Friday, April 16, 2010

Head scratcher...

POST #1000!!! That's pretty cool right!?!

So what would you do if, say... you and your three boys are walking along on the way to the park because they've decided Fridays should be running days (they are training for their next run apparently)... and an old beat up car pulls up along side of you and a man with a total three teeth in his head looks at you, then utters "Know any good babysitters?" Now, there is a toddler in the backseat so you suppose this could be a valid situation... but would this at all strike you as odd?

Now if you were me... you would pause because you realize that your heart is racing because you felt this car following along behind you for nearly a block and you have no weapons of any sort to protect yourself or your boys (who have run nearly a block ahead of you by this point, but you can still see them), and you know that in most dream sequences of this sort of thing that you never can scream when you really need to!

My answer, "Um, sorry, we don't use anyone in this area!" Turn, beginning walking and start asking your guardian angel to take care of the situation before you have a heart attack!


Elizabeth said...

That is really weird. I would have done the exact same thing. A few weeks ago I was riding my bike with Fulton in the back. It was mid-morning so nobody was home and this van with no back windows comes slowly in the opposite direction and the driver is staring at me. As he passed me I made a plan that I would ride to the first house with cars in the driveway and beat on the door to ask for help should he come back. 30 seconds later, sure enough, the van turned around and came back so he was now behind me. I followed through on my plan and thankfully it worked. The van sped away. That God it did because nobody answered the door.

I also had a guy try to get into my car when I was in highschool, but maybe I'll save that for my letter. :-) Always carry a phone and some kind of protection ninja stars, not the pill. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I discovered this great thing called the Google Reader recently (I know, I'm slow). Anywho, could you pretty please put an rss feed on your blog so I can have you on my reader. If there's any drawbacks to having a feed and you don't want to do it, that's fine.