Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's just the beginning...


I've never considered myself an athletic person. I'm not really sure where or when I made that conclusion, but never the less at some point I said I'm not athletic and sort of stuck by that phrase. Looking back over the last 31 years, though, I'm starting to think I might be somewhat athletic... I could swim before I could walk, I was water skiing once I was old enough to stand on my own, I played non-competitive tennis starting in late elementary school, cheerleading in junior high and first part of high school, marching band all through high school (which I do consider a sport when you live in Texas and march in 100+ heat), and mountain biking after we got married (oh and all the hiking during our numerous camping trips)... and generally speaking I've excelled at each of those things... but I'm not athletic remember!

If I were to really analyze what I considered athletic it would be something like... looking athletic... long lean body... that's not me, I'm compact; the athleticism would be associated with lots of running, I'm not a runner; killer competitiveness, and I don't like that sort of thing (my parents were competitive in what I was doing and I hated it). What I do have is brut strength, serious, ask Daddio... I think it might have something to do with my compact size. Also, generally speaking I just keep going... I've been surprised at myself and my ability to keep up with the boys and Daddio when it comes to outdoor things... especially since I consider those four to be more athletic than me (even after two knee surgeries and two nasty ankle injuries).

Well if you are still reading, you are really starting to ask yourself where in the world is this super boring post headed???... to RUNNING is my answer!

Last night was our first training session for the couch to 5K in eight weeks program. Of course Daddio has already finished and run a race, and now is training for a 10K... but after a lot of talking we've agreed that it would be good for the boys and I to train up for a 5K. Now, I'll be honest, I was certain that this was in some way going to lead to an ER trip. It has been just over 2 years since I've landed in the ER for X-rays and MRI's and tons of PT, so I figured that this would definitely send me back. Not because I can't do it mind you, but because some joint or ligament would just say "NOPE, not gonna do it!" Then I would fall and something would break or tear. I was hedging bets, though, that I would break an arm or something, you know mix it up a little... I'm tired of all the leg injuries!

Drum roll please.....................

We survived! Better than that, I survived! Actually I really enjoyed it. I never felt winded or in pain or anything for that matter (well maybe a little annoyed with all the silliness going on behind us from the ever following peanut gallery). So the first day out was a smashing success! Oh, and when I woke up this morning I didn't feel like I was on death's doorstep. The knees, ankles and all muscles feel just fine! I was really expecting to be feelin' some serious burn, so it was definitely a pleasing surprise to feel completely normal.

Alright, day one down, today is a rest day, and tomorrow we hit the program again! The plan as of right now is that we will run our first 5K as a family in September! That gives us plenty of time to train and not die in 100+ temps for our first race.


nicole said...

Good for you! I saw a shirt when I did the half-marathon that said "You don't have to go fast, you just have to go" and that has been my motto ever since. :) I am hoping at least one of my kids might want to start running with me.

nicole said...

Oh, wanted to tell you there is usually a run in Grapevine in late September/early October called the Vineyard Run. You get wine when you are done!