Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It feels like a Monday

Yes, I know it is not Monday, but it sure feels like a Monday!

We're back to the grind of homeschooling, house work, laundry, cooking, playing... time outs, short naps to reconnect with your inner peace, deep breaths, "no matter what" with Tootle's help.

Do you ever think about what it would be like not to have an immortal soul? We have been working with the kids about the concept of the immortal soul (I know 3, 4, and 5 is pretty young... but better to start young), and how animals don't have immortal souls only people have immortal souls. Trying to explain to them that animals (anything non-human) aren't mean they simply are what they are. And they act in a way that is simply their nature and by living out their nature that is how they glorify God... but they can't be mean (unless you are speaking on say a dog who's owner was irresponsible, we are speaking more of spiders aren't mean, they are just spidery). So back to my question, when things are tough in life and we, as Christians/Catholics/Parents, are called upon to do the right thing especially when it is difficult sometimes it just sucks. Blah blah blah... so the short of the long of it... sometimes it would be nice to just be a dog, and your only job is to be a dog and that is how you honor GOD. Yes, I'm aware that this is a copout feeling, but some days are just HARD! And at the same time, I know that the rewards of an immortal soul far out way getting thru a hard day... I'm just rambling in a mommy kind of moment.

Did I mention that I haven't gotten a lot of sleep this weekend... and neither have the children, yikes a dangerous combination!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Survived and had fun!

Even with the broken wing we decided to tag along with DH on his business trip. We had a nice time, and even swam... those of us without broken wings that is. Plus we got to see a movie, Over the Hedge. What a funny movie! The kids really didn't understand a lot of what was going on, they were just watching as images flashed up on the screen... but as a grown up, I don't think I could have laughed any harder. I thought it was hysterical!!!!

Today has been somewhat back to routine. I found Bobcat crying in bed this morning because he peed himself... instead of getting up and going potty he decided laying in bed crying would be a better choice.

During breakfast... when I walked away to take care of the laundry issue, Snookie Monster spilled his glass all over the table... finished his breakfast, got down and went about his business not bothering to mention the mess. I don't care about spilled drinks... but being left there that is what is frustrating.

The carseats are still in DH's work car so grocery shopping for the coming week will have to wait till he gets home... I am in no way too disappointed about this, though, I look forward to leaving (all the children at home) and hitting the store ALONE for a change. The idea of being able to spend a little more time looking even closer at what I want to buy and not to have to tell two of them to stand closer to the buggy (a hundred times) so that others can pass by us... well I am reveling in the idea :-).

So as above mentioned... this is pretty much right on target for being a perfectly normal day in our household! I need a drink!

Monday, May 22, 2006

No need to drain a knee when you can cast an arm!

So we went to an orthopedist this morning for Bobcat's knee, and came out with a bright orange arm cast for a broken bone.

Let me back up a little, this weekend he and his brothers were horsing around and he got hurt. We didn't think it was broken (okay, I did think it was broken) so we just gave him motrin and an ice pack and went on our merry way. Well, there was some swelling buy no discoloration... but he kept it close to him and never used for anything all day Sunday. Since I already had an appointment with the ortho, we decided to just have him look at it and see what he said.

After the knee was checked out... and the dr. wants to just monitor it for a while, I told him about Anthony's arm, he took one look at it and said we needed X-rays. They whisked Bobcat off, and in 5 minutes we were sitting in the little room with the dr. wrapping his arm up in construction orange taping and I was getting instructions for the proper care of a casted arm.

WHAT???? It is never a dull moment around here :-). So for the next three weeks I have to keep a very active 5 year old from riding bikes, monkey bars, swings, altitude that he might want to jump from, oh and the big one... SWIMMING! Um, hello we have two weeks in a row planned of fun times at hotel swimming pools tagging along on DH's business trips... UNFUN!

And of course any type of writing is out... yep, he broke his right (writing) hand. So I guess we will do intensive reading/phonics for the next three weeks!

Our first broken bone... never thought it would be Bobcat!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Coupon power

Only recently have I realized the power of a coupon. It's true... before a few months ago, I just bought the stuff I wanted and really didn't worry too much about the cost. Mostly because I don't like standing there figuring out the unit price, or comparing the items. I know what I like, and would just buy it. Well, DH and I sat down and decided to make a grocery budget and stradegy... why? Well, because we (me) never had everything I needed for dinners and we were running to the store every other day for odds and ends that never made it on the grocery list, or eating out way to much. So that is where the budget/menu planner came into play.

