Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I didn't know this... Babe Ruth was in Knights of Columbus... and so is Jeb Bush!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

To be lady like

Over at Homeliving Helper (http://www.homeliving.blogspot.com/), there is a great article about being a lady... it is a must read!

Breast Cancer and Oral Contraception

Breast Cancer and oral contraception, how do they fit together... check it out:


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It boils down to trust...

The Great Debate: Homeschooling vs. Institutionalized Schooling

I had a revelation today as to why teachers and homeschool parents are at such odds... TRUST. The public/private school teacher doesn't trust that the homeschool parents know what/how to teach their own children. And on the otherside, the homeschool parents can't trust that the public/private school teacher will teach the child what that child deserves to learn. (I could be wrong, but that is how I see it...)

But let's take this argument a little further... one thing my children will not suffer through is all the testing... why is there testing? Is it for the child's benefit? I would say "NO". I think it is because the government can't TRUST that the teachers are teaching what the government thinks the child should know. So they have to keep testing and retesting to verify (check up) that the recommended info is being taught. If students don't master, then the teacher is fired (basically).

Now something I hear over and over again from those who feel public school is the end all be all of education, is that they know more cut-rate homeschoolers than they know devoted/dedicated/loving/intellegent/non-abusive homeschooling families. I really doubt that this is true. Why do people choose to homeschool? Because they LOVE their children, and they feel that they can/will provide them with an education that is best suited for that child and family... not because the parent doesn't feel like getting up in the morning in order to bring said child to school (that is actually what one person told me they KNEW was the reason a parent had decided to homeschool). Maybe it isn't clear to the non-homeschooler, but to take on this particular task is much more involved/time consuming/self-sacrificing/informative/frustating/joyful than waking up in the morning and dropping your child off and having someone else educate them.

So nobody can be trusted and we all have to look out for ourselves.

But I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Woohoo... I finished them

What did I finish? The boys' All Saints costumes. I, unfortunately, will not reveal them on this site till after the event... but suffice to say they are awesome!

Not to mention, that this was another nail biter year. Here it is one week till the festivities and I just got them done... oh and did I mention there was no pattern? Nope, I did it the old fashioned way... laid them down on top of the fabric and created my own pattern and mom helped me get the hoods built which was the one thing I could not quite figure out on my own.

So watch for pictures to come soon :-).

Monday, October 23, 2006

Back in the groove

Wow, I have been MIA for quite some time... I really try not to do that, but last week turned into a monster of a week and I'm surprised we ALL lived thru it! And it all culminated with a weekend that turned out to be too busy to really recount.

Now we are back to Monday... I prepared myself before the children awoke to what happen, and prayed for the best. Thankfully the Lord answered my prayers (so far) and we have had a pleasant morning, which included a productive homeschooling experience. I'm hoping that last week was just a fluke and that my wonderful, big eyed children have be returned by the nasty aliens that seemed to infiltrate our happy home.

So we are off to a good start, and I might even have a happy ending for the week as well... it appears that our favorite campsite has lifted the burn ban, and there is a small window of time that we could escape for a little camping vacation!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!

While I would love to write more, the children haven't had lunch and are asking for food... and I need a nap as well... gotta love that darn allergy medicine and the drowsiness that comes with it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A must have

Yesterday was pretty crappy, and it transitioned into an even crappier night. Which is usually how things go around here... it never just ends at nap time and they awake refreshed and back to the norm. Nope, they simply continue the spiral until they reach the bottom!

Needless to say I look like I have been run over by a Mack Truck... if they read this they would prefer I said Peterbuilt (they like them better). So I have decided that on my next grocery store expedition that a cold/heat eye mask is a definite must have.

Oh, and the three little men... bright and shinning this morning, as if the world is their playground and yesterday never happened. When did I loose such hope in the 'morrow?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, Monday

Monday mornin' blues... that's what it must be around here. Not for me... I don't mind Monday's so much, but it seems that my children aren't crazy about them... as I'm sure most kids aren't. Why you might ask (those without school age kids that is...) because it is the beginning of our school week. Granted, we don't have to get dressed... all we do is get up, have some breakfast and then head to the homeschooling area and get started.

This morning is no different than any other HS Monday morning... Bobcat is in a particularly foul and non-paying attention mood. Why, well this morning (as most Mondays) he wants to play... what he doesn't seem to get... EVER is that the sooner we tackle the work the sooner he gets to play. Some may ask, why not let him play for a while then start, it's homeschool after all and you have all the time (per day) in the world to get it done? Ahh, that's what you think, but I've tried that. Be the nice mommy and give him that time to play first... what happens, one - two - three hours just isn't long enough in his book for playtime before hand, and he isn't ready to start and throws a fit. So then I went to doing our catechetical/bible study first... meaning story time and listening comprehension... no one paid attention. Now we are just jumping right in with something super simple for him - WRITING. And yet he still manages to throw fits, not pay attention, and simply be defiant. Where is he now... taking a first nap. Obviously he needs more sleep if he can't focus... that gives him time to cool down, as well as me!

