Friday, May 19, 2006

Coupon power

Only recently have I realized the power of a coupon. It's true... before a few months ago, I just bought the stuff I wanted and really didn't worry too much about the cost. Mostly because I don't like standing there figuring out the unit price, or comparing the items. I know what I like, and would just buy it. Well, DH and I sat down and decided to make a grocery budget and stradegy... why? Well, because we (me) never had everything I needed for dinners and we were running to the store every other day for odds and ends that never made it on the grocery list, or eating out way to much. So that is where the budget/menu planner came into play.

I was some what concerned about the actual dollar figure, if I could do it, if it was even possible. But I have found that with a little thought, watch the circulars, and actually spend the time to compare prices (how dreadful :-) that it can be done. Not only can it be done... it can be done with savings! Today I saved $57 with coupons. Oh yes!!! I did go over my usual budget... only because we are going on a little trip in a few days and I needed to get some prepackaged food things that are just more expensive than our usual meals. Not only do I save money, compare prices, and shop reasonably... I do it with the three boys in tow!

SUCCESS!!!! Yeah.

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