Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Looking at the carnival in a previous post, and talking with a dear friend of mine today... reminded me why I started blogging. I needed a place where I could be honest. I needed a place where I could lay open my broken heart with regard to my infertility, and not have to keep up the appearance that everything was going well and I was managing just fine.

While the picture of our family is different now, the reason I keep on blogging is essencially the same... I need a place to be honest. A place where my fears, struggles, and joys don't have to be tempered for those around me.

I feel that this blog is an honest snapshot of my life... the good, the bad, and the sometimes ordinary (if you can call a family full of boys ordinary).

And with that said, I have had two really CRAPPY DAYS! My temper flew south yesterday, and Daddio (over the phone because he is on a business trip) had to talk me off the ledge today. Boy howdie, when it rains it pours around here! I tell you what (cause I'm from the south), the boys must smell some sort of weakness in me... or think they do, because the rules have been out the window for them and the stunts they've pulled, my goodness, had my blood pressure all jacked up. Thankfully with the help of Daddio and my dear friend mentioned above, I was able to turn my back on the problems in the earlier part of the day and have some fun after nap time.

This thing they call parenting, it really tests the limits of a person's sanity! And there is never ice cream in this house when I NEED IT!!!!!

Thankfully, the two hours we played outside in the sprinklers helped with the earlier bedtime for tonigt... hopefully who ever stole my nice boys will return them by morning! If not, I will be conducting a stakeout to figure who is responsible for all this insanity!

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simplysewn said...

Boy do I remember those days. My boys (I have two of them) are now 9 and 11. Life is a lot easier now than it was when they were little. I'm trying to think of advice for you from the neither regions of my brain....Outdoor activities are always (and I mean ALWAYS) a good idea. Also throw out the idea that you will get anything finished while you are all in "this mode." I remember when my youngest (and hardest) was a preschooler he really really wanted my attention and the only way he seemed to know how to get it was to be a holy terror. When I would realize this, and just sit on the floor and pay absolute attention to him (not while talking on the phone or emailing or cooking)he immediately became the kid I loved. I also highly recommend playing with shaving cream, making homemade play doh and continuing with water games. Remember, this too will pass. (which is good and bad).