Friday, May 12, 2006

Rambling... tired... what?

Don't think I can't handle it... but for them (all three of them) to have a throw down while I'm trying to get breakfast on the table and refusing to eat because they feel they are somehow entitled to the suckers... even after I said "suckers are not for breakfast, maybe later". I am just sick and tired of this kind of crap every time I turn around, they think they are in charge and can be defiant if it doesn't suit what they want right then. I know they are kids, but it seems like this keeps getting worse and worse.

Every time we try to be nice, they take advantage... Bubba at the baseball game for instance... he was getting plenty of food and candy, but it wasn't enough so he did his bubba fit. Everyone cried yesterday morning when they sat down to breakfast because there was two pieces of toast (each) with jelly on it and before the first bite Bubba asked if there would be more and then when I said no, they all cried. Anthony with home schooling, enough said. Austin at every lunch... who knows why.

I KNOW THEY ARE CHILDREN, and I know I "should pick my battles" but what the hell? EVERYTHING is a battle.

Right now Bobcat is sitting at his desk crying. Why, because I'm making him do handwriting. He doesn't want to do it... well I want to shove a pencil in my eyeball but I don't get that choice... WHY DOES NOBODY LISTEN TO ME, or FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS. And the part that really pisses me off is the fact that I have been so freakin' nice about everything. I haven't raised my voice, and yet I still get nothing but crying and disobedience. I can't even count the number of times that I said "no don't do that" yesterday, because they just kept on and on and wouldn't listen to anything I was telling them. And it wasn't that I was being nit picky... they had climbed up onto a playhouse thing with a stick larger than them and then would jump off holding the stick... UM DEATH AND HOSPITAL!! After several times of this (and telling them to cut it out) I made them put the sticks away and then they just stood there and cried. Before that they were swinging the sticks at potted plants (which didn't belong to us, but our gracious playdate host), and of course during that time they managed to wack each other "on accident" in such a manner that the victim fell to the ground crying.

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