I was some what concerned about the actual dollar figure, if I could do it, if it was even possible. But I have found that with a little thought, watch the circulars, and actually spend the time to compare prices (how dreadful :-) that it can be done. Not only can it be done... it can be done with savings! Today I saved $57 with coupons. Oh yes!!! I did go over my usual budget... only because we are going on a little trip in a few days and I needed to get some prepackaged food things that are just more expensive than our usual meals. Not only do I save money, compare prices, and shop reasonably... I do it with the three boys in tow!

SUCCESS!!!! Yeah.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

He can read!

It has finally happened... he can read. I taught him how to read, me... not some teacher I don't know, not some video, not some relative... ME!!!!

How many people can actually say that? Not that you taught a 3 year old a few memorized words, or that you helped your child after school... but that you started from nothing and now have a reader?

As we are nearing the end of our kindergarten year of homeschooling, I am shocked and amazed at how far we have come. He can read, write, count, and add (and starting to subtract). This is crazy, and he is only 5! It hasn't been easy, and it isn't always fun (for either of us), but we both have perservered and now we have so much to show for it. So all those who have been nah sayers about it.... rasberries to you!

Bobcat, my dear, one day when you read this (probably in your scrapbook)... bravo son, bravo! I can't wait to start first grade... there is such an amazing world out there for us to discover together!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Milestone

Friday afternoon Bobcat came to me and said his tooth kind of hurt. So as I looked at it, I realized it was LOOSE...

Yep our first loose tooth. I was kind of surprised actually, I don't really remember my first loose tooth. I guess I assumed it was later than this.

After a phone call to a friend I was assured that, nope, 5 1/2 years old is not uncommon to see a loose tooth.

My little guy is growing up! I am kind of looking forward to it falling out... my little snaggle tooth :-).

Fluid on the knee

I had to take Bobcat to the doctor this morning because his knee was still swollen (we noticed it yesterday... but he had been complaining about pain for a couple of days now).

The doctor was concerned and said there was a considerable amount of fluid build up and that we needed x-rays immediately... and more than likely will need to see an orthopedist.

What??? I was really not going to over react. I wasn't even sure if I should bring him in, but the nurse that it was best. Honestly I thought they were going to say for him to just lay off it for a little while and let it heal. What got me was when they were asking if he had done anything to hurt it. Okay... for those of you out there that are either boys/men or have a 5 year old boy... the mere act of being boy is enough of an answer, right?! I say that because I could probably count 10 dangerous things I see him do in one hour that causes him to land on his knees, or could potientially jar them... that sort of thing, nope, sorry can't narrow it down to one thing that I think could have triggered this type of swelling... but thanks for asking :-).

He's taking it like a trooper. He loves all the added attention of the dr. and the radiology staff, heck he got a glow in the dark sticker, what could be better than that?

I'm better than I thought I would be. Probably because I still don't think it is that big of deal (I'm hoping that is what they call and tell me this afternoon). I'm sure I will freak out if they call and say we will need to drain the knee or something crazy like that... did I mention he doesn't do well with needles... I will not be the one who holds him down for that one. THAT IS DADDY DUTY if you ask me, and I'm not certain that the Spiderman will provide much courage for that.

Now we wait. Wait for our pedi to look over the x-rays, and make a decision. He is supposed to call back this afternoon... I'm hoping it is soon, I hate WAITING.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It can't get worse, right?

So Friday was a super crappy day around here... previous post will explain that, but while the kids were napping on Friday I got a phone call from my father-inlaw. He was going to be stopping by in about half an hour... WHAT???? He lives three hours from us and didn't bother to call in the morning to find out if he could?! He and my husband don't have the best relationship... FIL left when DH was very young and really hasn't tried to be a father until recently (too late). OH and the last time he visited he had comments for us on raising children... um, track record says you can't tell us how to do damn thing!

Oh, it gets better... at the time of arrival I would have to entertain him for a long while (nearly 2 hours) before my DH even got home. Thankfully I'm a clean person... that is kind of my stress reliever in a lot of ways (and I was pretty stressed that day, needless to say things were probably more clean than normal).

