Friday, April 28, 2006

Work in progress

I tell myself everyone morning, "you need to write in your blog" and then day goes on and I get busy with all my chores and it just doesn't happen everyday. And it isn't just my blog that I let slide... there are other things like reading a good book that I just let go because "I'm too busy". Well I am going to work on this for real this time :-).

It starts with reading. Reading scripture that is, I have a little schedule (I always do better if I have something mapped out for me).

I've been doing the whole exercise thing, and that is working out (ha ha ha). Now the reading/meditating... next will come a more consistant blog (please?!).

So now that I've written here, for the world to see... hopefully that will help motivate me! Now off to the workout!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Paranoid or intuition?

I'm sure we've all had that feeling... where you know something is going to happen, but you don't know how or who told you. And I've mentioned here before that I have noticed having that intuition with my children, but I credit it to my guardian angel... and theirs!

Here is where the paranoid part comes in. I have the sneaking suspension that someone close (proximity, not relationship) wants to destroy something about my family... and me in particular. I feel like someone is trying to get to my kids... kind of weird I know, but I fear them (my children) being around certain family members without DH or I right there. Who knows, I guess it is my job to trust the Lord to protect my family and continue to ask our guardians to keep close watch over us.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Not for the faint of heart!

Oh so there was that case in the news of the mom who abused her 'adopted' son and it is being blamed on the Pearl's book.

1. First problem, notice how the media has really latched on to the part of the child being adopted. As an adoptive parent, once the adoption was finalized it is over, they are YOURS... there is such a freakin' stigma in society of those adopted and those who adopt. Every time you turn around you see headlines with abuse... and you are led to believe that 95% of adoptive parents are abusive. WRONG. Most of us are completely normal, with normal family lives, normal children, normal marriages... But lets blame the abuse on adoption right... not that, that particular parent was an idiot.

2. My second problem (I have many issues with the whole thing) is that they are blaming it all on the supposed philosphy of the Pearl's books. I hate to break it to you people... but I read "How to Train Up a Child"... and it isn't advocating abuse. It teaches a parent that you don't need to scream at your child in order for him to understand. It is so that you start at a young age telling him what is right and wrong, and being consistant. Why is that so bad... on occasion if it is a serious enough violation then he might need a forceful reminder (there are lots of grown-ups out there I see on a regular basis who could use a forceful reminder that they are doing something wrong, something they probably never got with their "let's reason with them" hippy dippy parents). It never said to beat your child into submission... if you are repeating that dribble, read the damn book for yourself and stop quoting erroneous sources!

3. Oh and the concerned friends and family. Now they are ready to speak against the abuse... where were they when that poor child was suffering... or the other child with the limp hmmmm, this stuff isn't completely hidden.

4. Let's not forget the need to attack the homeschooling community while the media is on a rampage. GROW UP... might I remind you of the gun/knife toting students in both public and private schools. Homeschool is not the enemy or the means she used to cover it up. She is the one who had issues, STOP LOOKING FOR OUTSIDE THINGS TO BLAME.

I could go on and on (seriously, but the more I think about it the more angry I become). So when you consider the situation, and the death of that innocent boy consider who is really to blame: the mom, at whos hands committed the crime, the dad who participated (maybe not with this blanket issue... but would have also been involved with the discipline of the child), and the so called friends and family who actually did nothing beside stand silently by while the abuse accured.

Oh one last thing, it is me and my children that will continue to be here... it is families like mine who adopt and/or have large families and homeschool in order to teach our children high moral values that will be the ones out in the world... not those out there that are so quick to point fingers at us... those are the people aborting, and sterilizing themselves into extinction.

Now I will step down from my soap box and return to my quiet ways.