Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes, she made it

Yup, she made it to the top of the rock! She's not so big on dizzying heights with steep slopes and gusty winds... but she was a good and brave little mommy to her boys (who pranced around up there like mountain goats).

Brought to you by the letter S

for Snookie!

"Mommy, I have a sore throat right here on my chin!" (that was this morning while pointing to the front of his chin!) I'm not really sure what you do for a sore throat on your chin... if you have any guesses feel free to leave a comment :-).

"Mommy, (pointing to something in the dishwasher) you can use that in punge."

Now that last one took me a few minutes to figure out... turns out he was pointing to a ladle, and the word he so badly butchered should have been PUNCH! That kid...


Isn't it funny how on one day every one knows who you are, and the next not a soul recognizes you.

Personally speaking I prefer to go unnoticed, but when your family looks the way ours does... generally that doesn't happen. I would say that 95% of places we go people know us. No, they rarely know our names (well, they usually know the boys' names)... but the moment we walk in we are met with 'hello's, my how the boys have grown... blah blah blah'. Unfortunately when I am out with them, I AM ON A MISSION, and I really don't want to chat... I want to get in and get out. I've learned over the years, though, that as an adoptive parent (especially of brood of minorities) that you need to be a visual advocate. This has caused me to rethink everything I do, from my speech to how I dress the boys and myself. Rarely do we go out looking like a homeless family. The boys are usually always dressed neatly, no holes in the clothes and as few stains as possible... that sort of thing. While there are times I wish this wasn't an issue, let's face it, we are a visual community... and appearances can be just important as the message you are speaking.

Anyway back to my point of never being anonymous while out... Rarely do I get out on my own with out the fam in tow... either just the boys or all including Daddio... which is totally fine. I like having my family about as we conquer the world... but on occasion there are a few things where I enjoy my solitude... and this Saturday I got just that.

On our trip home from Enchanted Rock on Friday Bubba got sick in the car, and once we were home Snooker was sick... and while the vomiting did stop later that evening, just to be safe on Saturday Daddio stayed home with all three while I ran the errands for the day. I needed to get check at the eye dr. for the new contacts I ordered, get the beast washed to help get the camping smell out of it, groceries, and the rare treat of getting a hair cut! So off I went.

The first thing I noticed during my morning... everything went by so quickly, quickly and quietly (if you don't count the loud music I played... although that is regular even with the boys, they love it)... when I made it to the grocery store, I was walking up when a boy scout asked if I wanted to buy batteries. What was funny to me was I knew this little boy... he goes to our church, is in our homeschool group, and has played with my boys at every function... and his dad was right there as well. I've spoken with him many times as well... including probably an hour long conversation when he first decided to try homeschooling... and nothing. They had no clue who I was. The only time they've seen me is with the boys so it was like I was missing appendages and was completely unrecognizable. I chuckled to myself and went in to do my shopping. Not a single person stopped me, stared, or asked me a question... It was blissful. I went about my whole morning being completely anonymous!

There are probably some out there who just can't understand how lovely this was for me... but I suppose you would have to know just how much I hate being put in the spotlight, or put on the spot, or even quizzed for that matter. I certainly wouldn't change my life/family... but I do have moments where I would prefer to blend than stand out!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

With deepest sympathy...

This statue/memorial is on the property of the Oblates in San Antonio... Bubba found it, and wanted a picture with it. It is dedicated to all the mothers out there who are grieving the loss of a child. To see it in person is quite overwhelming, and instantly brought me to tears...

So for a dear mother (and family) who has been shaken by the loss of one yet to be held in her arms... may the loving embrace of Christ ever surround your sweet one!

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enchanted Rock

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Check out the second-hottest woman I've seen today:

(The hottest was still asleep when I left this morning, but she looked cute in her new nightgown!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Spring has sprung. Boys are back outside. Isn't it nice that they can share one costume? Personally, I think Batman would have been even cooler with a six-shooter.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Head scratcher...

POST #1000!!! That's pretty cool right!?!

So what would you do if, say... you and your three boys are walking along on the way to the park because they've decided Fridays should be running days (they are training for their next run apparently)... and an old beat up car pulls up along side of you and a man with a total three teeth in his head looks at you, then utters "Know any good babysitters?" Now, there is a toddler in the backseat so you suppose this could be a valid situation... but would this at all strike you as odd?

