Friday, June 1, 2007

Another Successful Meeting

This morning, after Mass, several moms from our homeschooling group sat down with me and their calendars to map out the coming school year. We discussed everything from field trip schedules, our potlucks, more Mom's Night Outs, co-ops... the list goes on and on. It was about having other moms step up and fill these roles themselves... not me or the two other ladies who formed this group continue taking on that role, and everyone stepped up to that challenge in one way or another.

While we are still a new group (we just got started in February), I see great things happening... and great friendships being forged between the parents and children... and for me that actually is the most important part!

Oh, and we are starting a Blue Knights group! I am so excited, all three boys will be old enough (ages 5-11, so Snookie will just sneak in with his August birthday)! One of the projects for year one is building a suit of armor, seriously, how cool is that! Plus, it is for dads and sons... do I hear a night at home quietly attending to some me time... laundry, toilets, heck maybe even some reading!!!! Boy, and having them all schooling next term... I will definitely need a little quiet time at the end of the week (meetings are on Fridays once a month)!

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