Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Insightful Political Analysis

Are you ready for my insightful political analysis? Here goes:

Same shit, different pile.

Ta-freakin-da. That's all I got. I could link to a bunch of other people doing the real thought provoking stuff. See And Sometimes Tea and Creative Minority Report and others for that. But that smart-alecky one liner above is all I felt watching last night's debate. The candidates repeated a lot of the same stuff from the last one, and they really aren't that far apart on most things. And they can't predict the future. They'll make grandiose promises regarding foreign policy, but they'll react to the circumstances as they arise, and they'll be beholden to Congress to get anything significant accomplished. Maybe I'm too skeptical, but we were unimpressed and bored last night, and fell asleep before it was over (the wine might have helped).

Look, I still want Obama to lose. I expect McCain to do less damage to the pro-life cause. For that reason, I feel obliged to vote and not sit out - despite being in a swing state where "my vote doesn't count". I don't believe in taking my fellow Texans for granted and letting "everyone else" do the dirty work while I take the holy high ground and refuse to participate. But I'm not real excited about any of this.


La Familia said...

Well, I'll take the "holy high ground" and not vote or vote for the man Ron Paul recently endorsed, Chuck Baldwin.

La Familia said...

What does holy high ground mean anyways? :-)