Sunday, January 29, 2006

New beginnings

Okay, so I haven't written in a while. And when I have written it has been random at best. I need to change that. I seem to have a lot to say, and no one to really tell it to... so out into cyberspace it should go.

FIrst I will start with a funny story. Last weekend we were at the mall, parking the beast when Bubba looks up at the building and starts reading out the letters: "F - O - L - E - Y - S, mommy that spells DVD", not quite honey, but thanks for playing. Serious, home schooling for him is going to be interesting (here we come kindergarten in September, yikes).

Boy it will be a trip when both Bobcat and Bubba are in home school. It can be frustrating to keep Bobcat's focus for just a short time, but both of them sitting there... looking at each other... I see beer in my future (of course after hubby is home in the evenings).

So life a year and half post adoption... life is crazy. Laundry is a never ending battle, especially when the machines that are to do the work are not always in the best working order... we never seem to have food... three boys can eat thru a grocery list in no time... and the things I have to consider everyday is a list that seems impossible to keep up with. And the boys moods, it is so hard to know if they are fussy because they don't feel good, tired, going thru a growth spurt, or just being a little pain in the bottom to get under my skin. And when they are happy, world look out because it is full steam ahead, especially with Austin. Man, that kid is just never ending sometimes.

On marriage, you know it is a great marriage getting better everyday. We really seem to be ironing out the kinks in this whole thing, but when a pebble is in the path it really frustrating and hard to get over. Why, I guess the better you get and the bigger things are behind you... that is the time you start having to work on the little things. All in all I know that this is a good sign, just sometimes it is a thorn in my side.

What is with all the staring. You know, every where I go with the boys I am always surround by eyes... they don't ever seem to just leave us alone. Sometimes I could just scream, there are times when you just want privacy and the looming eyes of every person you pass are just enough to send a person to the moon. Yes I get it, they don't look like me (or us when we are out as a whole family), but people... your kids don't always look like you. And for the last time, they are adopted! No they are not from some other country, born right here in the good old state of Texas... and since you keep staring, they are bi-racial that is why they have that beautiful brown skin. BUT STOP STARING... you aren't being inconspicuious... we all see you staring. OH and yes they are all brothers, no they are not triplets, and yes they are all mine! I'm starting to feel a little better.

Hmm, I really starting to feel better about life. So now I am going to promise to be more involved in this blog... because in the end I know that it will help me survive motherhood in a happier way... and there will be more material for my book (all mothers should write books, right).

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