Sunday, October 19, 2008

weekend update: updated

Well, there are no photos to show because it doesn't look like much, but we accomplished a lot yesterday. We got all three of the flower beds in the front of our house ready for spring. What a big job. One bed had nothing but irises which have multiplied like crazy over the past four years since we planted them. Another bed had only gladiolas, which also seem to have multiplied a dozen times over in just three years. The third bed had nothing but some dead stuff that we hoped would return. Why do "perennials" never actually return the next year in our garden? I blame the climate. Our plan was to add a lot of tulips, and spread everything out over all three beds, to have color all season long. First the tulips come, then the irises, then the gladiolas, and finally canna (which we will plant in the spring). I *think* all of these will come back on their own every year and we will have a very colorful, zero maintenance garden. (Probably will have to add more tulips every year, but that will be easy enough.) So, it only took us 6 hours to dig everything up, divide the bulbs, mix in fresh compost and bone meal, spread the bulbs, cover with dirt, and cover everything up with mulch. Still need two more bags of mulch, we always under estimate that stuff. But, it's mostly done, and it will look amazing in the spring and summer. Can't wait to see the fruits of our labor!

PS - down another 2.8, go me.

Update: Ouch. Apparently we haven't been using all of those muscles so much lately. Still feelin' it.

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