Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That sound you just heard...

...was MommaLlama's head exploding. Not a good week so far at St. Joseph's Academy for Wayword Youths. But, the Math work is finally done, and Bobcat is headed off to bed for a long night's sleep and hopes that tomorrow will be better. Bubba also had some unfinished business, but it was obvious that he had tuned out long ago, so he will have to make up some ground tomorrow.

So, what kind of wonderful fordbidden glutenous crapola should we have for dinner now that the kids are gone?... All I know is that it needs to pair well with red wine, because that's what we have, and we are definitely having a couple glasses tonight.

Oh yes, the "praise God" part. Let's praise God that He is teaching us patience. And for wine.


La Familia said...

Could I interest Mommallama in swapping Math programs with me?!! All she has to do is erase from her mind every negative thing I said about my math program over the phone. Just joking, but I'm not having any luck trying to get it off my hands to buy the program I wanted in the first place. Enjoy the wine tonight! I'll be praying our godson and his brothers will give their momma an easier time.

MommaLlama said...

La Familia,

I wish the problem were the program... I love the program and usually the boys do fine with it. Unfortunately with the long weekend away from work they simply don't want to start up again.