Saturday, December 30, 2006

My New Shoe

I'm sporting a new look these days.  Let me give a little background.  DH decided to let me pick out my own Christmas gift, so in my card was cold hard cash, a punch card for ice cream (my fav.) and a babysitter for a date night.

It was Thursday evening, I got all cuted up (boots, jeans, cute little sweater, even earrings), the babysitter arrived and we were out the door (FAST).  We took a lovely stroll thru the town square and looked in on a few shops that I thought might have what I wanted... but alas nope, and continued walking to a lovely Mexican food place.  The food was great, but my company (my sweet DH) was wonderful.  It is so nice to talk to your spouse and anything and everything and not be interupted by "mommy come check it out, this is so cool".  Once done we headed for another store, and that is when it happened!

StepLite Easy Strider Ankle Walker Brace

I'm sporting the boot on the right (the low ankle walker).  Thanks to my apparent inability to talk, walk, and be annoyed with some junior high school kid infront of my too busy playing with his darn cell phone instead of getting out of the way... I failed to notice the slight elevation change of the sidewalk under my left foot.  And down I went.  My ankle rolled, made a horrible sound, and I soon found myself in severe pain.  But being the woman of steal that I am... I composed myself and walked around for another hour or so.  Some of you are thinking 'why didn't you just go home', NOPE, we had a real life sitter and I was not going to ruin my night just because I hurt myself.  (Oh sidenote: if DH weren't holding my hand I probably would have done more damage that would have included my knees... I'm sure of it... along with the nearly 3-4 times I almost fell afterwards due to the lack of ligament and muscle controll from the first fall).

So what was the diagonsis?  A severe sprain.  I get to wear this lovely  boot for 2 weeks full time, and then for another few weeks if I expect to up and walking around for a long period of time.

On a happier note, other than that the date was fun, food was good, and the movie (Casino Royale) was pretty cool.

I did think of getting new boots with my money... but this is not at all what I had in mind.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


My mom came up with an idea at the end of summer to put together a scrapbook for my grandmother.  It would take some orchestration... but we would need to contact all the family and get them send us pictures, scan all that in, then build a mamoth of a scrapbook for my grandmother.  It is only later that we realized that to get our family members to send stuff was going to be like pulling teeth with some of them.  But alas we put many finishing touches on the book yesterday, with only a few details still left to be finished.  Why is this momentous... besides the fact that it is to be given on Saturday... many of the pictures we received was the first time either mom or I had seen them.

Over the last several months I have gotten to see pictures of many of my family that had passed away when I was very young.  I can hardly remember them from my past, but these pictures spoke volumes on their character and personality.  Not to mention seeing where everyone got certain features from.  To see yourself in others when they were younger (nearer your own age) was really fun.  Of course to see the fashion, and hairstyles was pretty funny as well... and to some degree sad too.  To see ladies at the Grand Canyon dressed in lovely dresses, pearls, and purses... something you think was just made up for the movies, but that is really how things were.

I can't wait till my kids are able to see some of the pictures and learn about some of my memories.  It really is a window into the soul.

Wal Mart and Christmas Ads

Here's the scene:

Mom in kitchen finishing up wrapping.  Daughter enters holding a construction paper list, and annouces she needs to mail her list to Santa.  Mom is exasberated, and says it's too late and the south pole isn't taking more lists (obviously mom is done shopping) reminding the child she already mailed a list to Santa.  The girl insists that this list if for her stocking and she needs to send it off.

Next on the screen... WAL MART.

Cut to last scene:  There is a fireplace a glow, mom in her chair and daughter opens a present and turns to mom "See mom I told you."

Great... great message... what a spoiled little brat... and, um, MOM??? Seriously?!

So that's it for me... no more Wal Mart till after Christmas... I will pay a little more at the other grocery store to not support that crap!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bulbs... bulbs... and more bulbs!

What do you do with a little money burnin' a hole in your pocket? BUY 160 TULIP BULBS! That's right, come spring I will have tulips coming out of every flower bed and pot in my yard!!! I spent a little more than an hour triming up my rose bushes, and clearing out the lantana, and trimming my chamillia in preparation of the bulbs.

As soon as it stops raining I will be out there with my little bulb planter, 3 boys counting and helping, and a bucket 'o' bulbs! Oh the glorious flowers that will proclaim that Spring has SPRUNG!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Homeschool Group

We met with Fr. John this morning to discuss the formation of a homeschooling group that will be centered at the church, and he approved it with flying colors. To be honest, I was surprised with his enthusiasm... but I'll take it.

So now we are moving forward, getting the info put in the bulletin... and notifying the ladies that we know of the upcoming kick off.

That is one huge weight lifted off my shoulders now!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

An ICEY Anniversary

DH did an exceptional job planning our 6 wedding anniversary.  We had a yummy meal at Bucca's, then headed over to the Gaylord to see the ICE exhibit.

Let me set the scene.  The five of us dressed in gold and black eskimo parka's, a large exhibit with a temperature of 9 degrees (CHILLY), and some of the neatest ice sculptures I have ever seen.  There was clear ice, blue ice, frosted ice, colored ice... an ice toy shop, an ice winter scene complete with an ice horse drawn ice sled, and icey river with polar bears and penguins... an ice church with stained glass and an ice Nativity Scene that was just magnificent.  AND the most awesomest part... a huge ICE SLIDE!  Man, it so much fun to slide down it... makes you feel like a kid again!

Good work DH!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Background:  We came to Texas from La. because my dad got hired on at General Dynamics many moons ago... and that is when my love affair with fighter planes started.  Fastforward 18 years, my dad is back working for Lockheed Martin... and his team works on the JSF (computer top secret stuff that he would have to kill us if he told us kind of thing).

