Thursday, October 16, 2008

The beauty to change!

One of the wonderful blessings of homeschooling is the ability to make changes when things aren't going well... and things in the Llama house haven't been going well...

As Daddio mentioned last week, I believe, math has been a constant source of anguish for dear sweet Bubba. This year we moved to a different program, and while I know it is the best program for him... he is still so beaten down from the previous years that he can't see it! Then there is my relationship with Bubba, which has always been a very fragile one.

Something had to give, we couldn't keep butting heads and never getting anything accomplished... cue Daddio! Daddio came up with a new plan... THANK YOU DADDIO! Instead of math in the mornings with me, math is held aside until Daddio gets home (well usually after dinner). They all watch the videos together, then the workbooks, and finally a few extra problems on the floor with the manipulatives... all with Daddio! And not just Bubba... all the boys!

There are so many positives to this... first Daddio is more involved, frees up some time in the morning for all the other things we have going on, and there is another set of eyes and ears accessing them. We were able to talk in the evenings and compare notes... I have a chance to watch him work with the boys and see what's working, he was able to point out things to me that I hadn't noticed before and request certain 'math' exercises to do earlier in the day that may help but wouldn't be so overwhelming, and we both see a marked improvement in attitude!

It has worked wonderfully so far, and the boys really love having daddy work with them.


La Familia said...

That's exactly what our plan is if things don't work out with this new Math-U-See program. Cathswap really worked out. I'm doing an actual swap with a lady who has most of the Alpha materials. All I need to buy is the student text. I'm glad to hear this arrangement is working out.

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Amen! Our Daddy has taken over history and sacrament prep. God bless supportive husbands!

Wow. I must be giving off a robot vibe today beacause I am getting some crazy word verifications for Blogger today: kclkkja