Tuesday, June 7, 2005

To Imfiminedy and beyon!

No, that title isn't misspelled, that is exactly how Snookie says it. It is the cutest thing as he 'flies' through the air stamping out injustice throughout the galaxy. This is his newest saying, and of course most of the time I try to help him learn the right way to say it... as the mom that is what we are supposed to do... right?!

It wasn't long ago that helicopter plagued him... it came out - hecicoper. And it used to crack me up, well, as most things go he now has learned the proper way to say it. Oh, the dark day I heard him say it right. I mean I was excited, but a part of me was so sad because it means that my little guy is growing up.

And so it will come to pass that a saying made famous by Buzz Lightyear will be uttered correctly from my Snookie.

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