Monday, June 25, 2007


Como esta?!

Hello my peeps! What's goin' on??? Not a lot around here, except getting ready for our trip tomorrow... which means, cleaning, laundry, dog baths, mowing (already did this, and yes Daddio, I edged and weed-eated as well... and it looks great), and getting my list put together for what to bring!

While I do that, I thought I would entertain you with the new things we found out that Snookie was saying wrong... it is kind of a game around here, to notice that one the boys has been saying something wrong for who knows how long... laugh, then decide if we are going to correct them (people, sometimes it is just too cute to fix the problem... we will don't worry!).

So here goes:
Bobcat likes to read a book called: Lemonade for Sale!
Snookie's version: Lemolade for sale!

And there is the little track system and marbles (marble game).
Snookie's version: Narble game!

I've explained the narble and marble to him... well, that narble (that I know of) is not a word! But the lemolade... that is just too darn funny, and he is usually yelling it which makes it even funnier.

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