Friday, April 28, 2006

Work in progress

I tell myself everyone morning, "you need to write in your blog" and then day goes on and I get busy with all my chores and it just doesn't happen everyday. And it isn't just my blog that I let slide... there are other things like reading a good book that I just let go because "I'm too busy". Well I am going to work on this for real this time :-).

It starts with reading. Reading scripture that is, I have a little schedule (I always do better if I have something mapped out for me).

I've been doing the whole exercise thing, and that is working out (ha ha ha). Now the reading/meditating... next will come a more consistant blog (please?!).

So now that I've written here, for the world to see... hopefully that will help motivate me! Now off to the workout!

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