Monday, September 6, 2010

Deals! Deals!! Deals!!!

I like saving money... I like sales... I like discounts... I like it, a lot! Today was probably one of our best deal days in a while!!! Woohoo!

Daddio has been jonesing for a new dining room light. When we built the house we didn't upgrade the lighting package. We owned a few ceiling fans we really like (and had moved from apartment to apartment), and we really weren't impressed with the selections of our builder... so we decided that we would just spend our money on other things and shop around for lights we liked later on. That meant that in our dining room (eat in kitchen) we had a brass light fixture (YUCK, especially when you consider we did upgrade all the knobs and what not to brushed nickle and/or silver). Not long after we moved in we went all Trading Spaces on it by spray painting it black and putting nice little shades on the little lights. It wasn't perfect but it was way better than brass!

Since then, every time we go into a store that has lighting... he looks, we look, and then we walk out... they are either way too much $$$ or we just can't find one that is just perfect. Well, my parents got him a gift card for a home improvement store (nice birthday gift, just the kind we like)... so today (his ankle finally felt good enough to walk on) we headed out for a little field trip. And lo and behold there were actually a few lights we liked that were within our budget... one in particular was on super sale (from $130 down to $37). It seemed just right. Not too much (style wise)... rustic but not overtly... just right... until we looked around for a box with one in it. Too good to be true, at that price everyone apparently snatched them up... oh poor Daddio... ahhh look here comes people in aprons who want to help us... WHAT? ... we can purchase the display... WHAT? make you an offer... ALRIGHTY... $25!! Woohoo, SOLD!!! Since we still had plenty of money left over on the card we decided to look at the outdoor lights. This was also something that we replaced not long after we moved in (a little over 7 1/2 years ago)... but started showing their age and need to be replaced. Now we weren't so lucky on the price... but they are lovely, and Daddio found an adapter thingy that fits in the socket, then you screw the light bulb in and then flip the indoor switch... and they know to just come on at night (no more remembering to turn them off or on, especially nice when we are traveling!).

The other deal of the day... I needed a few new shirts, had a cash back card from Kohl's that was going to expire = we have a winner! I picked up 4 shirts that were on sale and at the register handed of a whopping $2.60... that's right people, you have to love clearance and sale items (and smaller sizes, yeah).

It was a good day, Tater!

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