Today was the big day, early this morning we got up and got dressed.  We loaded up in the car with cereal and headed off to town.  The fog was incredible, I don't think I had ever seen it that thick before... and it worried me.  Would we actually get to see anything, would they postpone it to another day (again...)?  Take off was supposed to be at 9:00, but was push back... pushed back... pushed back, then lunch time came so we left and returned for the coolest thing... THE FIRST FLIGHT EVER OF THE JSF.  The roar of the jets were awesome.  It really is something to see.  After it took off, we jumped back in the car and raced of to the next viewing sight.  We jumped the curb, and within 10 minutes we were watching it fly over us and then down to the runways for a picture perfect landing.

And the best part was I got to share the experience with my children, and my parents!  My dad was there, all the stress and frustrations of the last few months at his work... and he got to watch his work take flight!

It was AMAZING!!!!  I can't wait to see it in person... a perk of knowing an employee :-).


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So I logged off and made my bed, cleaned the master bath, got the laundry going, cleaned my kitchen.... ahhhhh a little sigh of relieft that I got a few things done, and the house looks and smells better already!  Gotta love Melaleuca cleaning products, they smell fresh and you know it is clean!

Now, I must prepare for homeschooling... Jesse tree ornaments, letters, numbers, math worksheets, pick another prayer for Bobcat to write out... maybe a little coloring in the new Star Wars coloring book.  I think the day is really starting to look up!


Boy it seems that the list of things to accomplish some how overwhelmed me. Which usually isn't the case, but after a busy weekend, and a really busy Monday... that all the things I try to get done during that time has been shifted to today... and now there is just too much.

But on a positive note last night was the last concert for this year, we have a break till the end of January. The children are dressed today (we are some what of a jammy family when we don't have plans), and Fr. John called me back and I will be meeting with him this weekend. Also good news at the opthalmology appointment this morning for Bobcat, things went well and he does have 20/40 with an astigmatism but the dr. said that it is nothing to worry about now. Plus DH was blown away with how great the dr. was with Bobcat... which was a huge weight off my shoulders! And last but not least, the children are all currently taking a nap and I am preparing myself for the tasks at hand.

The house, is a whole other story... the laundry is piled a mile high, a regular Monday adventure that just didn't happen because we just weren't home long enough. I just got around to wiping off the island, which was all crummy from yesterday and this morning... I never let it get like that, but again I simply couldn't find the time or the energy. Homeschool hasn't happened yet today... Bobcat's eyes were dilated at the office and so I am pushing that back till after nap time. The carpets haven't been vacuumed since Sunday, and my bathroom could stand to be cleaned... another Monday event that was cast aside. The dogs could really use a bath, but I just don't know if that is in the cards for today. Oh and I need to pull together all my P and Q's for my meeting with Fr. John that will happen on Sunday.

I'm thinking that a few deep breaths, refill my ice water, make my bed (I can't believe that hasn't happened today... yikes) and hit the bathroom while the kids are asleep... get the laundry going, and by that time it will be time for them to start on homeschool... maybe there is some crafty thing I can find for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe for them to work on!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Curt Jester

Okay, there is one Catholic blogger that really is above par. Every time I read his commentary on the world of faith I laugh, am sometimes dismayed at the state of affairs, intrigued to find out more, and I always learn something.

When I read this post over at the Curt Jester, well, I laughed so hard my sides hurt and tears came rushing out. And when DH ran across it he pretty much had the same reaction. So please jump on over there and check it out!

Here's a short introduction:

"Today being the feast day of Saint Nicholas I was thinking about how cool it would be to go to the Mall dressed as this 4th century saint."

Immaculate Conception

For those of you celebrating the Feast of The Immaculate Conception:
The Hour of Grace: 12:00-1:00pm
In your home or in Church, with arms outstretched recite/read Psalm 51 3 times, and for the remainder of the hour let the Spirit lead you in prayer and meditation! Many graces are shared with those who participate.

Monday, December 4, 2006

No More Mrs. Claus

Okay, so I'm not a big fan of Santa... we don't have a jolly man around here... we don't leave cookies out for a fake fat man... and a stranger doesn't break in our house to leave us presents. We have chosen to be honest with the children and in doing so have given them a better understanding of their faith. We celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas and they receive a gift in their stocking that day... but they understand it has to do with generosity and that we put it there in rememberance for his unique love for the people he served. And then the kids get a little something at Epiphany... you know the time we celebrate the WISH MEN showing up to give Jesus presents. Um, and we leave Christmas day for what it really is -> CHRIST's BIRTHDAY. Not our birthday, not our time to be greedy and selfish... it really isn't about our individuality at all...

But I digress, why is there a Mrs. Claus now... what one fake person isn't good enough anymore... then we added elves to make all the toys, now Mrs. Claus. Come on, I can't listen to the radio for fear of the eardrum crushing Jingle Bell Rock, or Santa's Coming to Town... but now I have to see Mrs. Claus getting jewelry from Santa.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Finally back

Boy we have been crazy busy, but things have settled down for a couple days so it is easier to breath. A couple of updates...

We got a tree, a really great tree, it is big and fluffy, and all together festive. And after we cut off the bottom, got it in the stand, in the house, and positioned... well the bottom row of branches needed to come off. So I went all Suzie Homemaker and made a real Advent Wreath centerpiece for our dinner table. It is quite something!

And if that wasn't enough (I've been on a little bit of a decorating/craftin high) I made a really neat Jesse Tree on a poster board, then used some pipe cleaners to have extended branches for the ornaments to hang! What's next you might ask... well I happen to have an empty green wreath beginning for some attention so I will throw some ribbon and a few accessories on it and hand it over to my sister to help with her Christmas decorations! Tis the season!