Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day!

I love Mother's Day... even though lots of days are really mother's days around here :-).

But last week DH took the boys out to get my MD presents, and what they came up with was perfect. My boys have a very keen since of smell. They are always asking to smell things, are able to smell things in the air (even very faint), and are convinced they smell things when they see pictures of things that have a smell.

So what was my gift, lots of smelly lotions, and body sprays. PERFECT... I needed stuff like that, plus they are the ones who picked it all out... and it is right up their alley. Oh and it was all packed in a hat box... I love hat boxes.

After I showered and got all smelly good, we went out for lunch at one of our favorite little restaurants and off to a bookstore where we got several books for Anthony to work with. Now that he can read many three and four letter words it will be nice to expand our phonics/reading studies to books outside of our workbooks for homeschool!

Oh and in the morning the boys played in the room while I worked out, and it was the first morning that I reached my goal of one hour solid on the bike! WOO HOO! All because my boys were there talking to me and keeping me distracted! What a great Mother's DAY.

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