Saturday, October 11, 2008

Odds and Ends

Thought I would share a few random thoughts..

First off, yay for reasonable gas prices. Never thought I'd be happy to see $3 gas, but it sure beats $4 gas. Also, yay for nice weather. I haven't had to use the AC in my car this week and got 33 mpg on this tank.

Have you seen an LA Fitness parking lot on a Sunday morning? You can tell who those people are worshipping...

Having made that cheap shot, I will proceed to bore you with news of my recent weight loss. Apparently the gluten free diet works for me. I suspect it has to do less with gluten and more to do with all the junk food I've had to eliminate. But, in the past three weeks since we've converted, I've lost 10 lbs. I promise not to turn this into a recurring theme, as I understand that nobody cares about my weight. I do have a goal, but I won't share it here. If I don't update this topic, you should assume that I am being modest, not failing. ;)

Interestingly, the week before we got Bobcat's diagnosis, I came dangerously close to a certain number on the scale that I thought I would never exceed, much less draw near to. It was depressing. And then I went to spend a Dillard's gift card from the in-law's and was again depressed to move up to a waist size that I swore I would never have to wear. I blamed it on the designer. Isn't that was girls do? In my youth, I could eat anything at all with no consequence. Eight years ago, I began to gain some weight, and people actually told me I looked good, and that I was too thin before. Then, this little cajun girl kept cooking and I kept eating, and here we are today, nearly 30 years old and finally learning that there are consequences. I've know it for a while, but I always claimed, sincerely, that I was too busy with work and parenting to be vain about my weight. There's been a total double standard - the kids have always eaten very healthy, and then we break out the goodies after bed time. I still believe that many people are way too vain. But I also want to feel healthy and look as if I take care of myself. Again, I won't share exact numbers, but I will say that on our wedding day, my inseam number was the same as my waist number, if not a bit lower. I know those days are gone for good, but I'd like to keep it within a certain arbitrary range that seems to be a psychological barrier for me. I don't know if it's proper to say that I am blessed by Bobcat's celiac disease, but it is at least a nice side effect. I may have to actually exercise at some point (shudder...), but for now eating better seems to be doing a little good.

Finally, a couple more photos from the camping trip.

Broken Bow Lake

Snookie learned how to swing all by himself. Finally!

The boys, taking a break from throwing rocks and sticks and acorns and stuff into the river.


La Familia said...

I think most men look at their wedding pictures and wish they were that thin again. Turk on the other hand, looks at his wedding pics with disdain and disgust. I knew right from the start that Diabetes runs in his family and was a real possibility with Turk. I instituted certain dietary habits the moment our honeymoon ended and he lost 50 lbs the first year of our married life and has kept it off. Now we need to work on toning his muscles so that he does not end up with the back problems his father has. For us toning has nothing to do with looks; toned muscles support your skeletal system better so you have less back and shoulder problems. Congratulations on your success with weight loss thus far!

nicole said...

Good for you for making progress, regardless of the reasons. It is not like you are doing something terribly unhealthy. And maybe one day you won't shudder at exercise. I used to hate it, but now I actually enjoy it (yes the crazy train has stopped here). Anyway, keep up the good work.