Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We have been trying to come up with a motto for our homeschool. We read somewhere that it might be a good idea to name our homeschool. So we came up with a name and designed a crest a few weeks ago (maybe we'll reveal the details on the blog when we've had a chance to finalize the design and figure out a way to draw it up on the computer). The purpose is to formalize our little school, to help define the philosophy of what we are hoping to accomplish, and to entrust our work to a patron saint by naming our school after him. So anyway, we have the crest, the colors, the mascot, and the name. We just need a motto, and one of the comments in the previous post has inspired me!

"Weakness must be conquered through discipline."

We'll translate it into Latin so it looks fancy, of course. And we'll make the boys recite it as they do their daily 5:00 AM calisthenics.

(The commenter is a very close friend of ours, Bubba's godmother actually, so she knows I'm just teasing!)

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littlebit said...

LOL! Bubba would thank me for that one I'm sure :)