Saturday, April 10, 2010


The results you are so eagerly awaiting... My time was 32:57.9. That is a pace of 10:34 per mile. I placed 413th overall, of 756 timed runners, and 27th in my age group. I raised $760. All of my goals were all accomplished, namely, to beat:

-A man in my age group. I don't know how many there were, but I did see at least one 30-year-old male at 420th place.

-An old person (there are a lot of seriously fast old people, but I did beat a few).

-A lady with a stroller (the guy with the stroller kicked my tail, but the stroller I beat had a tiny foofy dog in it - I HAD to beat that one!)

-A child (the third place girl under age 10 was actually 30 seconds behind me).

-The kid on roller skates. This was a new goal that I set for myself immediately upon seeing that kid in roller skates. I didn't like that kid, because I'm pretty sure skates were not allowed. Neither were all those dogs.

It was a good experience. I actually felt good, and probably could have gone faster for the last mile if I'd realized how far I'd already come. But I was confused by the layout of the course and thought I had much further to go, so I held back a bit, and refused to look at my watch or be bothered by other people. I started towards the back, which was frustrating in that I had a lot of walker congestion to fight through for the first few minutes. But it was also fun to pass more people than I was passed by. I stuck to the plan, just kept running steadily, and be surprised at the outcome. My legs were good, I believe I could have gone quite a bit further at that pace. I can only imagine how good it will feel when the next 10 lbs are gone (do I hear 25?... that's the long term goal.)

And, MommaLlama and the boys did very well in the 1K fun run. Snookie fell down once, so he and mommy walked for a while, but they ran across the line and looked good doing it. Everybody got a ribbon.


Beaver said...

Congrats to the whole Llama family! Sounds like you had a terrific run! (And isn't it great to beat the strollers?)

nicole said...

Good work! You'll do even better in whatever event you do next. Keep it up!

Elizabeth said...

Way To Hustle! We need to do some form of that activity known as exercise. It would be great to do a family thing.