Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's all about the car...

On the way home this evening I had an interesting conversation with Bobcat... this kid cracks me up!

Mommy, did you know that you don't have to be a grown man to buy a car?!

Oh, okay, when can you buy a car?

When you're like 16, I'm going to buy a car when I'm 16!

Alright... I like a man with a plan, how are going to buy a car? You need money, how are going to make money in order to buy a car?

Hmmm, well, I was thinking that maybe I could clean a few houses for people who really needed help with that sort of thing. Maybe I could fix things, like house things... you know like fix people's roofs and stuff, maybe fences.

Alright. Those sound like things a 16 year old might be able to do.

Or maybe I could fix cars, like tires and stuff... when somebodies tires pop, I can change it. Or like how Daddy changes his oil, I could do that for someone who can do it by themselves. Or a DOCTOR. Or maybe I could cut down a few trees and mow a yard or two.

Whoa ... back up, what did you say before the lawn and trees? I didn't catch that one (in all honesty I was thinking he might have said dog groomer).

Oh, I said DOCTOR.

Um, okay, I'm not sure you can be a doctor with in the next few years in time to make enough money for a car... but keep going...

Let's see, oh I could protect people from meat eaters (guess what we are studying in science :-), or even reptiles. Oh and I could help people who can buy stuff, they could make me a list and I could get it for them and put it away at their house.

Okay, all fine choices. So what kind of car do you think you will get with all this money you will be making?

A Ferrari.

Ha... (yes, I let it escape from my lips before I had a chance to squash the temptation).

Maybe I will get a Lambo second.

Alrighty kiddo...

And off to the next subject he jumped!


Beaver said...

Haha, well, maybe he doesn't quite understand the value of cars and what money will buy, but I want you to know that I am SUPER IMPRESSED at how many great ideas he had for making money. I wish my seventh graders were even a 1/3 as thoughtful/innovative/creative as he is. I mean, we all really do need protection from meat eaters, right? :)

MommaLlama said...

Meat eaters are apparently a big problem... one I really didn't know about myself. I guess he must have read it somewhere :-). He's a funny kid!

Daddio said...

That's my boy!

nicole said...

A kid has to have goals.

Elizabeth said...

Loved the meat eater bit. Bernadette could appreciate that. She would have the best time talking to him. She tells me she misses them all the time.