Once he arrived:

  • He told the boys he was going to be staying here (at least one night). He never spoke to me about that (or DH at that point). Um, and it is mother's day weekend, only my second in the history of our kids... you don't show up uninvited like that.
  • He encouraged them to act silly and inappropriate. Mostly because he thinks it is so funny, and doesn't see that it sets up a pattern when he leaves.
  • He told them they should get a snack and to come ask me. They know that after nap time there are no snacks. They are on a schedule of full meals and no snacks, unless a meal is drastically delayed. So of course they cried, and FIL wanted to go look for snacks for them. He and his five year (yep) snack all day long and don't eat full meals!
  • Speaking of his son, he told DH and I that he and his wife were now separated/divorced and what a drag it is that the ex wants him to still do all this stuff for their son. Oh he loves his son, but now that he is free he wants to make sure he gets what he deserves... i.e. money! He was the stay at home dad, she is a dr. and this is all her fault (his words not mine) and he should get lots and lots of money!
  • While he was bashing her, he decided it would be appropriate to bash DH's mom at the same time... big mistake. DH was trying to be somewhat sympathetic, but you don't mess with his mom!

In the end (of Friday that is) DH was able to get rid of him, and he didn't stay the night. He went and stayed with my SIL (apparently she is the one who invited him up here... but never told us). And the Rosary that DH said on the way home from work on Friday allowed FIL to get involved with stuff over at their house and wasn't able to come here yesterday (Saturday) at all. So we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, and he is coming here today. I guess that is the least amount of time we can get away with. All I have to do is make it till dinner without emploding!

Mother's Day!

I love Mother's Day... even though lots of days are really mother's days around here :-).

But last week DH took the boys out to get my MD presents, and what they came up with was perfect. My boys have a very keen since of smell. They are always asking to smell things, are able to smell things in the air (even very faint), and are convinced they smell things when they see pictures of things that have a smell.

So what was my gift, lots of smelly lotions, and body sprays. PERFECT... I needed stuff like that, plus they are the ones who picked it all out... and it is right up their alley. Oh and it was all packed in a hat box... I love hat boxes.

After I showered and got all smelly good, we went out for lunch at one of our favorite little restaurants and off to a bookstore where we got several books for Anthony to work with. Now that he can read many three and four letter words it will be nice to expand our phonics/reading studies to books outside of our workbooks for homeschool!

Oh and in the morning the boys played in the room while I worked out, and it was the first morning that I reached my goal of one hour solid on the bike! WOO HOO! All because my boys were there talking to me and keeping me distracted! What a great Mother's DAY.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Rambling... tired... what?

Don't think I can't handle it... but for them (all three of them) to have a throw down while I'm trying to get breakfast on the table and refusing to eat because they feel they are somehow entitled to the suckers... even after I said "suckers are not for breakfast, maybe later". I am just sick and tired of this kind of crap every time I turn around, they think they are in charge and can be defiant if it doesn't suit what they want right then. I know they are kids, but it seems like this keeps getting worse and worse.

Every time we try to be nice, they take advantage... Bubba at the baseball game for instance... he was getting plenty of food and candy, but it wasn't enough so he did his bubba fit. Everyone cried yesterday morning when they sat down to breakfast because there was two pieces of toast (each) with jelly on it and before the first bite Bubba asked if there would be more and then when I said no, they all cried. Anthony with home schooling, enough said. Austin at every lunch... who knows why.

I KNOW THEY ARE CHILDREN, and I know I "should pick my battles" but what the hell? EVERYTHING is a battle.

Right now Bobcat is sitting at his desk crying. Why, because I'm making him do handwriting. He doesn't want to do it... well I want to shove a pencil in my eyeball but I don't get that choice... WHY DOES NOBODY LISTEN TO ME, or FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS. And the part that really pisses me off is the fact that I have been so freakin' nice about everything. I haven't raised my voice, and yet I still get nothing but crying and disobedience. I can't even count the number of times that I said "no don't do that" yesterday, because they just kept on and on and wouldn't listen to anything I was telling them. And it wasn't that I was being nit picky... they had climbed up onto a playhouse thing with a stick larger than them and then would jump off holding the stick... UM DEATH AND HOSPITAL!! After several times of this (and telling them to cut it out) I made them put the sticks away and then they just stood there and cried. Before that they were swinging the sticks at potted plants (which didn't belong to us, but our gracious playdate host), and of course during that time they managed to wack each other "on accident" in such a manner that the victim fell to the ground crying.