Wednesday, May 17, 2006

He can read!

It has finally happened... he can read. I taught him how to read, me... not some teacher I don't know, not some video, not some relative... ME!!!!

How many people can actually say that? Not that you taught a 3 year old a few memorized words, or that you helped your child after school... but that you started from nothing and now have a reader?

As we are nearing the end of our kindergarten year of homeschooling, I am shocked and amazed at how far we have come. He can read, write, count, and add (and starting to subtract). This is crazy, and he is only 5! It hasn't been easy, and it isn't always fun (for either of us), but we both have perservered and now we have so much to show for it. So all those who have been nah sayers about it.... rasberries to you!

Bobcat, my dear, one day when you read this (probably in your scrapbook)... bravo son, bravo! I can't wait to start first grade... there is such an amazing world out there for us to discover together!

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