Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Pumpkins of '08

Although the boys were coughing, hacking, sneezing, and blowing the noses endlessly we were able to get to one of our fall crafts... pumpkin painting (my take on small children and pumpkin carving, we lose a lot less fingers this way).

The boys seemed to really get into it. There was a lot planning on their parts, and even naming of their pumpkins.

I bought 'googly eyes' that we hot glued to the pumpkins and then I let them have at it with paint and ideas just started flowing. Trust me, I have come a LONG WAY in 4 years... my inner perfectionist when it comes to kids and crafting has really settled down and I didn't offer any real advice or take over the paintbrushes in a misplaced sense of helping!

All in all they came out cute, funny, and VERY original!

Notice the number of eyes (5)!

Check out the RED HAIR!

Bobcat added a yellow mustache!

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La Familia said...

Pigeon finally got to have fun carving her own pumpkin this year. She drew the face and her grandma carved it out. She drew a mustache and wrote the name Sam in between the eyes and nose and she was pretty disappointed to see that those 2 features didn't get carved out. I think next year we'll paint one and carve one because Pigeon loves to paint so much.