Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Doth Protest...

As I walked down the hall and peered into the living room... there sat the three boys, all perched on the couch. The two on either side of Bobcat hanging on his every word, and in his hands... The Twelfth Night (in story book format, but still holding true to the language of Shakespeare). He's already read it to himself, so he now knows the story and the characters so he is able to do voices and inflections... and it really is quite funny to listen to.

There are days when I am frustrated about progress we are (or are not) making in certain areas, but when I see that... when I hear him (or the other two) reading something like that with such enthusiasm... well I feel like I must be doing something right! I can't help but feel pleased that I've put the classics well within their reach... and they have taken up the challenge!

Other books being devoured by the boys so far this summer... Hank the Cowdog series, and The Hardy Boys.

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