Friday, October 17, 2008


I should have all my mail forwarded to the boy's doctors offices... because they seem to be the only places you will find me these days.

But anyway, I thought I would regale with some of the interesting questions and conversations we had while Bubba had his food allergy testing done. Bobcat was full of questions today!

"Mommy, how do we speak? Where does the sound come from, how do we make that sound?" (Bobcat)
As luck would have it, I know enough about vocal chords and sound to get this one.

"Mommy, how do we hear?" (Snookie... follow up to the previous)
Thankfully I also know a little about the ear drum... serious AP biology THANK YOU!

"Mommy, do you remember the planet that is like this (demonstration) that is blue with a ring like this (another demonstration)?" (Bobcat)
Umm.... does Neptune have a ring (search memory bank... no I don't think so)...

"Mommy, he is talking about Uranus!" (Bubba in some what of a frustrated voice that I hadn't supplied any information in the 30 seconds of looking at the ceiling.)
Thank you Bubba! Um, unfortunately Mommy really isn't the planet person... that is Daddio!
(note... Daddio, they would like you to tell them about Uranus again!)

Then in a very sweet gesture Snookie and Bobcat gave sweet kisses to Bubba who's back was inflamed with raised spots, redness, and itching as we continued to wait for the dr. for an addition 10 minutes after the 15 minute timer had gone off... poor kid, he was a real trooper.

Thankfully once all was said and done only three real allergies existed. The overwhelming reaction was simply because right now his little system is so overloaded that it is ultra sensitive... he had to go 5 days without his allergy meds in order to have this test! So what are his allergies... cantaloupe (which is also one for Bobcat and I know for a fact Snookie as well), barley, and oysters!

Next up for allergy testing... Snookie... oh what fun that will be!

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