that direction. I really think that this is a case that an endo. needs to look at and start thinking about growth hormones and what that will do for him." -dr.


So now we have an appointment in January to see a specialist about that little problem.

Moving on to Bubba... his lungs sounded much better. He still has a lot of crud from the infection, but that is to be expected. Next the dr. said that he wanted to have Bubba on Singulair full time... ummmm, we've been into see you now 3 times in 5 business days and every time we've been here you've said this, but haven't looked in your chart to see that Bubba has been on that full time for 3 years now... and now 3 times I've told you that he is already taking it. WHY DO YOU LOOK SURPRISED? Why are down playing the situation, oh... suddenly, by the quizical look on your face, it is a little more serious now that you know that he has been on a medication that you regularly give to little children when they present asthma symptoms. What now?! His answer was more drugs, and call him in a week. I mentioned his history again (because clearly no one reads the charts anymore), and was pretty clear that I was more than just slightly concerned. I told him that I had researched the next specialist that would handle this, but he assured me that this wouldn't go that far... that he feels like these extra meds will manage things better.

He doesn't want to do any further testing right now, nothing - just see how a pill every morning, a liquid in the morning and at night, and a nose spray once a day... how that will play out. Thankfully I don't need a referral... I haven't made the appointment yet, but let's just say I'm not going to let this go so easily!

Calgon, take me away..................................................................................

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My husband is the greatest, bestest, most coolest hubby in the whole world... my dearest friend just called to let me know that I'm flying down Friday and spending the weekend with her and her family... and that Daddio had been planning it for quite a while!

Thank you Daddio...

Littlebit, I'm a comin' to see ya!


Due to same changes at Daddio's work, the company car he has been driving will no longer be ours to use. For the last two weeks we've been looking, Daddio's been researching, and much test driving has occured.

On Monday I met him up at the dealer and signed a few papers... and we became the proud owners of a Mazda 3 (5-speed of course)!
Just like this picture, it is the dark grey... with an undercoat of tan so it has really cool look in the sun.

There is nothing like a manual transmission to remind you of just how much you like driving. This tight little car is fun to drive and gets great gas milage (which was at the top of the requirements for what ever Daddio chose). I'm sure Daddio will be writing a review soon!

Happy Birthday Bobcat

Today our oldest turns 7!

Last night we did our little family birthday celebration (a day early due to business travel for Daddio), and Bobcat got to open his gifts from us. The highlight gift would be a new little digital camera for him. He really enjoys pretending to take pictures (even using rocks for his camera), so we decided to get him a camera of his own. He spent an hour or so this morning taking pictures... 100 to be exact. We got them on the computer and 26 seemed good enough to keep for his first day shooting! If you would like to see what Bobcat found interesting enough to take pictures of check it out!

Aprons from Carolyn's Kitchen

Ladies, the Apronista is at it again this week with this great little apron from Carolyn's Kitchen. Well, actually not only will the giveaway include your choice of aprons, but also a set of matching dish gloves that are super cute. It really is too bad that I never win giveaways, but I think this one is my most favorite of all the apron giveaways I've seen!

Friday, November 9, 2007

National Adoption Month

Presidential Proclamation for 2007 National Adoption Month

2007 President's Proclamation
National Adoption Month, 2007

During National Adoption Month, we recognize the adoptive and foster families who have shared their homes and hearts with children in need, and we encourage more Americans to consider adopting young people of all ages.

Families who adopt show the generous spirit of our Nation. Every child desires a permanent home, and when parents adopt a child to love as their own, lives are forever changed. For parents, the decision to adopt a child is among life's greatest and happiest turning points. On November 17, families across the country will celebrate National Adoption Day by finalizing their adoptions, and each one of these homes will be richer for the addition of new family members.

My Administration is committed to promoting adoption of children of all ages. We are working to bring together more children with loving, adoptive parents through the Collaboration to AdoptUsKids at and by providing States with financial assistance through the Adoption Incentives Program. The Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program helps improve care and services to children and families and ensure more young people in America have a caring, secure, and permanent home. Together, these efforts are building a brighter future for our youth.

During National Adoption Month, we honor adoptive and foster parents as they raise children of conviction and character. By accepting the gift of these children, parents are helping shape lives and contributing to the strength of our great Nation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 2007 as National Adoption Month. I call upon all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities to honor adoptive families and to participate in efforts to find permanent homes for waiting children.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-second.


Oh, and there's more....


National Adoption Day is a collective national effort to raise awareness of the 114,000 children in foster care waiting to find permanent, loving families. For the last eight years, National Adoption Day has made the dreams of thousands of children come true by working with courts, judges, attorneys, adoption professionals, child welfare agencies and advocates to finalize adoptions and find permanent, loving homes for children in foster care.

National Adoption Day is celebrated every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. For the first time in 2006, National Adoption Day was celebrated in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. In total, more than 250 events were held throughout the country to finalize the adoptions of more than 3,300 children in foster care, and to celebrate all families who adopt.


