Monday, May 15, 2006

Fluid on the knee

I had to take Bobcat to the doctor this morning because his knee was still swollen (we noticed it yesterday... but he had been complaining about pain for a couple of days now).

The doctor was concerned and said there was a considerable amount of fluid build up and that we needed x-rays immediately... and more than likely will need to see an orthopedist.

What??? I was really not going to over react. I wasn't even sure if I should bring him in, but the nurse that it was best. Honestly I thought they were going to say for him to just lay off it for a little while and let it heal. What got me was when they were asking if he had done anything to hurt it. Okay... for those of you out there that are either boys/men or have a 5 year old boy... the mere act of being boy is enough of an answer, right?! I say that because I could probably count 10 dangerous things I see him do in one hour that causes him to land on his knees, or could potientially jar them... that sort of thing, nope, sorry can't narrow it down to one thing that I think could have triggered this type of swelling... but thanks for asking :-).

He's taking it like a trooper. He loves all the added attention of the dr. and the radiology staff, heck he got a glow in the dark sticker, what could be better than that?

I'm better than I thought I would be. Probably because I still don't think it is that big of deal (I'm hoping that is what they call and tell me this afternoon). I'm sure I will freak out if they call and say we will need to drain the knee or something crazy like that... did I mention he doesn't do well with needles... I will not be the one who holds him down for that one. THAT IS DADDY DUTY if you ask me, and I'm not certain that the Spiderman will provide much courage for that.

Now we wait. Wait for our pedi to look over the x-rays, and make a decision. He is supposed to call back this afternoon... I'm hoping it is soon, I hate WAITING.

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