Now if you were me... you would pause because you realize that your heart is racing because you felt this car following along behind you for nearly a block and you have no weapons of any sort to protect yourself or your boys (who have run nearly a block ahead of you by this point, but you can still see them), and you know that in most dream sequences of this sort of thing that you never can scream when you really need to!

My answer, "Um, sorry, we don't use anyone in this area!" Turn, beginning walking and start asking your guardian angel to take care of the situation before you have a heart attack!

Be Proud

First... Happy Birthday 83rd B16!!!

Here's an interesting article: Be Proud to be Catholic

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Snookie-isms

At the dinner table at night everyone goes around (in no particular order) and tells their best, funniest, worst event of the day, and something they learned. It usually takes most of dinner for everyone to get all of their choices in... today was no exception... but Snookie's are usually quite interesting!

Today his something you learned:

"Um I learned today, (pause), um the last thing I learned, (pause), um I don't remember what I learned!"

And a non-Snookieism... a Bubba funny...

On the way to meet Daddio for a picnic lunch I hear this in the back of the car...

Bobcat: "Blah, blah, blah (I wasn't listening to the actual conversation... I just know there were words), right?! Right, Bubba?! RIGHT!?!"

Bubba: turning to face Bobcat "Sorry I didn't hear a word you said, I was too busy listening to the music!"

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The results you are so eagerly awaiting... My time was 32:57.9. That is a pace of 10:34 per mile. I placed 413th overall, of 756 timed runners, and 27th in my age group. I raised $760. All of my goals were all accomplished, namely, to beat:

-A man in my age group. I don't know how many there were, but I did see at least one 30-year-old male at 420th place.

-An old person (there are a lot of seriously fast old people, but I did beat a few).

-A lady with a stroller (the guy with the stroller kicked my tail, but the stroller I beat had a tiny foofy dog in it - I HAD to beat that one!)

-A child (the third place girl under age 10 was actually 30 seconds behind me).

-The kid on roller skates. This was a new goal that I set for myself immediately upon seeing that kid in roller skates. I didn't like that kid, because I'm pretty sure skates were not allowed. Neither were all those dogs.

It was a good experience. I actually felt good, and probably could have gone faster for the last mile if I'd realized how far I'd already come. But I was confused by the layout of the course and thought I had much further to go, so I held back a bit, and refused to look at my watch or be bothered by other people. I started towards the back, which was frustrating in that I had a lot of walker congestion to fight through for the first few minutes. But it was also fun to pass more people than I was passed by. I stuck to the plan, just kept running steadily, and be surprised at the outcome. My legs were good, I believe I could have gone quite a bit further at that pace. I can only imagine how good it will feel when the next 10 lbs are gone (do I hear 25?... that's the long term goal.)

And, MommaLlama and the boys did very well in the 1K fun run. Snookie fell down once, so he and mommy walked for a while, but they ran across the line and looked good doing it. Everybody got a ribbon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Progress Report

In 4 weeks we will be heading out for our vacation, which makes it a great time to do a little reflection on our semester!

Day 123 of the year!

Just today Bobcat finished his last chapter in his reading comprehension book... yeah! That is his first subject he has finished for the year! He has three weeks left in spelling, handwriting, phonics and vocabulary.

Bubba has finished phonics (quite some time ago), and has three weeks left in spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, and reading comp.

Snookie is done with phonics as well. He has 2 weeks of handwriting (less if he does more than one page a day), and 3 weeks of spelling!

We will be doing math, grammar & creative writing, and history through out the summer. It won't be nearly as intensive as our regular school year, but there will be things to do most days. This is mostly to keep a good routine, and to keep our little brains engaged!

I'm super impressed with how well things have gone, how well my plans worked out (or far exceed my expectations)... and I'm really looking forward to our next school year! But mostly, I CAN'T WAIT TO BE ON THAT BEACH!!!


Doin' the happy dance even though I have a migraine... this suffering is all for you my sweet friend!

Please go show some love for that fun lovin' dancing chick at Waltzing Matilda!