Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The holy high ground

Don't un-godfather me for this < that was a joke ;) >, Olive and Turk, but I think we disagree on this matter. I am open to conversation and will read anything that you point me to. I want to inform my conscience. But at this time, I feel the following.

There are only two potential outcomes this year - Obama or McCain. I believe we should choose between those two.

The "holy high ground" I referred to previously is where we refuse to get our hands dirty and vote for McCain because we don't like some of his policies (ESCR, campaign finance reform, global warming hysteria, Iraq war). Valid concerns, but not proportionate. Some seem to take it for granted that he will win our state anyway, so they seize the opportunity to "make a statement" and either vote for some obscure third party candidate to show the Repubicans that they have lost their way, or abstain completely to let the Republican Party see our low turnout.

If my vote "really mattered" in Ohio or some other swing state, I would not risk an Obama victory. I would feel compelled to vote for McCain. And so should I do in Texas. Just as the Party takes my vote for granted, I am taking my fellow Texans for granted if I assume that McCain will win here based on everyone else's sensible votes.

I want Obama to lose, therefore I must vote against him.

Let me reiterate - I don't expect pro-life greatness from McCain. My highest hope is that he will maintain the status quo. But Obama's platform is flat-out evil. If I thought Obama would also do no harm, I would be indifferent and feel free to abstain. But as of today, I'm pretty well convinced that Obama's platform is the most extreme and evil pro-abortion stance ever seen before, and I simply have to go against that.

Everyone tell me why I'm wrong and tell me what to read. I'm listening.


Kim said...

You are NOT wrong.

I only hope so many others think like you. I am really afraid of the people that are gonna choose to just not vote.

My father is one of them.

La Familia said...

Kim, don't be afraid of us. Were harmless and really quite sensitive at times, I assure you. ;-)