Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Adoption legislation

Maybe I have crossed over to darkside complete parenthood... but I just feel like all these advocacy groups are devoted to the extreme minority of those who want to find or be found... not for those who either have no interest because they received everything they needed from their adoptive parents, or crimes were perpetraded on them and need their privacy kept.

The more and more you read it is on the reform of rights for birthparents. The direction they want to go with this (much like society at large) is co-parenting... having a child, wanting a relationship, but not being financial or morally responsible for that child. The birthparent gave up their rights... they no long have the right to be a part of that child's life... and in the case of our children, the state said that our children were in danger and they had no rights to be in the boys life. I don't want anyone 'giving' them rights that don't belong to them.

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