I just finished watching the Mav-Warriors match up (thank you DVR), but what a beating... no, not the game, but the TNT commentators. Note to self: MUTE (located at top of remote)... watch game in PEACE!

Final thoughts: GO MAVS! And the refs sucked!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Apon

OH Ladies,

If you have seen, The Apronista is at it again with another apron giveaway! Go check it out!

Two worlds collide

Bubba and Snookie have been under the weather since Tuesday (really starting with Snookie). By Wednesday Bubba had taken the lead with a severe cough... that he would get in fits with. I tried a lot of different things, nice steamy baths/showers, vapo rub, Delsym, chlora tabs... by 5:30 yesterday it was obvious things weren't going in the right direction for Bubba. His breathing had become quite shallow and labored and then there was this weezing sound at the end of the breath... and he wanted to sit with me. The last part was actually what really worried me the most (oddly enough), he doesn't usually seek my consolation but he desperately just wanted to stay in my arms. He was scared and told me several times he couldn't breath and that it hurt.

Once Daddio arrived home from work, we decided that this was beyond our ability to treat and that he needed to go to an Urgent Care place with Bubba. Turns out that the little man was having an asthma attack (I'm sure most of you guessed that, but we don't have any experience with asthmas and we weren't sure if this was that!). What apparently happened in this case was that an upper resp. infection exacerbated the situation bringing on the attack. Several things were done to help him out including breath treatments, steroids, and antiobiotics... the result was Bubba being HIGH AS A KITE. When they got home around 9:00pm he was bouncing off the walls. Actually it was really funny. He is a high energy kid, but this was a totally different kind of behavior from him.

First, we didn't know that he had asthma. It is something that has been sitting in the back of my brain for about 6 months... not sure why, but I thought there was a chance. Not because he was showing signs, but because his biogolical mother was a smoker both in preg. and after (among many other bad or illegal habits during pregnancy) plus the non-existant prenatal and birth care she and he received.

Sitting at home worried about my son and waiting to hear from Daddio, I was also struggling with another emotion... sheer ANGER. Why? Because I (we) work so hard to provide a very loving and healthy environment for the boys... making sure their nutrition and sleep habits are met in the best way possible, everything they need and want is provided. But no matter how hard we work, there are things that were done to them by their birth parents that I simply can't undo! You look at those faces, and while I don't have infant pictures of them... I can imagine... but I can't imagine how someone... a mother could do the things she/they did. My anger is at the birth parents... the sperm and egg donor who didn't care (I certainly don't not consider them to be the mother and father, that would be way too generous based on their behavior), who were too selfish, they couldn't take care of the boys, but they were able to evade the law for more than 2 years, running from CPS...

Today... today I have had to call our insurance provider, I've had to deal with our prescription provider, I have to take the boys to their regular Pedi, I have to drive half and hour to get a nebulizer that our insurance won't let us pick up at the pharmacy, administer breathing treatments, go back to the pharmacy to pick up more meds for the boys, give tons of meds for the infection that both Snookie and Bubba have, had to cancel Bobcat's birthday party this weekend because they (dr.) said that they boys won't be healthy enough for that... the list goes on and on... which now include Bubba having asthma and all that goes along with that.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where's my brain?

I've been working on several blog posts in my head for a while now, but just can't seem to motivate myself enough to actually sit down and put them online. Talking with a friend (and blogger), we were discussing a recent dry spell among some bloggers (including ourselves) and trying to pin point where it is coming from. We theorized it might be the weather...

As for myself, I think it's the concept of No Mans Land as far as as where we are at in our school year. Meaning, we aren't close enough to the Christmas break to feel like there is an end in sight, and we are too far from summer to enjoy the glow of free for all fun. And while it was super nice to go camping, we still pushed a head a little before we left and then made up a little when we got back. My brain is worn down, and when we finish up with book work in the morning the last thing I want to do is think... or even try and formulate a thought. Plus the fog of allergy medicine doesn't help the situation either.

Hopefully in the coming days I will be able to type out some posts covering:
Tapestry Adoption Conference (which we attend this past weekend)
Adoption groups (and getting one started for our parish/diocese)
Book reviews
---The Connected Child (For parents who have welcomed children: from other countries, from troubled backgrounds, with special behavioral or emotional needs) by Karyn Purvis (she was the keynote speaker for the conference)
---God Help Me! These people are driving me crazy: Making Peace with Difficult People
---God Help Me! This stress is driving me crazy: Finding balance through God's Grace (both of these are by Dr. Gregory Popcak)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You got it right!

This morning we headed out to vote and when we got to the city hall you will never guess what was already on the columns... GARLAND. WHAT???? We aren't even close to Thanksgiving yet, but we already have our GARLAND out????

Red has it right... here's her recent post on the issue: ...Holiday

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mavs - Cavs Season opener

I know, I know... I'm so behind on the times posting about the season opener for the Mavs... but what a game. At least the second half was (which is all I happened to catch, because I'm such a bad fan that I totally didn't know that it was the opener and just assumed it was another preseason game and I still had another week to get in B-Ball mindset).