And to think I was planning on getting online and bragging about him, and how he saw the church bulletin in Mass yesterday morning and without letting on, he read CATHOLIC CHURCH on it... not something from his spelling yet, he just figured it out on his own.

On a brighter note, Bubba read out his numbers (from a number chart) from 1 to 50 (with a few helps)... this is a big accomplishment from a kid who just put 0 -9 flashcards in order for the first time last week!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

You've stolen from me and I'm offended

Wow... I read on other blogs about this deal... BITACLE, and was annoyed that someone/company would do such a thing. One of my favs, Mamalogues, mentioned that us her reads should see if we had been stolen and placed on their site. Just out of curiosity I did. Honestly I thought there was no way my little, unimportant, not many readers, blog would be there... but sure enough those SOB's have me to!

So if you are reading this blog on that evil site... stop and come to the real thing! Don't do business with such dirty people!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Marching band

There might be some out there that didn't know that when in high school I was in a marching band... and loved it. This weekend we went and saw my sister-in law (a senior) participate in a marching band contest... and boy did it bring back memories.

I can honestly say that that was the last time that I actually knew exactly what I was doing. I say that in the sense that, I knew my music, I knew my drills, and I knew exactly what was expected of me. Now that I'm all grown up, a wife, a mom, and many other things... things are so clear cut. While my roles are some what definable, there isn't a rule book per say... most of the time I feel like I'm winging it, and while I know what the goal is, I don't always know the best route to take.

Who knew that looking back at marching band would make me so philosophical. :-)

Monday, October 9, 2006

2 years - 2 months - 2 days

That was the streak we had going with the boys (from the day they came home to us) till our first throw-up illness. To say we've been lucky is an understatement!

What was unfortunate about it (besides the fact that there was vomit involved), was where it happened. Just as I got Snookie out of the BEAST in the church parking lot, he let it rip... thankfully I had just stepped back about half a step to close the door... NEAR MISS ON ME! Thankfully I didn't freak out (trust me, it occured to me, but I decided that it would probably scare him if Mommy started screaming and gagging).

I had the good sense to remove him from the parking lot and on to the grassy area, where he continued to puke his guts out. We had a few well wishers, asking if we needed any help (did I really look that disillusioned... probably). Thankfully we still carry a diaper bag in the back of the BEAST, just in case some one falls a pond/mudd puddle, so we had supplies... wipes, change of cloths, and a towel. So we loaded back up into the BEAST, Snookie with a towel over him and car seat (there is no way I'm cleaning up pukey car seat... we would toss and buy a new one, yep I don't care how much it costs).

On the ride home, of course he was in great spirits (can't keep a good Snookie down), and seemed to be feeling a lot better. DH had gotten them up that morning, fed them breakfast, and started the dressing process (while I showered, and prepared myself... then I finished dressing them)... and said that Snookie was not acting out of the ordinary and this really surprised him. Something I didn't mention was when I finished dressing them in there room I noticed a funky smell... but these boys have the funkiest breath in the morning and it usually fills there room and takes an hour or so to freshen up... so that is what I chauked up to. (Sidenote, Snookie sleeps on the bottom pull out bed, and once he is up it is pushed under the bunk bed unit. And when DH gets the boys up, he doesn't typically turn lights on so as to not shock their little eyes. So he had them up, pushed the bed in and never noticed anything).

Once we arrive home, and got Snookie all set up, I went to the boys room and was going to strip the bed and clean his sheets. To my dismay, when I pulled Snookies bed out.... YOU GUESSED IT... covered in PUKE! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Nice. (Yep, I did think about just throwing them away... but I didn't, I actually washed them... SEVERAL TIMES)

Thankfully that was it... no more puke... and the Snookie Monster... seems to be doing just fine!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Another Milestone

Bobcat lost a tooth!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Do you have a hidden talent?

Last one I promise:

Your Hidden Talent
You're super sensitive and easily able to understand situations.

You tend to solve complex problems in a flash, without needing a lot of facts.

Decision making is easy for you. You have killer intuition.

The right path is always clear, and you're a bit of a visionary.

Now, my DH may not agree completely with this... but I think it is pretty acurate :-).

Okay, and your talent?