Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Awfully quiet

I might be spending too much time blogging on a blog that nobody reads. I bet half of those 16,000 hits are mine. It does help to organize my thoughts in writing. But maybe I should just get a journal. Maybe write some letters for the boys to read when they're older. I just don't feel that I'm accomplishing much by hijacking MommaLlama's blog. I'll stick to photos and jokes and save the preaching for a while.


MommaLlama said...

Oh, honey feel free to be political and stuff... because I won't be doing that sort of stuff :-).

justme said...

Don't go!! James and I both read your entries! Well . .. I read them and save them for James to read. You guys are of like mind. We both enjoy reading your thoughts. It's like you write what we're both thinking. Above all, I have become more "politically aware" just from reading your thoughts.

My vote is for you to continue "hijacking" Llama's blog! And, Llama, you keep writing, too! :)