Friday, January 6, 2006

Thursday from HELL

Thank goodness it is Friday, and Thursday is a distance memory now! Yesterday morning when I woke I felt ill, but I thought I would just get up and get the day going. Unfortunately my body was not all that interested in going. I was violently ill most of the morning. And to add to all the fun, the kids decided that it was FUSSY morning. Anything and everything was worth fussing over, going potty, eating breakfast, taking a nap, doing homeschool, eating lunch...

By the time my body started to regain composer, the boys decided that life was worth living in a happier mood. So by the time my mother in law arrived to babysit for me, all seemed well. THANK GOODNESS. You always hate leaving the kids if you know that they are going to be a problem for someone else, especially a family member.

Then, the meeting that I thought was going to fail to do poor training turned out to be a nice evening with friends! And then I returned home to find out that the rules that we set for our children were followed well by my mother inlaw. To top things off we spent sometime talking and seemed to come to a place where it felt natural and normal and comfortable to be around her despite our differences lately.

So the prayers during the day yesterday were heard and answered, thank you hubby!!!

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