Thoughts on the whole:

I'm sorry to hear that Mbenga is gone. Due to an injury last season which lead to surgery we didn't see much of him, but what we saw looked promising. With three years here, he racked up some where in the 75 games range on the floor... which really isn't enough to know for sure what he's got (or so they say). He's headed off to Europe to get some floor time which will be good for him! And I'm not sure what happened to Crosiere (sp?), but he was a good guy as well, and I'm sad to see him go.

Josh Howard didn't play in the opener and is out the next game as well, due to a two game suspension for a fight in a preseason game. Now, I saw the clip and it is pretty funny... I had to watch that clip 4-5 times because I was laughing so hard. If you haven't seen it, it is worth checking out... and who ever came up with J. Ho. as his nickname... people, come on, something better - PLEASE!

Dampier is out till December because of shoulder surgery, and George is out with a knee injury from preseason (um, did anyone see him sporting the mohawk... and WHY?).

Jason Terry (The Jet)... he's so cute (and you know all 4 of his kids are cute)! Apparently he's everyone's favorite Sixth Man... we'll see how long they have him coming off the bench, he played great in the opener! And we all know that Coach A changes up his line-up regularly!

Stackhouse lookin' good as well... what a pretty jumper! (I like to make up my own nicknames for some of my favorites - I call him StickyStack)

Dirk looked way more aggressive in the paint! Which is a good thing... no gentle giants! And Diop was handling himself quite nicely with what 4-5 blocks and I think a total of 3 fouls... tough to do when you're a center. It will be interesting to watch this slot (the 5 spot/center) as the season progresses, especially when Damp is back in playing form.

Devin Harris, starting Point Guard for your Dallas Mavericks... you go little buddy! He cracks me up, and is one young player that is going to be fun to follow. He can draw a charge with the best 'em, and is quick on his feet... and isn't afraid of the bigger players (did you seem him guarding Kobe last year... hysterical).

Bass & Hassell, both new guys... looked pretty good, it will take a while getting used to seeing them out there.

Because I came in late to the game, I missed JJ B. (Jose Barea), but I hear he did well (oh, his nickname... Little Chili Pepper :-). And I have no idea of Mo Ager played... but both of this guys are definitely young athletes that will be interesting to watch as thier careers progress.

So there you have it people... my first Mavs post for this season... more to come!

A new sport

Daddio sent me a little message yesterday while waiting for his car to be serviced, saying that he had gotten me a surprise. I LOVE SURPRISES!!! Well, that me rephrase that, I LOVE GIFTS, I don't like waiting :-).

When he finally got home, he brought something over to me... a glove! A golf glove. I knew he was going to be getting a set of new golf clubs for himself yesterday, so the glove through me a little, but I assumed he was going to let me play around with the set that he had been borrowing from a friend. Then he took me out into the garage to show me the set that he had gotten for himself... and low and behold... he got ME A SET OF CLUBS TOO!!!! And after dinner he took me out the driving range so that we could wack hit a bunch of balls!

Turns out I'm not half bad (Daddio's words). I hit the ball 90% of the times I swung, and I would say that some where in the 93%-95% range of those went further than 3 feet. I'm overwhelmingly pleased with how I did, and can't wait to go and hit more!!!

Feast of All Souls

Good afternoon and Happy Feast of All Souls!

My favorite priest said morning Mass today, and gave a great homily about today's feast and the beautiful BLACK vestments he was wearing. Here is his explanation paraphrased:

Black vestments were not done away with contrary to what people say about VII. They are still listed as the first color of use for furneral Masses, and this Feast in particular (check out the GIRM, if you don't believe me). The vestment cannot be solid black, but instead must be trimed in a hopeful color (today he was wearing one that was lined with a beautiful royal purple). Why black and not more commonly seen white? (He said that it is as if we are already signifying sainthood, and then he joked that if any of us are around at the end of his life, that he wants to be dressed in black and that the priest be in black vestments... because he knows there is little chance that he would have a perfected soul at the moment of his death.) The black was actually meant to signify our earthly mourning, and the trim/lined color was for the joy that was to follow.

I should say that I'm really not doing his homely justice because if you know Fr. D, you know he is an amazing homilist and this was just a bare bones paragraph.

He went on to talk about how we are to spend (most especially) the month of November praying for those who have gone before us in the love and friendship of Christ... and that for those souls which are helped by our prayers & sufferings (soul which are still in a state of purgation), in return we have a special Saint in heaven praying for us!

Remember family and friends who have gone before us in the love and friendship of Christ, and the millions of souls who have been forgotten... and spend this month offering up your day for their benefit.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Caprock Canyons - Friday

Friday came with a chill in the air, and clean up looming. The boys armed with granola bars and pop tarts, had breakfast in full swing on the last day of our trip.

With a few sweeps, bundled sleep bags, and several trips back and forth to the SUV we were soon on our way. We stopped for one last small hike and look at the view.

The drive home was filled with fun stops for photo opps! We saw fields of amazing cotton, fun street signs, prisoners cleaning a monument (stripes and all) and even camels!

Here is one of my favorite photos that I took on the way back...