Friday, October 10, 2008

An email exchange

One thing that is nice about our day is that I can email Daddio and let him know what's going on around here, and he can respond... and it is much easier than trying to connect via phone with him, especially if all you have is a quick question that takes less time than going through all the menus to actually get to his office phone.

Then there are those times when an email my save a life... like Daddio's life to be exact, because if the recent email would have taken place on the phone the shrill tone of my voice my have caused his heart to stop beating... let me share:

Bubba was walking down the hall and in his best sing-songy voice announced he saw a BIG DEAD RAT. So I kind of freaked out a little inside... He seemed so excited, and I assumed he either was referring to something fake (please, dear Lord) or something in the house because I hadn't heard him go in the garage to put out the trash. I called him over to me (I was in the kitchen and didn't intend on leaving that area until I knew the situation), and asked him what he was talking about. Turns out that when he (did) go into the garage and turned the light on ... there, where your car is usually parked was a dead mouse, sunny side up. YUCK! So I took the blower and blew him out into the street!

Ummm... yeah, I saw him two days ago when he was alive. I tried to chase him away but he disappeared. I figured he would find the poison, and apparently he did. I did check recently to make sure there was plenty left, there is.

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