Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just couldn't resist

Seriously, there are some days when I'm sure my kids have been given funny pills or something. They crack me up.

I was asking Bubba if there was something in particular he's had his eye on that he would like us to consider as a birthday gift (that was non-Lego's related). "A box of tops." It took me a few minutes to figure out where he was going with that... then he reminded me that at the museum he likes the station with all the tops you spin. He thinks it's loads of fun when we stand there and get all of them spinning at once. I do agree that it is a lot of fun, and could definitely keep us entertained for long periods of time (but not really something I think I can find all in one box)! Oh, and when we were at the party store a few weeks ago for Snooker's birthday he saw all the Halloween stuff... one in particular was "SUPER COOL", a kid's police uniform w/ accessories.

Bobcat decided to get in on the conversation and offered up (because he's Mr. Idea Man) that if Bubba got the uniform then Bubba could be the police man (duh!), and Snooker could be the bad guy and he (Bobcat) could help Bubba catch and arrest Snooker. This did not sit well with Snooker, to say the least! It definitely reminded me of when they were little... running around yelling there's a monster chasing us... Bubba and Bobcat in the lead... and several steps behind them was Snooker yelling in his super high pitched voice "there's a monster gonna get me"... what poor little Snooker just couldn't understand - HE WAS THE MONSTER, and didn't even know it! I know ADORABLE!!!

Somehow that morphed into Bobcat asking me if he really was growing a mustache. No seriously, this is all ONE conversation... and pretty typical in my day... I laughed and said no, I was just teasing the other day when I said that (keep in mind he is rubbing his upper lip to see if he can feel the beginning stages of a mustache). He then informed the room he just can't wait to grow a mustache, and even a beard. Bubba is havin' none of it. His take, "I'm not going to grow a mustache or a beard, I look way better with out them!"

If anyone ever recorded my day and showed it on air... the audience would think that someone had done a horrible job editing, splicing all sorts of weird things together... but in all honesty they ran the tape unedited! That's my life!

At least he's honest?

Snooker brings his work up for me to check... and after being blown away by his breath I naturally have to ask if he did in fact brush his teeth this morning after breakfast.

His response (I wish I were kidding): Yes, but I didn't do a very good job!

True... please go try again!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I (generally) love the way Bubba answers questions... especially when it comes to school things.

Take for instance today... he had a reading comp assignment about Pope Pius XII. It went something like this:

Bubba, why did Eugene go to law school? Because he wanted to be a priest!

Um, let's read that question again!

Moving on in the assignment...

Bubba, where does the Holy Father live? Heaven!

Right... um, I'm pretty sure they asked HOLY FATHER and not God the Father!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's all about the car...

On the way home this evening I had an interesting conversation with Bobcat... this kid cracks me up!

Mommy, did you know that you don't have to be a grown man to buy a car?!

Oh, okay, when can you buy a car?

When you're like 16, I'm going to buy a car when I'm 16!

Alright... I like a man with a plan, how are going to buy a car? You need money, how are going to make money in order to buy a car?

Hmmm, well, I was thinking that maybe I could clean a few houses for people who really needed help with that sort of thing. Maybe I could fix things, like house things... you know like fix people's roofs and stuff, maybe fences.

Alright. Those sound like things a 16 year old might be able to do.

Or maybe I could fix cars, like tires and stuff... when somebodies tires pop, I can change it. Or like how Daddy changes his oil, I could do that for someone who can do it by themselves. Or a DOCTOR. Or maybe I could cut down a few trees and mow a yard or two.

Whoa ... back up, what did you say before the lawn and trees? I didn't catch that one (in all honesty I was thinking he might have said dog groomer).

Oh, I said DOCTOR.

Um, okay, I'm not sure you can be a doctor with in the next few years in time to make enough money for a car... but keep going...

Let's see, oh I could protect people from meat eaters (guess what we are studying in science :-), or even reptiles. Oh and I could help people who can buy stuff, they could make me a list and I could get it for them and put it away at their house.

Okay, all fine choices. So what kind of car do you think you will get with all this money you will be making?

A Ferrari.

Ha... (yes, I let it escape from my lips before I had a chance to squash the temptation).

Maybe I will get a Lambo second.

Alrighty kiddo...

And off to the next subject he jumped!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Deals! Deals!! Deals!!!

I like saving money... I like sales... I like discounts... I like it, a lot! Today was probably one of our best deal days in a while!!! Woohoo!

Daddio has been jonesing for a new dining room light. When we built the house we didn't upgrade the lighting package. We owned a few ceiling fans we really like (and had moved from apartment to apartment), and we really weren't impressed with the selections of our builder... so we decided that we would just spend our money on other things and shop around for lights we liked later on. That meant that in our dining room (eat in kitchen) we had a brass light fixture (YUCK, especially when you consider we did upgrade all the knobs and what not to brushed nickle and/or silver). Not long after we moved in we went all Trading Spaces on it by spray painting it black and putting nice little shades on the little lights. It wasn't perfect but it was way better than brass!

Since then, every time we go into a store that has lighting... he looks, we look, and then we walk out... they are either way too much $$$ or we just can't find one that is just perfect. Well, my parents got him a gift card for a home improvement store (nice birthday gift, just the kind we like)... so today (his ankle finally felt good enough to walk on) we headed out for a little field trip. And lo and behold there were actually a few lights we liked that were within our budget... one in particular was on super sale (from $130 down to $37). It seemed just right. Not too much (style wise)... rustic but not overtly... just right... until we looked around for a box with one in it. Too good to be true, at that price everyone apparently snatched them up... oh poor Daddio... ahhh look here comes people in aprons who want to help us... WHAT? ... we can purchase the display... WHAT? make you an offer... ALRIGHTY... $25!! Woohoo, SOLD!!! Since we still had plenty of money left over on the card we decided to look at the outdoor lights. This was also something that we replaced not long after we moved in (a little over 7 1/2 years ago)... but started showing their age and need to be replaced. Now we weren't so lucky on the price... but they are lovely, and Daddio found an adapter thingy that fits in the socket, then you screw the light bulb in and then flip the indoor switch... and they know to just come on at night (no more remembering to turn them off or on, especially nice when we are traveling!).

The other deal of the day... I needed a few new shirts, had a cash back card from Kohl's that was going to expire = we have a winner! I picked up 4 shirts that were on sale and at the register handed of a whopping $2.60... that's right people, you have to love clearance and sale items (and smaller sizes, yeah).

It was a good day, Tater!

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

I'm a survivor, at least that's the song that keeps playing in my head when things get tense... ;-)

Two weeks down... and the start of week three begins tomorrow! In all honesty things are going well, better than I expected actually. All three have taken to the new subjects/book quite well. A break out favorite has been Latin which I'm pleased about... the last thing you want to do is fight with your kids about a foreign language. Naturally we are having a few issues here and there (as usual), but there are so many more things to look forward to in our normal day that is seems be making our previous struggles much more manageable.

The only subject I've yet to get put into the schedule the right way (I have to have order or we will not survive) is the IEW. Hopefully in the next two weeks I will get that all ironed and be in the routine that works more smoothly!

What's the point?

Aborted babies in jars...

SICK! What's even worse is that people still defend the so called doctors who do this!