Sunday, May 14, 2006

It can't get worse, right?

So Friday was a super crappy day around here... previous post will explain that, but while the kids were napping on Friday I got a phone call from my father-inlaw. He was going to be stopping by in about half an hour... WHAT???? He lives three hours from us and didn't bother to call in the morning to find out if he could?! He and my husband don't have the best relationship... FIL left when DH was very young and really hasn't tried to be a father until recently (too late). OH and the last time he visited he had comments for us on raising children... um, track record says you can't tell us how to do damn thing!

Oh, it gets better... at the time of arrival I would have to entertain him for a long while (nearly 2 hours) before my DH even got home. Thankfully I'm a clean person... that is kind of my stress reliever in a lot of ways (and I was pretty stressed that day, needless to say things were probably more clean than normal).

Once he arrived:

  • He told the boys he was going to be staying here (at least one night). He never spoke to me about that (or DH at that point). Um, and it is mother's day weekend, only my second in the history of our kids... you don't show up uninvited like that.
  • He encouraged them to act silly and inappropriate. Mostly because he thinks it is so funny, and doesn't see that it sets up a pattern when he leaves.
  • He told them they should get a snack and to come ask me. They know that after nap time there are no snacks. They are on a schedule of full meals and no snacks, unless a meal is drastically delayed. So of course they cried, and FIL wanted to go look for snacks for them. He and his five year (yep) snack all day long and don't eat full meals!
  • Speaking of his son, he told DH and I that he and his wife were now separated/divorced and what a drag it is that the ex wants him to still do all this stuff for their son. Oh he loves his son, but now that he is free he wants to make sure he gets what he deserves... i.e. money! He was the stay at home dad, she is a dr. and this is all her fault (his words not mine) and he should get lots and lots of money!
  • While he was bashing her, he decided it would be appropriate to bash DH's mom at the same time... big mistake. DH was trying to be somewhat sympathetic, but you don't mess with his mom!

In the end (of Friday that is) DH was able to get rid of him, and he didn't stay the night. He went and stayed with my SIL (apparently she is the one who invited him up here... but never told us). And the Rosary that DH said on the way home from work on Friday allowed FIL to get involved with stuff over at their house and wasn't able to come here yesterday (Saturday) at all. So we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, and he is coming here today. I guess that is the least amount of time we can get away with. All I have to do is make it till dinner without emploding!

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