Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Snookie Revelations

It's interesting what kids think, right?! Take Snookie for example, after many conversations about adoption he has come to his own conclusions about who and why some people are adopted and why people look a certain way... and he is never shy about announcing his findings for all to hear.

Case in point... Daddio comes back to the car to retell this little gem: Friday, at the allergist they were waiting for his appointment. In walks an African American mom and little girl... Snookie announces something to the effect "Look Dad she's adopted because she is brown." He never took into account that she 'matched' her mom, or that not all 'brown' people are adopted! What Daddio didn't know was that the morning before at breakfast he was asking if girls could be brown like boys!

Funny thing is, this is somewhat of an improvement... he used to not remember that HE was adopted!

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La Familia said...

That is too cute! I wonder if they think their Uncle Dan is adopted. I know his parents sometimes think him and his twin are.