Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Progress Report

In 4 weeks we will be heading out for our vacation, which makes it a great time to do a little reflection on our semester!

Day 123 of the year!

Just today Bobcat finished his last chapter in his reading comprehension book... yeah! That is his first subject he has finished for the year! He has three weeks left in spelling, handwriting, phonics and vocabulary.

Bubba has finished phonics (quite some time ago), and has three weeks left in spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, and reading comp.

Snookie is done with phonics as well. He has 2 weeks of handwriting (less if he does more than one page a day), and 3 weeks of spelling!

We will be doing math, grammar & creative writing, and history through out the summer. It won't be nearly as intensive as our regular school year, but there will be things to do most days. This is mostly to keep a good routine, and to keep our little brains engaged!

I'm super impressed with how well things have gone, how well my plans worked out (or far exceed my expectations)... and I'm really looking forward to our next school year! But mostly, I CAN'T WAIT TO BE ON THAT BEACH!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Who took that shot? I feel like I'm there.