Monday, May 22, 2006

No need to drain a knee when you can cast an arm!

So we went to an orthopedist this morning for Bobcat's knee, and came out with a bright orange arm cast for a broken bone.

Let me back up a little, this weekend he and his brothers were horsing around and he got hurt. We didn't think it was broken (okay, I did think it was broken) so we just gave him motrin and an ice pack and went on our merry way. Well, there was some swelling buy no discoloration... but he kept it close to him and never used for anything all day Sunday. Since I already had an appointment with the ortho, we decided to just have him look at it and see what he said.

After the knee was checked out... and the dr. wants to just monitor it for a while, I told him about Anthony's arm, he took one look at it and said we needed X-rays. They whisked Bobcat off, and in 5 minutes we were sitting in the little room with the dr. wrapping his arm up in construction orange taping and I was getting instructions for the proper care of a casted arm.

WHAT???? It is never a dull moment around here :-). So for the next three weeks I have to keep a very active 5 year old from riding bikes, monkey bars, swings, altitude that he might want to jump from, oh and the big one... SWIMMING! Um, hello we have two weeks in a row planned of fun times at hotel swimming pools tagging along on DH's business trips... UNFUN!

And of course any type of writing is out... yep, he broke his right (writing) hand. So I guess we will do intensive reading/phonics for the next three weeks!

Our first broken bone... never thought it would be Bobcat!!!

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