Wednesday, June 20, 2007


WOOHOO, we finally nailed down a date and location for our summer vacation. It had sadly been left in the air if we would even be able to take a real summer trip, due to some uncertainy with Daddio's job (not that he will loose it, but more of how much longer will he be with the company and switching jobs would mean no vacation time right away... that sort of thing).

But with no further stalling.... we will be leaving next week for a 5 days in Port A. Yep, this will be a our 4th year to this beach, we just really like it there. We know the island, the beach is really nice, and it isn't real touristy! We went with another beach house... much like last year... this really is the way to do it! Your own space, no sharing walls, plenty of rooms and beds, full kitchen and laundry... home away from home!

Honestly I just can't wait... while the boys play on the beach I will be lounging under the little pop up cover (cause: I'm super white + cajun + sun = crawfish), reading a book, and taking pictures of my boys playing till fall down exhausted!


underthewillow said...

Sounds like fun!!

littlebit said...

You'll be so close, and yet so far! What are the dates you're going? Maybe we might pop in for a visit? Did I tell you about the shark we saw on the beach? I think I was going to save that story in a letter I was going to write to your boys. It made the local newspaper!

Matilda said...

You will be missed (sniff, sniff). Have a great trip!

MommaLlama said...

Tuesday thru Saturday

4andcounting said...

I'm not jealous. Not at all. The greenish tint to my skin is a condition associated with extreme happiness and contentment regarding not taking a vacation. Really.