Thursday, June 7, 2007

Love and Logic Moment

This morning I went to get Bobcat and Bubba out of bed for the morning, and upon walking into their room... onto the carpet I noticed a wet and kind of gree-zzzzzy feeling to it. After about a 10 minute finger pointing session I finally found out what was on the floor.... let's see, Bobcat was hanging over the railing of his upper bunk spitting (did I mention I didn't have socks or shoes on... just bare feet), and Bubba got out of bed and got the lotion we keep in there and put some on his hands and then moved on to smearing it on the carpets! Nice.

After a few VERY deep breaths on my part, I walked away, fixed breakfast for Snookie (the other two just sat in the room till I could come up with what to do with them next), and once calm called Daddio for advice. You know, that man is so smart and level headed... he reminded me that this was one of the Love and Logic moments!!!

So what did I tell the boys:
"I called Daddy and let him know about the situation. We need some time to come up with the appropriate action for this. Don't you worry about it now, we will deal with this when Daddy comes home tonight."

Oh... oooooooooooooo, the agony in such a statement... they lost their freakin' marbles. It was actually pretty funny.

The joys of parenting BOYS!

**Some of you may recall a incident I wrote about in May of 2005. Bobcat decided during a time away from the boys (alone play in his room for poor attitude with brothers) that he would take the sun screen and spread it on the carpet in there! Not only did he spread it on the carpet, but all over himself (clothes included)... and face. Then he got caught, cried, rubbed his face, got sunscreen in his eyes... and continued to wail from the agony of being caught and the burning sensation of his eyeballs! S - M - R - T!


Matilda said...

Wow! With a start like that, how did the rest of the day go or should I ask?

Matilda said...

By the way...good job on the deep breaths. I usually forget that part.