Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just couldn't resist

Seriously, there are some days when I'm sure my kids have been given funny pills or something. They crack me up.

I was asking Bubba if there was something in particular he's had his eye on that he would like us to consider as a birthday gift (that was non-Lego's related). "A box of tops." It took me a few minutes to figure out where he was going with that... then he reminded me that at the museum he likes the station with all the tops you spin. He thinks it's loads of fun when we stand there and get all of them spinning at once. I do agree that it is a lot of fun, and could definitely keep us entertained for long periods of time (but not really something I think I can find all in one box)! Oh, and when we were at the party store a few weeks ago for Snooker's birthday he saw all the Halloween stuff... one in particular was "SUPER COOL", a kid's police uniform w/ accessories.

Bobcat decided to get in on the conversation and offered up (because he's Mr. Idea Man) that if Bubba got the uniform then Bubba could be the police man (duh!), and Snooker could be the bad guy and he (Bobcat) could help Bubba catch and arrest Snooker. This did not sit well with Snooker, to say the least! It definitely reminded me of when they were little... running around yelling there's a monster chasing us... Bubba and Bobcat in the lead... and several steps behind them was Snooker yelling in his super high pitched voice "there's a monster gonna get me"... what poor little Snooker just couldn't understand - HE WAS THE MONSTER, and didn't even know it! I know ADORABLE!!!

Somehow that morphed into Bobcat asking me if he really was growing a mustache. No seriously, this is all ONE conversation... and pretty typical in my day... I laughed and said no, I was just teasing the other day when I said that (keep in mind he is rubbing his upper lip to see if he can feel the beginning stages of a mustache). He then informed the room he just can't wait to grow a mustache, and even a beard. Bubba is havin' none of it. His take, "I'm not going to grow a mustache or a beard, I look way better with out them!"

If anyone ever recorded my day and showed it on air... the audience would think that someone had done a horrible job editing, splicing all sorts of weird things together... but in all honesty they ran the tape unedited! That's my life!

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Elizabeth said...

"but in all honesty they ran the tape unedited" LOL!